@BrevardSheriff Deputy Gary Harrell solicited a homicide confession discussing Judgement Day. Holy cow.

Cold Case Documentary: The Mark of Cain 1999

I just happened to have The Justice Channel tuned in when Cold Case Documentary: The Mark of Cain 1999 aired yesterday. The crux of the docudrama is that Brevard Sheriff’s deputy Gary Harrell solicited a confession from James Drysdale to the murder of Jim McCutcheon by discussing Christianity and Judgement Day.

This happened long before Harrell became involved in engineering Jeff Abramowski’s false conviction. There was false DNA testimony, false officer testimony and attempts to get not one but two inmates to testify falsely in trade for leniency. One of the informants almost testified. He made it all the way to the courtroom, and backed down right in front of Judge Tonya Rainwater. It should have been game over, right then, but the fix was in, like dozens of fixes before it in Brevard Coutny, Florida.

I’ve written about many of them. Juan Ramos (acquitted at retrial). Gerald Stano (executed). Wilton Dedge (DNA exonerated). Willliam Dillon (DNA exonerated). Crosley Green (still framed). Gary Bennett (still framed). Monte Adams (still framed).

Judgement Day.

I wonder if Gary Harrell still talks about it. I wonder if people laugh at him if he does.

They should. I sure would.


Offender Picture

James Drysdale – Out of fear of Jim McCutcheon, kept a weapon under his pillow and a gun at hand, knowing the gun was a violation of his parole. Confessed to the slaying because of his fear of Judgement Day, and won’t lie – he feels no remorse.

Offender Picture

Jeff Abramowski – Not a DNA match, not physically where an officer’s testimony put him in the homicide time line, nearly a victim of coerced jailhouse informant testimony. Innocent yet incarcerated, while first his children grew up without him, and now his grandchildren grow up without him.

Offender Picture

Richard Mair – Offered a “walk” to lie about Jeff Abramowski and refused, committed suicide in the notoriously deadly Dade Correctional Institution’s TCU in 2013 after trying to get authorities to act. A year earlier, a corrections officer scalded Darren Rainey to death there.



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Seriously silly …

I miss the pursuit of happiness, and will try my best to wrest part of my actual life back in 2019, nurturing – instead of ignoring – my wild imagination (which used to generate incomes via interior and exterior designs).

I’ll let my silliness override my sorrow more often, focusing on what could be instead of what is, including things that are goofy/happy, like the video that runs in my mind whenever I see the Energizer Bunny on TV … I picture a marching band of battery-run bunnies of every possible human skin tone – led by the iconic pink one, playing his drum – on a football field, doing a choreographed rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk.

Welcome to my mind, folks.




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Justice for some living Louisiana inmates, but no justice for Florida inmates, living or dead. Fix this, .@TheJusticeDept.

The most harrowing part of advocating for Florida’s incarcerated innocents is knowing how deadly our lockups have become while Rick Scott has been our Governor. There is every form of abuse and neglect imaginable going on, including officer-on-inmate homicides. Per my previous post, From Cornwall, with consternation, the whole world knows this. The Department of Justice must stop pretending its Florida attorneys don’t know what foreign nationals know.

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Former Correctional Officer Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Cover up Physical Assault of Inmates

The Justice Department today announced that former Richwood Correctional Center officer Demario Shaffer pleaded guilty on Monday in federal court for his role in a conspiracy to cover up the physical assault of five inmates by himself and other correctional officers in violation of the Constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.  Shaffer, 33, of Delhi, Louisiana, pleaded guilty to conspiring to falsify documents with the intent to obstruct and influence a matter within federal jurisdiction. Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana David C. Joseph made the announcement.

“A correctional officer who uses excessive force against an inmate and then falsifies official reports violates the Constitution and its provision to protect all incarcerated offenders from cruel and unusual punishment,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband. “The Justice Department will continue to prosecute aggressively any similarly disgraceful and unlawful misconduct to ensure the integrity of our civil rights laws.” 

“Correctional officers are not allowed to abuse prisoners,” said United States Attorney David C. Joseph.  “They must follow the law and not use their position of authority to assault those under their supervision.”

According to his guilty plea, Shaffer worked as a Sergeant at the Richwood Correctional Center in Monroe, Louisiana, where on Oct. 30, 2016, he and other officers inflicted cruel and unusual punishment upon five inmates by spraying a chemical agent in their face and eyes while the inmates were handcuffed, compliant, kneeling on the floor, and not posing a physical threat to anyone. Shaffer admitted that he conspired with the other officers to hide their conduct by submitting a false story in their official reports concerning the incident.  

