Real News From Journalist Tommy Hansen.


By Jerry Alatalo

Book5Alphabet Most of the time journalist Tommy Hansen delivers his talks in German, so it became the easy choice to share after coming across his recent English-language presentation at Open Mind Conference 2016 in Denmark. The title of his talk is, “War or Peace in Europe: Now is the Final Call for Journalism”.

With apologies for the length of the presentation at 1 hour 42 minutes, may we suggest if time is presently not available or short to save/record the link for future viewing. One can describe his excellent talk as a memorable, high level, in-depth, extraordinary university quality lecture – touching on and combining the subjects of economics, history, world politics, and more.

The historical aspect starts in 1944-5 and the Bretton Woods monetary conference making the U.S. dollar the world’s reserve currency following World War II. As his presentation unfolds, Mr. Hanson focuses on what…

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Will @Number10gov let the next #LoveFL inmate to die from #MedicalNeglect be an innocent Brit? [updated]

Offender Picture

Kris Maharaj – innocent Brit may be next victim of Florida Department of Corrections inhumane living conditions and medical negligence

From: Clive Stafford Smith – Reprieve <>
Date: January 13, 2017 9:17:05 AM EST
To: Susan Chandler
Subject: Kris Maharaj is dying in prison – the British government must help him today

Subject: Kris Maharaj is dying in prison – the British government must help him today

Dear Susan,

I just received very troubling news from Kris Maharaj, who is in prison in Florida.
Kris is desperately ill. He has been infected with necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) – he risks death or at least having his leg amputated. But the prison authorities are refusing to send him to hospital. Kris needs his government – the British government – to intervene urgently to save him.

Back in 2011, Kris was taken to hospital with the same infection and nearly died. It was caused by the abysmal hygiene in the prison (three prisoners who were assigned to a particular bed consecutively contracted it, and Kris was the third).

Can you write to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson right now? I have asked him to give assurances by close of business today that steps are being taken to help protect Kris’ life – will you join me?

Write to Boris Johnson

Here’s what Kris just told me on the phone:

“Please could you help me as urgently as you can. The top of my right leg is in a worse condition than when I had to be sent to Kendall Hospital. Any competent doctor who inspects my leg right now will order me to be sent to Larkin Hospital that is the current institution on contract to this prison. It is imperative that I am sent to hospital immediately if I am not going to lose my leg and my life.”

Likewise, Kris’ wife Marita is desperately worried.

“I am desperately worried about Kris. He is asking for the government to call the Florida government officials in Tallahassee so that they will send him to the hospital at once. I hate to think what it was like last time, when I worried for weeks on end whether he was dead or alive. Please see what can be done today! Please let me know so I can reassure him, and so I don’t spend the weekend worrying whether he is still alive.”

As many of you know, Kris will be 78 years old on January 26th. If he were not an innocent man, locked up for over 30 years, he would be here in London and we would have him in hospital instantly (or, rather, he would not be suffering from this terrible ailment).

It is a primary task of the Foreign Office to help British citizens abroad in their quest for justice and humane treatment. Boris Johnson must do that now for Kris.

Thank you for helping Kris and Marita,

Clive Stafford Smith

Update 1/18/17: Per Reprieve, Kris has been taken to the hospital. As this is his second harrowing necrotizing fasciitis infection, it is time to insist upon a Compassionate Release for Kris (known in Florida as a Conditional Medical Release), and as the Florida Department of Corrections under Secretary Julie Jones does not abide by legislation – state or federal – making it difficult for even young people to survive short sentences within the system, there is no justification whatsoever for Governor Scott to resist informal requests.

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Find a Rally – Jan. 15 – Our First Stand: Save Health Care

JoAnn Chateau

Here’s the official list of Our Fist Stand: Save Health Care rallies scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017: Find a rally near you. Check back, because more rallies will be added during the week.

“On Sunday, January 15, Democratic members of Congress, trade unions, senior groups, health care activists and all those who believe in economic and social justice are organizing a day of action to tell Republicans loudly and clearly: You are not going to get away with it.”


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Anthrax and Zombie Reindeer [and @realdonaldtrump]

Peter Frost closes his horrifying article with hopes that scientists have learned their lesson about using anthrax and other naturally occurring diseases as weapons of war. Given the reasonable assumption that a daunting number of industrialized nations have stored up enough anthrax and other deadly bacteria to kill us all, it doesn’t really matter whether scientists have learned a thing … in a matter of days, the United States will be led by corporate sociopath Donald Trump and as many of his corporate sociopath appointees as our anything-but-illustrious senate sees fit. Our embassies worldwide will be leaderless until a legion of corporate sociopaths can be put in place. Sociopaths love to see what they can get away with (who they can kill/defraud/enslave, what they can destroy/steal/diminish); it is what fuels their existence. Russia didn’t give Donald Trump this election, the corporate sociopaths controlling the mainstream media did. They never vetted Trump; they gave him endless air time and column inches; they pretended that playing a successful entrepreneur on a ridiculous television show had monumental significance. We aren’t in for a bumpy ride, we’re in for a precipitous end to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Start resisting, folks. Sign every petition you trip over that reminds our senate that our government is to be by and for the people, not by and for corporate sociopaths. Here’s one:

Frostys ramblings a left look at life

Bio weapon or natural disease, anthrax is back in the news. PETER FROST investigates the nasty bacteria and the deadly reindeer.  ANTHRAX, even the word causes a shiver of fear and panic and now the disease is hitting the headlines among the reindeer herds of Arctic Russia.

