Stalled @FBI/@TheJusticeDept/@FL_Corrections/@FDLEpio investigation to blame for another #LoveFL #DeadInmate?

Offender Picture

Daniel Geiger, 5’11”, 125 lbs, dead at age 40 on  or about November 7th … endured same scalding “therapy” at Dade Correctional Institution that killed Darren Rainey in 2012

When I first posted about Daniel Geiger being deliberately scalded by corrections officers in a locked shower at Dade Correctional Institution, I blocked his and other victims’ names as well as the officers’ names from inmate/whistleblower Harold Hempstead’s 13 page sworn statement, thinking that the investigations that feds and Florida led the public to believe were underway were actually taking place, and therefore deserved restraint on my part.

As the investigations – if they ever began at all – went absolutely nowhere, I must now factor in my tolerance for finding out that still other Dade CI scalding survivors are dying suspiciously young, suspiciously underweight, and/or suspiciously beaten to a pulp.

With Daniel Geiger’s death, my tolerance has maxed out. Below are several pages from the sworn statement Harold Hempstead sent to me (and so many others) regarding Darren Rainey’s scalding homicide and other inmates’ scalding traumas. The pages are followed by a description of a journalist simultaneously revisiting the events at Dade CI that led to Darren Rainey’s death, for his own reasons.





In the Fox 13 segment posted below, reporter Craig Patrick revealed that he is still receiving correspondence from Hemptstead (as am I), and that he has apparently maxed out on patience with supposedly stalled investigations, too, even though he’s apparently unaware of Daniel Geiger’s death: Patrick was angered that Florida’s legislature managed to budget for more remodeling in Tallahassee ahead of budgeting to correct an inability to keep inmates alive.

In Patrick’s segment, Hempstead explains how inmates are systemically starved with “air trays” and other games, in addition to occasionally tortured. Ignoring these behaviors isn’t a lawful option for Florida or federal authorities. The crime is Failure to Keep From Harm, and it’s a federal rap.

When a 5’11” mentally ill 40-year-old dies weighing 125 pounds AFTER being tortured in a scalding shower years earlier, he obviously hasn’t been kept from harm.

All it would take to inspire lasting change is for the FBI and DoJ to do their jobs and diligently prosecute Failure to Keep From Harm … from the top down. Our deliberately overworked, underpaid corrections officers aren’t mental health professionals. Asking the impossible of them fails to keep them from harm. Those more concerned with decor than  death tolls – especially governors – ought to face the greatest scrutiny and harshest sentences.





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Worst-case @FBIRecordsVault dumps would damn @TheJusticeDept, @FBI

The Twitter page for the FBI Records Vault is suddenly active, dumping documents that are claimed to be belated responses to requests, generated by mechanical error. So I asked for document dumping that would be more consistent with preserving lives and liberties.

Detroit police coercive tactics and perjuries  led to the frame-ups of now-exonerated  Eddie Joe Lloyd and Davontae Sanford. Robert Slameka did an inexcusable job of defending both mentally-challenged males, despite Davontae only being 14 when falsely accused. An attorney named Amy Slameka has worked within the Wayne County Prosecutors Office for most of this century, and may well be Robert’s daughter, calling into question – given Robert’s so obviously throwing both Eddie and Davontae under the bus – every “defense” that he mounted.

There is a priceless portion to frame-ups, one which can’t be measured by the dollars misspent on prosecuting and warehousing the wrong people … we pay for rapists and killers remain on the streets to take more victims.

Victims like Davontae Sanford’s steadfast step-father, Jeremaine Tilmon, who was shot and killed last night in Detroit.

I remember how few of my posts about Davontae were shared by readers on social media while he was still incarcerated, even though my 12-year track record of advocating for actual innocents is sound. Sharing the news that Davontae had been freed didn’t require thinking, bravery, compassion, etc.,  and didn’t do a thing to make up for lost time, not Davontae’s, not his family’s, not mine. So please do feel guilty, guilty enough to contribute towards  Jeremaine Tilmon’s final expenses:

Then please feel guilty enough to read on, because I’m not done addressing the FBI’s deadly darkness.

Brevard County, Florida Judge W David Dugan tried his best to keep at least local frame-ups involving the perjured testimony of oft-discredited dog handler John Preston intact … Wilton Dedge, William Dillon and Gary Bennett. Only Gary remains behind bars. Preston was used scores of time within the judicial circuit upon the recommendation of a neighboring circuit: dozens of Florida public servants – including governors – deserve to lose their assets and their freedom for either their roles in the frame-ups, or their roles in the coverups.

To the best of my knowledge, Preston was initially discredited in July of 1982 by Julius Manning’s confessions to a series of post office crimes, clearing Dale Sutton of the involvement that Preston described in his perjuries. Sutton was released from custody in January of 1983, a year before Brevard put Preston on the stand to testify against Gary Bennett, in the full knowledge (public defenders, police, prosecutors) that Preston had been found a fraud. A few years later, Brevard Judge Gilbert Goshorn – apparently unaware of Manning/Sutton – skill-tested Preston and found he could track nothing, which resulted in Juan Ramos’ release from death row in 1987. In the late 90’s, DNA on hair used to frame Wilton Dedge proved not to be his (the samples didn’t even match each other), but he was not released until 2004, when the DNA of the sperm also proved not to be his. William Dillon was released when DNA on a bloody T-shirt proved not to be his, despite his evidence arriving unsealed at Orchid Cellmark in Dallas County, Texas. Gary Bennett was not freed because there mysteriously was no DNA to test when his evidence arrived at Orchid Cellmark in Dallas County, Texas two years later.