The count of conviction carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a criminal fine of up to $250,000. Shaffer is scheduled to be sentenced on May 1, 2019, by U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana, who accepted the plea. 

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Mudrick of the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Louisiana, and Trial Attorney Anita Channapati of the Civil Rights Division, Criminal Section, U.S. Department of Justice. The case was investigated by the Monroe Division of the FBI.

Civil Rights

Miami-Dade said there was no visible signs of trauma on Darren Rainey’s body. I see clear signs that he was scalded to death by a corrections officer, just as witnesses claimed. Darren was serving two years for minor drug possession.




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From Cornwall, with consternation … [updated]


Offender Picture

Florida inmate Anthony Bellido-Carbonell is in danger of losing a limb, or perhaps even his life.

Frank Lee Smith died screaming from inadequate pain management for cancer on Florida’s death row. Months later, he was posthumously exonerated. Jeffrey Srang received inappropriate care for his cancer within Florida’s prison system. He was released early – under cruel conditions – to die ridiculously young, at age 28. Anthony Bellido-Caronell is 43. He is also too young to die of cancer, and too young to lose a limb to it.

Anthony’s was busted for heroin possession in 2015. His scheduled release date is June 7, 2019.

Florida must release Anthony now. Unconditionally. The world is watching, a world that already knows that Darren Rainey didn’t survive a two-year possession sentence in the Sunshine State’s malevolent prison system. Please read Jeremy Schanche’s letter, below, from the UK.

Open message to:
Julie Jones – Secretary – Florida Department of Corrections
David Richardson – Florida House of
Rick Scott – Governor of Florida
Lester Fernandez – Inspector General – FDC
Ken Sumpter – Deputy Inspector General –
Right Honourable Emily Thornberry –
Shadow Foreign Secretary –
Her Majesty-s Official Opposition
Casey Frank – Editor – Miami Herald
Mathew Teague – The Guardian Newspaper
– London – England
Reprieve and Amnesty International –
International Justice Organs

Dear Julie Jones and Florida officials –
I am writing to you as I am extremely worried about the medical condition of Florida inmate Anthony Bellido-Carbonell (# D31307) – A tumor was found in this man-s leg one year ago – The leg has recently turned black and is losing sensation – these are typical gangrene symptoms – I implore you to ensure that he receives immediate and appropriate medical care for this disease which is threatening his limb and quite possibly his life –
I do not know what crime this man committed but he is entitled to medical care as a fundamental legal right and I ask you sincerely to expedite this urgently before his condition worsens –
With many thanks –
Yours sincerely –
Jeremy Schanche – Cornwall – Britain – 27:11:2018

Please share this post; help stop Florida from killing another inmate. Thank you.

Update 12/1/18: Jeremy Schanche shared the following, via a post on Facebook:

Re: Anthony Bellido-Carbonell (# D31307)

I complained to the Inspector General of FDC about this prisoner who has been denied medical treatment for cancer –
Have just received the following response:

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Intake Unit has reviewed your complaint. It has been determined that the issues pertaining to this complaint can best be addressed at the management level. Therefore, your complaint will be forwarded to Health Services for review and action as deemed appropriate.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Jonathan Hanson

Law Enforcement Inspector

Florida Department of Corrections

Office of the Inspector General

501 South Calhoun Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399


FDC OIG Badge (002)1

Inspiring Success by Transforming One Life at a Time

Safety ê Accountabilityê Fairness & Integrityê Innovation

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.@johnalbertorres/@Florida_Today: July of 1982 predates January of 1984. Always. #FreeGaryBennett

785 F2d 310 Dale Sutton v. Ann C Rowland U S | OpenJurist

In July 1982, Rowland, the Assistant United States Attorney assigned to [Dale] Sutton’s criminal case, conversed with another Assistant United States Attorney concerning Julius Manning’s involvement in the postal robbery for which Sutton was convicted. This attorney, assigned to prosecute two other postal robberies involving Manning, informed Rowland that Manning was interested in a favorable plea bargain and a reduction in bond in exchange for providing information regarding other crimes. As part of the information regarding other postal crimes in exchange for a plea bargain, Manning indicated that Sutton was not involved in the Cranwood robbery.

