The forgotten Paris Massacre

Susan Chandler:

Mainstream media control by a handful of billionaires obviously isn’t working.

Originally posted on Frostys ramblings a left look at life:

PETER FROST looks back to 1961 at another act of bloodshed on the streets of France’s capital.

THERE can be no excuse for the brutal acts of terrorism in Paris recently.

Watching the recent TV coverage and reading the papers I kept coming across the phrase “this is the worst atrocity in France since WWII.” Sadly that simply isn’t true.

Let me take you back to October 1961. President Charles de Gaulle (below) was working hard to establish his and France’s pre-eminent position in what was then called the Common Market, a predecessor of the EU founded in 1957.


Britain wouldn’t join until 1973.

The French industrial working class was led by a powerful Communist Party that had earned its reputation and support as the most effective resistance to the nazi occupation forces just a few years before. The Communists were fighting de Gaulle’s right-wing policies — and just as…

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#DavontaeSanford’s 23rd birthday

Davontae Sanford is guilty of having a wild imagination and a desire to please police officers by telling them anything they want to hear. Period.

Davontae didn’t commit a quadruple homicide on Detroit’s Runyon Street at age 14.

He couldn’t.

Davontae is blind in one eye, and developmentally delayed, capable – at the time – of third grade work on his best day. His coerced confession is rubbish, and so was the the advice to plead guilty by his dastardly, disreputable attorney, who publicly declared a former client – Eddie Joe Lloyd – guilty of rape and homicide. DNA said otherwise.

Vincent Smothers could and did kill people … for a living. He was one of the shooters – admittedly – that Davontae is serving time for; his solid confession led to recovery of one of the guns used in the quadruple hit. Smothers confessed to many other “hits” at the same time he confessed to his role in the Runyon Street homicides. Since 2008, Smothers has shown more honor and dignity in trying to free Davontae than all of Michigan’s public servants, combined.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is not tough, as his Twitter handle proclaims … he’s cowardly. He’s afraid of standing up to Michigan’s corrupt judicial system, and allowing taxpayers pockets to be picked to persecute Davontae … and those taxpayers include Davontae’s family and friends.

Many governors are just as cowardly. It’s time for President Obama – via executive order – to expand presidential pardon powers so that he – and future presidents – can free any innocent individual incarcerated in the United States.

Michigan Department of Corrections

Davontae Sanford






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Imprisoned People Facing Medical Neglect and Violence, Family Members and Organizers Speak Out

Susan Chandler:

California is little different from Florida, and too many other states. Unacceptable.

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:

For Immediate Release – Monday, November 23, 2015
Press Contact: Dolores Canales, Family Unity Network, (714)  or Hannah McFaull, Justice Now, (415)
Sacramento – On November 11th, an imprisoned person at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF), faced extreme violence at the hands of prison guards. Stacy Rojas and three others were detained, physically abused, sexually harassed, strip searched in the presence of male guards, and were kept without water, food or restrooms for eleven hours. The group was illegally kept in administrative segregation without a lock up order and have been denied health care support for the injuries caused by these officers. Requests to speak with members of the prison’s Investigative Services Unit have so far been ignored.
“I just want to let them know that we have been physically abused, sexually harassed,” said Stacy Rojas, “and that this was just wrong. They…

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Reprieve: Pakistan govt stays execution of paraplegic man

Reprieve +44 (0) 7791 755 415
For immediate release: Tue Nov 24, 2015

Pakistan govt stays execution of paraplegic man

The Pakistan government has stayed the exection of Abdul Basit, a paralysed man who had been set to hang at dawn tomorrow morning, according to his lawyers at Justice Project Pakistan (JPP)

Concerns had been raised that the exection of someone unable to stand would have been prolonged and inhumane.  Over the weekend, it was reported that the Faisalabad prison where he is held had admitted that it had received no instructions on how it was meant to carry out the execution of the wheelchair user.

Basit has been paralysed from the waist down since contracting meningitis while in prison in 2010.  The disease was not diagnosed for a month, and left him with severe spinal injuries.

The government is understood to have stayed Basit’s execution for two months.

Commenting, Sarah Belal, Basit’s lawyer and director of JPP said: “Although a last minute decision, this is a very welcome one.  The government should be commended for recognising that to go ahead with it would have been needlessly cruel.  Basit has already suffered terribly due to medical neglect while in prison – to hang him would neither serve justice nor make Pakistan any safer.”

Maya Foa, Director of the death penalty team at international human rights organisation Reprieve said: “This welcome move comes with only hours before a paralysed man was set to face a horrific execution.  It has to be hoped that the Pakistan Government will now reconsider its rush to the gallows, which has seen an estimated 300 people hanged since December.” [emphasis added]

Notes to editors
1. Reprieve is an international human rights organization. Reprieve’s London office can be contacted on: communications [at] / +44 (0) 207 553 8140. Reprieve US, based in New York City, can be contacted on Katherine [dot] oshea [at] / +1 917 855 8064.

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(Hungry) native New Yorker

Thanksgiving Is Almost Here, and Over a Million New Yorkers Might Go Hungry

The latest statistics on hunger in the city tells the proverbial Tale of Two Cities as a Tale of Two Pantries.
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Bloggers Unite for Peace

Originally posted on Uncle Spike's Adventures:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Here are some ways to add your support to this message of peace:

1) Publish the following statement on your own blog
2) Post a link to Twitter and/or Facebook
3) Reblog this post or any post that replicates this statement
4) Request to be 
added to the signatory list below by adding a comment or mailing 


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We are normal, everyday hard-working people with a common hobby, blogging. We hail from far and wide. We reside in different lands, on different continents. We speak different languages, eat different foods, and are of varying ages, professions…

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U.S. Ally Saudi Arabia to Behead and Crucify Man for Protesting Against Repression

Originally posted on United States Hypocrisy:

ali-al-nimr Ali Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr

Ali Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr, a Shi’ite Muslim activist, was only a teenager when he was arrested in the Saudi Arabian province of Qatif in 2012 whilst taking part in Arab Spring protests against the Saudi authorities over their repression of non-Sunni religious minorities. For that, he’s been condemned by the Saudi government to execution by way of beheading. In addition to the dismemberment of his head from his body, his lifeless remains will suffer the further indignity of being strung up in the manner of a public crucifixion to serve as a warning to anyone else who dares challenge the regime. According to those most knowledgeable of al-Nimr’s case, his barbaric execution could come at a moment’s notice.

The Saudi authorities are alleging that Ali al-Nimr is guilty of incitement against authorities and sowing the seeds of sectarian strife, which are ridiculous enough charges on their own, but…

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