Coached jailhouse informants had been used against Wilton, William, Juan and Gary to back up Preston’s perjuries. Prosecutors Chris White and John Dean Moxley lazily used the same informant twice, per his own admission … Clarence Zacke testified against both Wilton and Gerald Stano, in whose investigation Preston had participated without taking the stand (Preston may have appeared before a grand jury, aside from his  blatherings in the media). Gerald was executed in 1998, despite the best efforts of brave Daytona officers who swore that Gerald was a serial confessor, not a serial killer. In 2002, hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson was executed, having been convicted using Preston’s perjuries and a coached informant in that neighboring circuit that had recommended Preston to Brevard.

The FBI had been involved in Linroy’s case, a post office crime.

Other Preston perjury convictions remain intact without diligent review, and not just in Florida: Stephen Epperly remains incarcerated for a Virginia no-body homicide despite documented prosecutorial misconduct. Worse, it seems that every DNA-discredited dog handler the FBI was ever associated with is being protected, at the cost of keeping hundreds of rapists and killers on the streets … Texas’ Keith Pikett was more prolific than Preston, mucking up @2,500 investigations to Preston’s @1,000.

Florida governors who know of this include Bob Graham, Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist and Rick Scott. As governor, Graham undertook an unsuccessful investigation of John Preston, and his trainer. Graham also served on the senate intelligence oversight committee for a decade, one that encompassed the continuing FBI’s continuing to coverup their use of several discredited dog handlers, while false imprisonment continued, while executions continued.

Other nations fear us more than any other nation – even wacky North Korea – yet can’t help laughing at us. Continually. They know how likely we are to slay Edward Snowden without charge or trial for taking four laptops and keeping them secure, with only the best of intentions. They also know we protect incompetent and corrupt government employees, including FBI personnel who likely sold their laptops and weapons to the highest bidder, and are likely responsible for the Clinton email leaks that everybody and their brother is trying to blame on Russia.

****** This post is incomplete, and is being published in this sorry state so as not to lose portions of it due to another computer freeze or crash. Thank you for your patience. *****

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#NoDAPL, dude.

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What’s Ontario doing right that we’re doing wrong? Ask @TruckSafetyOrg.






  • In 2015, there were 4,067 truck crash fatalities.
    An increase of 4.1 percent since 2014 (3,903 truck crash fatalities)
    An increase of 20 percent since 2009 (3,380 truck crash fatalities)
  • Truck crash injuries increased by 50 percent from 2009 to 2014
    2009 Truck Crash Injuries: 74,000
    2014 Truck Crash Injuries: 111,000
  • Truck crashes increased by 44 percent from 2009 to 2014
    2009 Truck Crashes: 286,000
    2014 Truck Crashes: 411,000
  • In 2015, large trucks were involved in 27 percent of all fatal work zone crashes
  • This standard equipment, which is built into the truck’s Engine Control Module, has actually been manufactured in large trucks since the early 1990s
  • One company found that their non-speed limited vehicles were involved in over 40 percent of potentially severe crashes, despite only constituting 17 percent of their fleet
  • In Ontario, Canada, there was a 24 percent reduction in truck crash fatalities within one year of mandating speed limiters to be set at 65 mph [emphasis added]

    If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to give us a call.
    Thank you for all of your hard work!

    The Truck Safety Coalition Team

Please refer back to previous posts of the increasingly bloody erosion of regulation of the trucking industry by using Truck Safety Coalition as a search term on this blog. Thank you.

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Santa Clara Co. Jail Hunger Strikers Released from Solitary! Hunger Strike Suspended Pending Sheriff’s Fulfillment of Demands

“The community can still put pressure in the form of a petition to insure lasting change in classification, administration, and Gang Intel both in policy and practice. Be a part of the process to have lasting change! Share & Sign the Petition: … “

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity



Hunger Strikers have been released from solitary with handshakes and hugs. In 90 days, Strikers will be able to downclass in to general population. Additional clothing has been ordered. The sheriff’s department has agreed to subsidize lowering Commissary prices through the Welfare Fund. The Hunger Strike will continue its suspension until lasting changes are met.

The community can still put pressure in the form of a petition to insure lasting change in classification, administration, and Gang Intel both in policy and practice.

Be a part of the process to have lasting change!

Share & Sign the Petition:


Previous Post- Hunger Strike Announcement/More Info:

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Towards saving Tommy: @FLGovScott must honor #LoveFL supreme court ruling and investigate all death sentences

Innocent William “Tommy” Zeigler has been on Florida’s death row for over 40 years because of public corruption. Although gravely misinformed, Tommy’s jury still didn’t vote for a death sentence. The judge – who had a history of butting heads with Tommy (and losing) – overrode the jury, and imposed the death penalty.