Source: 785 F2d 310 Dale Sutton v. Ann C Rowland U S | OpenJurist

In the case linked above, Dale Sutton tried unsuccessfully to secure damages for losing two years of his life in a federal lockup over phony dog handler John Preston’s perjuries after Julius Manning’s credible confessions cleared Sutton in July of 1982.

On November 20th, Florida Today reporter John Torres again falsely claimed that Preston wasn’t discredited until after Gary Bennett’s January 1984 Brevard County, Florida false conviction in “Murder on the Space Coast: Thanksgiving gives few reasons to celebrate.” Each time Florida Today warped the very distinct time line of Preston being outed as a fraud, it caused additional harm to individuals that are too numerous to count.

Some of the individuals didn’t survive the unnecessary trauma, including Gary Bennett’s mother, The Marvelous Ms. Maxine.

Gary Bennett, a lovely niece, and The Marvelous Ms Maxine, who can’t possibly rest in peace until Florida Today tells the truth.

God may forgive Florida Today and John Torres for being dishonest about frame-ups, but I don’t have to.

Ms. Maxine deserved the mother and child reunion that Juan Ramos’ mother Ena was granted, that Wilton Dedge’s mother Mary was granted, that William Dillon’s mother Amy was granted.

Juan, Wilton and William were all framed in Brevard County – just like Gary – using coached jailhouse informants and phony dog handler John Preston. There are many others just like them who seldom if ever get their names in print, in Brevard and other Florida counties, and across the nation.

I’m not able to battle the way I used to, with lengthy emails to parties that the public pay to be concerned about corruption. I am, however, still able to raise a small ruckus on Twitter.

But not with Florida Today.

Twitter – which claims to be anti-disinformation – has let Florida Today block me, so that I can’t directly call it out for continuously claiming that January of 1984 predated July of 1982, and/or other misinformation it has shared for purposes of protecting corrupt public servants who are still on the job, or collecting pensions they didn’t earn honestly.

Perhaps Twitter will change its collective mind today, and give me something more to be grateful for this fine Thanksgiving day.








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What the media should have told y’all about @FLGovScott/@ScottforFlorida and #DeadInmates before November 6th


These photos of Darren Rainey’s remains aren’t the only gruesome autopsy photos of Florida’s dead inmates that I’ve looked at. They’re not even all of the gruesome autopsy photos of Darren that I’ve looked at.

I’d like the nightmarish photos I’ve already seen to be the last, but that’s not realistic, given that the mainstream media doesn’t like to tell the public that public servants like Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle don’t care if inmates survive much of their sentences (Darren’s was two years), and given that I value the lives of all inmates (including the still-incarcerated innocents I’ve been advocating for since 2004), and given that I value my own life, which I’ve been advocating for since 2001.

The thing about public corruption is that it truly trickles down, unlike the tax cuts for the wealthy we’re told will trickle down. The trickle down of public corruption isn’t a warm spring shower. It’s acid rain, etching ever deeper into government functionality.

A for-instance – the corrupt medical examiner who said that Darren’s body showed no visible signs of trauma was recently given a promotion.

I see clear signs of trauma from exactly what witnesses claimed happened to Darren – he was scalded to death in a locked shower with externally controlled water temperatures. My opinion is a medical opinion, of sorts; I worked for years as a nurse assistant in hospitals and participated in the care of burn patients, I was trained as an EMT.

I’ve published a call out for Darren’s autopsy photos to be compared to those of Dennis Antiporek, who was scalded to death in a sauna and autopsied in Miami-Dade, because it’s more than a little likely that the photos of each man looked similar, and it’s more than likely that the ME did not claim that Mr. Antiporek showed no signs of trauma. But no one answers my call outs. They’re very inconvenient, and feeble.

Inmate deaths have risen dramactically and continually under Governor Rick Scott. Inmates are being gassed or starved or beaten or medically neglected to death, or tortured into committing suicide. Scott didn’t lift a finger to relieve unnecessary overcrowding, under-staffing and improper staffing … mass incarceration is very profitable for him, and for his corporate crony friends, as is.

Fourteen years in, I deeply resent remaining “media” as a means towards ensuring my own and others survival, publishing stories and press releases upon request on this obscure little blog … stories that the mainstream media should have picked up on, but found too inconvenient to their corporate agenda.

As feeble, freebie fringe media, I offer – below – page one (of four) of a press release I received from inmate/whistleblower Harold Hempstead – a/k/a Caged Crusader and Miami Harold –  announcing the upcoming publication of his book, Department of Corruption: Darren Rainey, the Untold Story.

