Herding us towards disaster?


img_6195 Following the herd. Image: Su Leslie 2018

New Zealand’s wealth has long depended on exploiting natural resources; native forests, marine life (including seals and whales), and — once the trees had been felled — grazing animals on the vast tracts of land left behind.

In the early 1980s, there were 22 sheep for every human living in this country. Then dairy (and to a lesser extent beef) farming became more profitable, and now, while there are still six sheep for every person in NZ, humans are outnumbered about 2:1 by cows, around 65 percent of which are dairy cows.

img_6145 Farmer moving herd of cows, Tuapeka, Otago, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2018

Dairy farming in particular is hugely damaging to the natural environment; half of NZ’s greenhouse gas emissions come from this activity, and you can add massive damage to soil and waterways and the impacts of transporting millions of tonnes…

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Stop the Sleep Deprivation in CA Solitary Confinement! — RALLY & COURT SOLIDARITY, SACRAMENTO, FRIDAY OCT 19

“Every half hour, 24/7 guards subject prisoners to shrill beeping, banging of metal on metal with a Guard One wand, stomping through the pods, talking loudly, and at times, shining flashlights in their faces. The California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation (CDCr) began this Guard One “security/welfare check” system in early 2014 in women’s and men’s prisons under the guise of suicide prevention. In conducting these automated “checks,” the guards aren’t actually checking to see if people are okay; but they wake and disturb prisoners night and day, inflicting serious sleep deprivation.”

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Join the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS) for a rally and courtroom presence in opposition to the relentless practice of sleep deprivation torture in CA solitary confinement cells. Please show solidarity with imprisoned civil rights Plaintiff, Jorge Rico, and with people locked in solitary throughout CA suffering severe sleep deprivation due to guards’ loud and disturbing “security/welfare checks.”

Friday, Oct 19, 2018
Robert T. Matsui United States Courthouse, 501 I St., Sacramento, CA 95814

Sacramento Federal Court/Eastern District
Case name and number: Rico v. Beard  2:17-cv-01402-KJM-DB

9:00AM RALLY outside the Courthouse
prisoner who brought this case (Crtrm #3, 15th Floor)

After the hearing, Jorge’s attorney, Kate Falkenstien, will be available briefly outside the courthouse to speak with community supporters and media.

Note: You must show ID and pass through a metal detector to get inside the Courthouse.

For rideshare to Sac & other…

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No one deserves to die the way Larry Mark did in a #LoveFL lockup. No one.

Offender Picture

Larry Mark, 58, hideously slain at Florida’s Columbia Correctional Institution

Prisoner kills cellmate, heads to chow hall with victim’s ear on a necklace, sources say

Aubrey Land, a former inspector with the Florida prison system, said that gangs are controlling many of the state’s 50 prisons.

“There are criminal gangs operating in every facility in the state of Florida and it is contributing to the K2 deaths and the violence and has been for many years,’’ said Land, who is now a prison and jail consultant.

Inmate deaths are at an all-time high in the Florida prison system, and murders and inmate-on-inmate violence has exploded, records show.

“The FDC has continuously ignored the safety of our staff and inmates. Our next governor’s greatest challenge will be to address this lingering problem,’’ Land said.


The Miami Herald‘s Julie Brown closed her story on this preventable homicide by damning the deceased, recounting the crime that sent Larry Mark to prison in a manner that suggested we should ignore his horrendously gruesome death.

Ms Brown is a seasoned reporter; she knows that Florida – decade after decade – is often miles off the mark in its prosecutions, and her editors know that, too. I have trouble recalling all the many names of the remaining Florida incarcerated innocents I’m fighting for … I’ve been at it since 2004 beginning with Wilton Dedge, who was exonerated that very same year.

The crux of any story about a homicide within a Florida lockup can never be about whether or not the deceased deserved to die. Not until every last bit of Florida’s conviction corruption is cleaned up, not until every last one of Florida’s lockups, including holding cells, are safe for men, women, adolescents and children as well as the personnel entrusted with their care and supervision.

Rick Scott has put no effort into making Florida lockups safe. Were safety his goal, Scott would have appointed someone other than Julie Jones to lead the Florida Department of Corrections, among a laundry list of other obvious activities, like not continually short-staffing prisons to the point that underpaid, overworked officers are in danger of being slain, daily.


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Question the integrity of Conviction Integrity Units: innocent lives depend on it #TheloniousSearcy

Justice Seeker – Detroit Jewish News

Anyone who steps inside Valerie Newman’s Detroit office at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is greeted by a colorful, framed poster emblazoned with these words from the Torah: “Justice, justice shalt thou pursue.” Newman calls the biblical quote from Deuteronomy her “life model” — it’s a daily reminder of her passion and purpose. She is an attorney and director of the new Conviction Integrity Unit, launched by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office at the start of this year. Her mission is to get innocent people out of prison …

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office Conviction Integrity Unit will only review cases prosecuted in Wayne County. The defendant must claim that he or she is innocent and there must be new evidence in the case [emphasis added] …

Source: Justice Seeker – Detroit Jewish News

Throughout my school years, I was never allowed to grade my own papers. The reason is obvious – it was in my best interests to overlook my errors.

Along those same lines, the very last person who should review a clouded conviction is a prosecutor from the same office where the conviction took place … it is in that prosecutor’s best interests to overlook their coworkers and supervisor’s errors. And their malice. And their lawbreaking.

That the Detroit Jewish News article is sheer sunshine and lollipops is self-evident to those familiar with decades of conviction corruption in Wayne County, Michigan. It is also an affront to Davontae Sanford and Thelonious Searcy and their families.

