@CorizonHealth doesn’t #LoveFL. The feeling is mutual.

Corizon News

Corizon Health Gives Notice on State Inmate Healthcare Contract

Brentwood, TN (November 30, 2015) – Corizon Health today exercised the 180-day notice of cancellation allowed in its inmate health services contract with the Florida Department of Corrections, effective May 31, 2016. The company will continue providing quality care to its current 75,000 inmate-patients in Regions I, II and III during the six-month transition.

“We have tried to address the department’s concerns but have found the terms of the current contract too constraining. At this point, we believe the best way to move forward is to focus our efforts on a successful transition to a new provider,” Corizon Health Chief Executive Officer Karey Witty said.

Witty said that to ensure continuity of patient care and stability of operations, Corizon Health will work with FDOC to plan a transition schedule and to mitigate employee concerns regarding their future employment. This will help ensure a stable environment for safe and effective clinical care for the patients during this changeover.

“Above all,” Witty said, “Corizon Health will continue to provide high quality care to Florida’s inmates.”

About Corizon Health Corizon Health is the nation’s leader in correctional healthcare, providing quality healthcare services to 98 clients at 518 facilities across the country serving over 332,000 inmates in 26 states. With its corporate headquarters in Brentwood, Tenn. Corizon Health is the leading provider of correctional healthcare services in the United States. For more information, please visit www.corizonhealth.com.


Corizon Health’s lofty view of its professionalism isn’t one that’s share by those who know anything about Florida prisons.

There are credible accounts of the outside-controlled shower that was used to scald Darren Rainey to death being used previously on other inmates, non-fatally. There are credible accounts of inmates being systemically starved at the same facility. There are credible accounts of inmates being abused and beaten by corrections officers, with at least one man – Richard Mair – taking his own life when his grievances were ignored. These things happened at a mental health unit at Dade Correctional Institution being overseen by Corizon Health.

The Department of Justice must investigate all of Florida’s suspicious deaths, concurrently investigating Corizon, for not blowing the whistle on abusive corrections officers, for not protecting those in their care. And the DoJ must get the lead out of its ass …Rainey was murdered in 2012, Mair committed suicide in 2013, and we Floridians are damn tired of waiting to be treated like we live in America.

I took Richard Mair’s death very personally. Richard could have accepted Brevard County deputy Gary Harrell’s offer for a “walk” in trade for testifying falsely against Jeff Abramowski, one of the framed innocents I advocate for. Brevard is BIG on coaching jailhouse snitches. You can’t ask Richard Mair for confirmation, but you can ask Brevard exonerees Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon.

Offender Picture

Darren Rainey

Offender Picture

Richard Mair

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Insane, invisible, endangered … by @FLGovScott

SPECIAL REPORT: Insane. Invisible. In danger.
Herald Tribune

Published on Oct 27, 2015

Florida cut $100 million and laid off hundreds of workers at its state-funded mental hospitals. Patients and staff paid the price. Preview of a special investigation by the Herald-Tribune and Tampa Bay Times.


The complete video is available from this link:


Should you find it too disturbing to watch, the story can be found at this link:


Overseeing the mentally ill is not $14 per hour work – double that and you’d be closer to a fair wage. Working more than occasional double shifts in a mental health facility is simply not acceptable; the work is too physically and emotionally taxing. Medical personnel in a mental health facility that cannot recognize a Traumatic Brain Injury (in the absence of being specifically informed of a head injury) are too inexperienced to work alone … the signs are straightforward, and headbanging among the mentally ill is all too common.

I could go on and on, but the details of Florida’s deadly mental health care all lead to the same conclusion that the details of Florida’s deadly lock-ups lead to … our legislative, executive and judicial branches are in sync, and they’re corrupt: Rick Scott’s administration has cranked up the crony capitalism misappropriations beyond Jeb Bush’s levels, and that – folks – is saying something.

Again, I ask that readers sign and share this petition. The majority of Floridians are being harmed by Scott’s administration, and many aren’t surviving the harm. Thank you.

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Denying Access for Refugees to the US Based on Religion Is Wrong

Susan Chandler:

“Is there really that much of a difference between a Jihadist who kills those who belong to the wrong religion and a “civilized” person who refuses them sanctuary for the exact same reason?” ~ Rick Cooley

Originally posted on Rcooley123's Blog:

The blatant bigotry which has come to the forefront in American politics since the terrorist attacks in Paris a little over a week ago is nothing short of appalling. The efforts of those at the state and congressional levels to take political advantage of the predictable and understandable fear that such attacks can and do have on many people in this and other nations by scapegoating millions of innocent people who are themselves among those most victimized by the sort of violence typified by such attacks on the basis of their religion and/or country of origin is reprehensible.

That a group of candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the next Presidential election notorious for their outlandish political stances on everything from immigration to waging war both at home (on LGBT people, women, the poor and disadvantage) and abroad (the entire Middle East, to include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and…

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@Pitbull: show us your copy of #LoveFL contract


Really Rick Scott? Secret Contract Payoff to Rap-Star Pitbull With Taxpayer Money


… blacking out a public contract with the state is a blatant violation of  Florida’s open records law (the “Sunshine Law”).  However, since the Rick Scott administration has shown no problem using taxpayer money to pay for over $1 million in legal fees for continued reckless regard for the rule of law, I’m guessing they don’t care.