My scanner refused to scan further, even after I tried to download the drivers again, a trick that’s worked the countless other times my scanner refused to work, just not this time. Hopefully, the remainder of Harold’s press release can be read from this link.

Harold’s been Ghosted out of Florida. It increases the odds of his remaining safe, but does not ensure safety. His sentence for minor crimes, despite his youth and his status as a criminal informant, is longer than Bernie Madoff’s … it’s but another tale of public corruption and betrayal. Like me, Harold is trying to save those who are too frail to fend for themselves – like Darren Rainey – before he tries to unbury himself from the corruption.

If we both remain unsuccessful in this pursuit after Harold’s book is released – if there are only more grisly autopsy photos to haunt us – we both ought try to see if fighting for our own lives and freedoms will be more effective. Truly. Because hundreds and hundreds of rights-violating scofflaws like Rick Scott and Kathy Fernandez Rundle nationwide need to be behind bars for allowing bloody murder by public servant to happen on their watches.

Scan 4









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Sticking w/ Shorty: .@TheJusticeDept: investigate/prosecute his #LoveFL persecutors. (#ChrisWhite #PhilArcher @ICEgov) #sawsomethingsaidsomething


Prosecutors drop case against exonerated death-row inmate Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin – Orlando Sentinel


“Besides my mother, nobody believed me,”

Source: Prosecutors drop case against exonerated death-row inmate Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin – Orlando Sentinel

It’s not hard to understand why Clemente “Shorty” Aguirre-Jarquin was unaware that activists believed him and have been pulling for him.

Some innocence attorney organizations like their clients to believe that there’s only one life raft left, and they’ve got it in their brief case. They’re confident that the mainstream media isn’t going to correct that impression, because the media sometimes likes to play at having the last life raft at hand, too.

According to Channel 6, Shorty isn’t free, he’s in ICE custody. According to the Innocence Project on Twitter, Shorty bonded out of ICE custody. Regardless of how he’s shuffled around, it’s likely no one will clue him in that he hasn’t been walking this walk alone, and won’t be in the days ahead, either. I’ve been advocating him for over five years, and had already challenged the Justice Department to do the right thing before I found out he’d been bonded out:

Other advocates on Twitter are making noise, too, and it’s just as confused as mine.

One can’t help but be confused when the Innocence Project is involved. In 2004, they worked on Wilton Dedge’s exoneration in the same judicial circuit where Shorty was convicted – also in 2004. Prosecutor Chris White – a godawful man – was involved in both cases.

Part of Wilton’s story became the centerpiece of the documentary After Innocence, with the most damnable parts of his frame-up going without mention in the movie: phony scent evidence expert John Preston, who had participated in roughly 1,000 investigations nationwide and left behind a trail of false convictions; coached jailhouse informant Clarence Zacke, who had recanted his testimony about Wilton and Gerald Stano prior to Gerald’s 1998 execution, naming prosecutor Chris White as one of his coaches in testifying against both Wilton and Gerald. Like I said, White’s a godawful man.

All of us make mistakes; few of us act out of malice. Those who make mistakes typically try to correct them – like I’m doing with this blog post – while those who act out of malice try to bury all evidence of their misdeeds, even if the evidence was a real person, like Gerald Stano.

There are rumblings that 18th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Phil Archer intends to refile charges against Shorty, seeking the death penalty again.

It may be untrue, or it may be some sore loser prosecutorial saber rattling that sometimes accompanies exonerations, or it may be that Archer believes he can get away with being a godawful person for half of forever, just like Chris White has, putting innocents behind bars and fighting like hell to keep them there, wasting taxpayers money and keeping them in danger instead of keeping them safe from actual killers.

The American Bar Association, Florida Bar Association, FBI, Department of Justice and innocence organizations shouldn’t let State Attorney Archer believe – even for one more day – that he can be godawful on the taxpayers dimes. The non-profit organizations’ tax exemptions should hinge on holding Archer accountable, and so should staying on the job for leaders of governmental entities. Nobody should be immune from prosecution for life-wrecking wrongdoing in the USA. No one, no how, never. The mainstream media should have taken the same stance back in 1976, when prosecutorial immunity from prosecution for misconduct (separate but equal justice?) was made the law of the land by the US Supreme Court.

Offender Picture

Gerald Stano, executed although innocent in 1998. Prosecutor Chris White is a godawful man, and he didn’t labor alone.




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