As soon as convicted Detroit hit man Vincent Smothers freed Davontae Sanford from serving some of his time, he turned his attention to freeing Thelonious Searcy, who is also serving some of his time.

Conviction Integrity Units have to have integrity. Valerie Newman can prove hers by making media encounters more than just cheap shot photo opportunities.

Newman’s boss, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, belongs in a federal penitentiary for the wrongful convictions she’s worked so hard to keep intact; so do dozens of others who have served in similar positions, nationwide. They would be racing to clean up their acts right now if the FBI and Department of Justice investigated and prosecuted one really, really rotten egg, like Worthy.

Don’t look to respected publications to make the FBI and Department of Justice adhere to their mandates. Look to yourself, instead.

Share commonsense information that runs contrary to mainstream media portrayals of entities like Conviction Integrity Units, like this blog post, and share blog posts that dive deeper into clouded convictions than the mainstream media does, like Voice of Detroit‘s blog post about Thelonious Searcy and Vincent Smothers, here.

Thelonious Searcy

Incarcerated innocent Thelonious Searcy must depend upon hit man Vincent Smothers to secure his freedom, as did Davontae Sanford

No one is immune from police and prosecutorial malice: half-blind, developmentally delayed Davontae Sanford was 14 when framed for a quadruple drug hit. Kym Worthy is still going after him, and I’ll keep going after her until the FBI and Department of Justice step in, because – to date – Valerie Newman and her Conviction Integrity Unit clearly are all Biblical talk, and no Biblical action.


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Towards Saving Tommy: new Conviction Integrity Unit should review his case FIRST

Eunice and Tommy Zeigler on their wedding day

William “Tommy” Zeigler and his beloved wife

Tommy Zeigler didn’t kill his wife and his in-laws. For 42+ years, his story has never changed, although the Orlando Sentinel and other lazy, crazy and/or corrupt news organizations have allowed seedy ‘public servants’ to assert the contrary, e.g.; former prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who is now a judge. Fact is, Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit has a decades long reputation of being lawless (verified by their underhandedness throughout Tommy’s persecution), while Tommy has a stellar reputation.

Please share this post to better ensure that the 9th Judicial Circuit’s new Conviction Integrity Unit puts Tommy at the top of their list. Ray McEachern can lay out every shoddy detail for them, as his following plea indicates.

Essential Criminal Justice Legislation
Illustrated by a 42 Year Death Row Inmate

     Prosecutors and judges must have legislated penalties for proscribed conflicts of interest. William T. Zeigler CASE has 3 Examples:

  • The trial judge refused to step aside even though he and Zeigler had been opposing character witnesses in a trial four months before Zeigler was arrested for 4 murders in his own store on Christmas Eve 1975. That prior case resulted in embarrassment to the trial judge.
  • Years later a Florida Supreme Court Justice wrote the denial of a Zeigler appeal despite being a friend and adviser to the sheriff who arrested him while Zeigler was in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to his stomach.
  • The current circuit judge in the 9th circuit who was strangely assigned in 2003 to hear a petition granted by another judge failed to disclose he was married to an assistant state attorney working for the prosecution.

     DNA testing must be granted to a convicted inmate before execution. William T. Zeigler Example: In 2015 a Zeigler petition for DNA testing of all spots that might be blood using the latest methods was denied by the same circuit court judge assigned in 2003 even though his pro bono attorneys would pay for testing. It was upheld by the Florida Attorney General and the Florida Supreme Court.

DNA results which refute the prosecution theory at trial must grant a convicted inmate a new trial. William T. Zeigler Example: In 2003 Zeigler’s pro bono attorneys asked that the sentence be vacated based on DNA testing which showed that blood on Zeigler’s shirt did not come from a man he claimed he did not kill and the blood on another dead man at the scene who Zeigler claimed had been one of his attackers had the blood of that man soaked into his pants. The prosecution had told the jury at trial that the blood on Zeigler’s shirt came from a Zeigler family member found dead at the scene.

For a complete review of this case, see www.freetommyz.com or call Ray McEachern at 727-378-7507


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.@GovernorVA: Don’t transfer activist inmate Kevin #Rashid Johnson again


Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson

Rashid Threatened with Transfer — Hearing on Sept 10th — BLOCK THE PHONES!

We have learned that the Virginia Department of Corrections is planning to hold a hearing Monday September 10th, to have Rashid transferred out of state yet again. This is a punitive act, most likely retaliation for Rashid’s ongoing writings about prison conditions and the current prisoners strike (see for instance his recent article published in The Guardian).

Source: Rashid Threatened with Transfer — Hearing on Sept 10th — BLOCK THE PHONES!

Inmate transfers are expensive, dangerous and on the increase. There’s rarely an excuse for them, e.g.; medical emergency, there’s only an explanation: the first four words of the previous sentence.

Mass incarceration is big, big business, and investors are loving every Color of Law abuse of authority that unjustly enriches them.

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.@FBI: Institute a moratorium on your National Dog Day celebration; admit #ScentEvidenceStinks

Linroy Bottoson, Gerald Stano and who knows how many others were executed based on false testimony provided by dog handlers, pretend scent evidence experts.

Crosley Green, Gary Bennett and who knows know many others remain behind bars based on false testimony provided by dog handlers.

The FBI must be a sorter of charlatans, not a supporter of charlatans; it can resume celebrating dogs when it’s outed every last damn dog handler that put innocents behind bars … it knows who they are.

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