Knowing Pitbull’s popularity with the Cuban-American community, the Florida GOP has made no secret about their intense desire for Pitbull to become a republican and support their candidates.  For all we know, that could have been part of the deal.

via http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/11/22/1453037/-Really-Rick-Scott-Secret-Contract-Payoff-to-Rap-Star-Pitbull-with-Taxpayer-Money


The chart below indicates that Florida Department of Corrections officers are underpaid and deprived of opportunities for advancement … working their way up to middle management won’t bring them the starting pay of Fish and Wildlife officers. That those who deal with poachers are paid so much more than those who deal with serial killers is so fucked up that I can’t even use polite language to describe it, and it is – of course – why Corrections can’t attract and retain officers who are caring and qualified, instead of homicidal.

If Pitbull doesn’t provide Floridians an un-redacted copy of the contract  today via social media, the boycott of his celebration-of-self music should begin tomorrow, because Floridians can’t afford to negotiate and contract with “stars” while paying out a fortune in successful wrongful death suits, after paying a fortune for go-nowhere investigations of suspicious inmate deaths by the Florida Department of Corrections, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, local police departments, sheriffs offices, various state attorneys’ offices, the FBI, the Department of Justice, etc.

The petition below has been updated to include this additional affront to Floridians by Rick Scott. Please sign and share it, even if you are unfamiliar with all of the issues. There comes a point when inaction puts blood on the most innocent of hands, and we’re rapidly approaching that point by being okay with corrections personnel turning short sentences into death sentences … mentally ill Darren Rainey didn’t survive a two-year sentence for minor drug possession, physically ill Randall Jordan-Aparo didn’t survive an 18-month violation of parole sentence; Rainey was scalded to death by officers, Jordan-Aparo was gassed to death.



Offender Picture

Darren Rainey

Offender Picture

Randall Jordan-Aparo


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Surprise every Native American, @POTUS

Leonard Pelteir [sic] Released “Day of Mourning” Statement on Thursday

“February 6, 2016, will make it 40 straight years in here. Under the laws I was indicted with, a life term was seven years. I have served over six life sentences! As you know, I was sentenced to only two. To Native Peoples, this is also not surprising. In fact, this is something that happens on a regular basis throughout Indian Country. And, as always, this is not acceptable to us. So we protest, and we protest some more.”

via http://nativenewsonline.net/currents/leonard-pelteir-released-day-of-mourning-statement-on-thursday/


When fourteen years passed and Leonard Peltier was still incarcerated, he became a political prisoner (if he wasn’t one to begin with, as many of us believe).

President Obama has been stingy with pardoning political prisoners, and he shouldn’t be. He continued previous administrations’ egregious empire building, and may face consequences for it … it’s common sense that those who know they may need mercy should be generous with granting it.

President Obama should surprise Native Americans by pardoning Leonard Peltier on Monday.

Published on Oct 17, 2015

This is the definitive feature documentary about American Indian activist, Leonard Peltier. His story is told within the context of the American Indian Movement, the US federal government, and the multi national companies interested in mining the land in South Dakota.
Produced and directed by Suzie Baer. 1992

For more information about Leonard Peltier please contact http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/

For more information about the film / posters contact me at warriorthelifeofleonardpeltier@gmail.com

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TFS Writers discuss #Blacklivesmatter and wonder is brutality State Sponsored Terrorism?

Susan Chandler:

State-sponsored terrorism is protected by the US Supreme Court: in cases of willful misconduct, it endorses qualified immunity from prosecution for officers and absolute immunity for prosecutors and their supervisors as well as judges.

Originally posted on The Florida Squeeze:

By The All-Nite Images from NY, NY, USA (Black Lives Matter Black Friday) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons By The All-Nite Images from NY, NY, USA (Black Lives Matter Black Friday) The Black Lives Matter movement as well as  a more vigilant media has raised awareness of law enforcement brutality towards African-Americans. Our TFS writers, Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussed the movement as well as the behavior of law enforcement officers and the authorities at the municipal and state levels.

Terrorism comes in many forms despite the narrative played by a media dominated by corporate interests and conservative talking heads. Islamic fundamentalism is one form as is the type of domestic terrorism we saw yesterday in Colorado in the targeting of Planned Parenthood. Another form however, it could be argued is police brutality toward the citizens of a nation. We discuss that here.

Audio below runs 12:01.

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The forgotten Paris Massacre

Susan Chandler:

Mainstream media control by a handful of billionaires obviously isn’t working.

Originally posted on Frostys ramblings a left look at life:

PETER FROST looks back to 1961 at another act of bloodshed on the streets of France’s capital.

THERE can be no excuse for the brutal acts of terrorism in Paris recently.

Watching the recent TV coverage and reading the papers I kept coming across the phrase “this is the worst atrocity in France since WWII.” Sadly that simply isn’t true.

Let me take you back to October 1961. President Charles de Gaulle (below) was working hard to establish his and France’s pre-eminent position in what was then called the Common Market, a predecessor of the EU founded in 1957.


Britain wouldn’t join until 1973.

The French industrial working class was led by a powerful Communist Party that had earned its reputation and support as the most effective resistance to the nazi occupation forces just a few years before. The Communists were fighting de Gaulle’s right-wing policies — and just as…

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