.@FLGovScott: Free Gary Bennett; tell FL’s 18th and 9th judicial circuits they’re “Done.”

Brevard Good Ole Boys

Had the proper federal authorities paid attention to Brevard Good Ole Boys, not only would hundred of millions of taxpayers dollars been saved, so would many lives, as Judge John Dean Moxley and other conviction corruption players were mentioned in the book.

At long last, I am in possession of Judge Moxley’s inappropriate correspondence to Jeff Ashton in regards to Gary Bennett’s 30-year-old frame up in Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit, a frame-up in which Moxley was active, just as he was in the nearly identical and now upset frame-ups of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon.

Oddly, Moxley made mention in one of his letters of the very case that indicated that Ashton’s circuit – the 9th – was obliged to decline the transfer of Gary’s case (which the 9th ignored). That case was Bottoson v State of Florida.

The letters are not at all what I expected … I’m not seeing much of a resemblance to the portrayal of them by Gary’s Innocence Industry defense attorneys,  a portrayal made formally in one of their motions.

Some of Moxley’s assertions are so vile that they require investigation by family and friends, before the mainstream media “interprets” them into politically self-serving gibberish, a specialty of Gannett’s Florida Today, home-based in the circuit where Gary was framed. Like other Gannett papers, FT specializes in he said, she said stenography, heavily weighted to what they want you to believe … especially what they want you to believe before the next time you vote. Upstanding politicians are not only of no use to Gannett and the rest of America’s mainstream media, they’re its worst nightmare. In Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit, the Orlando Sentinel writes in the same manner.

In the interests of protecting Gary’s safety, as well as the safety of others who remain framed in Florida with the permission of the Department of Justice, the FBI and Senate Intelligence Oversight, I am posting just one of Moxley’s communications to Ashton … the shortest, most informal, and most obviously heeded: it’s marked “Done.”

“You’re done, son,” is a common phrase hereabouts. It means give up; you’ve lost … from here on in it’s just going to get ugly and embarrassing for you; you don’t stand a chance.

A whole lot of people in Florida and D.C. ought say that say that to themselves in the mirror tomorrow morn. Lying to themselves isn’t in their best interests, because this looks to be the all-fall-down – the end of them easily getting away with lying to us.

It seems to me that the pain-inflicting public servants and media mis-informers that are going to be hurt the least are the ones who come forward the fastest. The race is on, y’all.

Moxley's handwritten note to Ashton

One of Judge John Dean Moxley’s inappropriate communications with Jeff Ashton regarding Gary Bennett’s prosecution

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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