Other death row innocents – like Crosley Green and Kris Maharaj – have had their sentences commuted to life, rather than being set free. This limits their appeals, and  lessens their chances of being freed. It shouldn’t: their convictions should be evaluated in the knowledge that a life sentence is a death sentence, just one that is easier to ignore, sans death warrant drama.

Tommy likely wouldn’t have been convicted if it weren’t for the local media, per former editor-in-chief of the Orlando Sentinel David Burgin, who openly apologized not only to Tommy but to fellow Floridians:

The Sentinel spent no time trying to cover the case with a hard eye on the defendant’s story. Tommy Zeigler’s “guilt” was assumed and he was treated as guilty in the local press, and therefore all or most all of local media. The Sentinel’s reporter on the case and top editors played footsy with Orange County prosecution officials and police, taking their every word as official. This letter would be long indeed if I were to cite every instance that Sentinel coverage of Mr. Zeigler’s nightmarish plight left the public thinking these horrible murders on Christmas Eve amounted to an open-and-shut case.

The rest of Mr. Burgin’s apology is here.

If Governor Rick Scott fails to reasonably respond to the  Florida Supreme Court finding our methods of issuing death sentences unconsitutional, it is my fervent hope that come January – when corrupt 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Jeff Ashton steps down – that all heaven breaks loose for those falsely convicted in Florida’s Orange and Osceola counties, despite whatever the corrupt mainstream media does.


For Immediate Release


ACLU Responds to Florida Supreme Court Ruling State’s Death Sentencing Statute Unconstitutional

TALLAHASSEE, FL. – The Florida Supreme Court today ruled that the state’s system of issuing death sentences is unconstitutional.  The Florida Legislature passed a law earlier this year requiring a jury vote of at least 10-2 for a person to be sentenced to death, revising a previous statute that required only a bare majority of jurors to agree. The Court today ruled that the statute was unconstitutional, and that a death sentence in Florida must result from a unanimous jury decision.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida and the ACLU Capital Punishment Project filed amicus briefs urging the court to find the statute unconstitutional.

Responding to today’s ruling, ACLU of Florida Executive Director Howard Simon stated:

“For years, we have warned the Florida legislature that unless they rewrote our state’s broken death penalty statute, the courts would take the issue out of their hands. We require a unanimous jury in all other situations except death sentencing.  A person should not be sentenced to death by a less than unanimous jury.

“Just as we said they would, the Florida Supreme Court has inserted some much-needed fairness in our death penalty process by declaring that anything short of a fully unanimous jury on every necessary issue is unconstitutional.

“Florida, with its non-unanimous jury requirement, has seen more death sentences reversed than any other state.  Racial disparities, over-zealous prosecutors and a lack of resources for defense counsel continue to plague death penalty cases.

“We are heartened by the court’s decision which should reduce both the number of death sentences, as well as the number of wrongful convictions that have plagued our state.  But the unanimity issue was just one aspect of a crumbling death penalty system which is getting harder every day to justify.

“All defendants on Florida’s death row whose cases are pending on direct appeal must now receive new sentencing hearings unless the State can prove its heavy burden of showing beyond a reasonable doubt that the error in their cases would not have affected the jury verdicts in capital sentencing, a very difficult standard to overcome.  The full impact of the decision remains to be seen as the Florida Supreme Court has yet to decide whether new rulings will apply retroactively to those defendants who cases were already decided on direct appeal.  The question of retroactivity is pending in the Lambrix case, a case briefed but not yet decided by the Florida Supreme Court.

“The Florida legislature should not attempt any further small fixes of the unsalvageable death penalty. No one should have to die from the flaws in our judicial system—the racial bias, the extreme variation from county to county in the use of the death penalty, the definitions of intellectual disability that don’t match science and medicine, and so many more.

“We see other states wrestling with the same problems and coming to the same conclusion: capital punishment must end.”

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“Security/Welfare Checks” – UPDATES and CONTINUED CALL FOR LETTERS, Oct. 2016

“Guards are jarringly waking prisoners in solitary confinement every 30 minutes in the name of “security/welfare checks” throughout all CA prisons’ isolation units. Loudly disturbing and waking people every 30 minutes is serious, ongoing sleep deprivation, a debilitating, internationally-condemned form of torture.”

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

End the “Security/Welfare Checks”

from the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS) Committee to End Sleep Deprivation

Please read the below update and write letters to Lindsay Hayes, the suicide expert who’s endorsed this harmful practice by CA Dept. of Corrections. Hayes can stop the “security/ welfare checks.” We want Hayes to hear the voices of the women and men affected by these torturous checks, and we ask you to be the messengers.

Use these templates and prisoner quotes, and send to the listed addresses:

Write to:
Lindsay M. Hayes

40 Lantern Lane
Mansfield, MA 02048

Copy to:
Matthew A. Lopes, Jr.
Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC
317 Iron Horse Way, Suite 301
Providence, RI 02908

If possible, send us…

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