Anthrax is back in the news. This time among the Nenets, an aboriginal people who have been tending their huge herds of reindeer in the high Russian Arctic. The Nenets’ herds are becoming infected by anthrax.

The popular press has named the phenomena the zombie reindeer. If I didn’t know, I might suspect the story was dreamed up by a Hollywood screen-writer. But sadly it is all too true.

This summer saw a heat-wave in Siberia with record temperatures as high as 35°C. This warmth thawed out an anthrax-infected reindeer corpse that had laid buried in permafrost for over 70 years.


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@POTUS: Tommy Ziegler is innocent; Maurice Paul wasn’t, @orlandosentinel isn’t #pardonTommyZ


Fake News is nothing new, folks. Former Orlando Sentinel editor David Burgin died a tormented man; he was convinced that William “Tommy’ Zeigler was innocent, and that the Sentinel had done a hatchet job on him. I previously published Burgin’s To Whom It May Concern letter, here:

On December 27th, one of Tommy’s most outspoken advocates – Ray McEachern- sent this plea to Florida’s Speaker of the House, Richard Corcoran via Corcoran’s webform:

To the Honorable Richard Corcoran;

As my state representative, house speaker, and an attorney I seek your assistance in contacting Attorney General Pam Bondi about the Florida Supreme Court appeal of 40 year death row inmate William Thomas Zeigler, Case No. SC16-1498.  Mr. Zeigler became a friend of mine about 10 years ago after I retired, but I have known about this tragic case since it happened in Winter Garden on Christmas Eve 1975 through my brother, Leigh, who was then the Orange County chief deputy sheriff. Mr. Zeigler, through his pro bono attorneys, is appealing the denial of his petition for DNA testing. Ms. Bondi’s opposition which is on line is typical of the legal “mumbo jumbo” that has charactized this case from the beginning. On the forty-first anniversary of the murder of his wife, her parents, and another man in his store, I posted several short videos on YouTube using facts about the case that demonstrate his innocence. I find it totally senseless to oppose this DNA testing which his lawyers are willing to pay for, partly on the grounds that the appeal does not include a statement that the DNA testing done in 2001 (which these same pro bono attorneys believed were so conclusive that they petitioned for his release) were “inconclusive”. Of course, there were other grounds for her opposition, but to the layman as well as to plain common sense, that is the kind of reasoning that only would convince a supreme court justice not to look at the facts and just vote to deny the appeal as the court has done previously.

Speaker Corcoran, I hope you will find the time to review the brief Youtube links below and agree to meet with me to discuss how best to keep another innocent man from being wrongfully executed.  Thank you.

Ray  McEachern didn’t include what may be the most telling YouTube video link among those he forwarded to Speaker Corcoran, when one is considering the Orlando Sentinel’s “dastardly” omission in the reporting of Maurice Paul’s death – his refusal to recuse himself over the battle he’d previously lost to Tommy (Tommy helped a black man retain his liquor license, enraging local white supremacists), and his pretrial commitment to impose the death penalty  … no matter what a jury decided. The video below is of Ray’s brother, Leigh, describing Paul’s dark pledge.

Tommy must be pardoned immediately, via President Obama ceasing to pretend his powers to pardon are limited (while his war powers are unlimited).

Maurice Paul’s estate must be attached in full to partially mend the 40+ year fraud he perpetrated on Floridians in brazenly engineering Tommy’s frame-up.

Anything less puts another “win” in the white supremacists’ column, and FBI Director Comey, US Attorney General Lynch and President Obama mustn’t let that happen.

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Bernie Sanders Is Leading the Democrats into Battle Against Donald Trump on Jan. 15 | Quartz

JoAnn Chateau

Happy Progressive New Year!

Bernie Sanders takes the lead. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are at his back. Here’s the progressive Democrat Party game plan, beginning January 15th…

Bernie Sanders Is Leading the Democrats into Battle Against Donald Trump on Jan. 15 (Link)

“Democrats are planning their first major gesture of opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency, and Bernie Sanders is leading the charge.

Democratic members of Congress received a letter today calling on them to join the Vermont senator in organizing rallies across the country on January 15. The goal is to galvanize resistance to Donald Trump as Congress returns to work, just a week ahead of the next president’s inauguration.

The letter came from the party’s two top officials, Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi, as well as Sanders, who joined the Democrat’s leadership committee for the first time ever this year…

While Sanders’ harsh critique of the…

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New Years Resolution: Block These Appointments



We knew better than to expect a thoughtful and measured cast for the reality show that is Donald Trump’s cabinet appointment process. But for many of us, the presidential cabinet is shaping up to be worse than we could have imagined. While more or less everyone Trump has appointed to his cabinet is worth opposing, here’s a look at some of the most troubling appointments to posts that will influence the foreign policy and national security of the United States.

Steve Bannon – Chief Strategist and Senior Counsel

Steve Bannon’s appointment as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president was the first of what has become a long list of abhorrent choices for the presidential cabinet. Until becoming the CEO of Trump’s campaign, Bannon was serving as the chair of Breitbart News, an online media outlet that’s helped propel white supremacy, Islamophobia, misogyny and ultra-conservatism into the mainstream of…

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