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To Prisoner Class Supporters from Todd Ashker (w/proposed Open Letter to Gov. Brown)

“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

To Whom It May Concern,
To Prisoner Class Supporters
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition
California Families Against Solitary Confinement
and Public, etc.

From Todd Ashker
C58191 KVSP – ASU- 2/194
Box 5106
Delano, CA 93216

December 5, 2017

This is a follow-up to our October 2017, Prisoner Class Human Rights Movement, “Statement of Prisoner Representatives on Second Anniversary of Ashker v. Brown Settlement.”

In our collective October 2017 “Statement,” we stressed the importance that “…prisoners and our families will have to re-energize the human rights movement, to fight against the continuing violations of our rights.” … reminding all involved, “We must stand together, not only for ourselves, but for future generations of prisoners, so that they don’t have to go through the years of torture that we had to.”

With this in mind, I am sharing a copy of myproposed “Open Letter to GovernorBrown, Legislators, and CDCR Secretary…

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.@GovernorKayIvey: You got mail.

When I briefly co-managed a campground in Northern California, I spent a lot of time on the computer – tracking registrations, automating the bookkeeping, creating brochures. I was new to California, and spent time off the computer learning what to plant to dress up the campground, mindful of the salty air, temperate climate and the voracious appetites of the deer.

I was outside discussing plants with the owner when I noticed and commented on the strange looking crab that was walking a few feet away from us on the road. The strange looking crab, as it happens, was a scorpion. The owner cautioned me to check my shoes each morning before putting them on, because it was one of their favorite hiding places. I never forgot.

My office was the size of a small bathroom, but the views of the Albion River kept it from being claustrophobic. And I had a little friend to keep me company, a colorful, quarter-sized spider that was missing two legs, who seemed to love to just sit a few inches from the computer mouse and watch me move it around. I’m not at all fond of spiders, but this one seemed sickly, and in need of a friend.

I was doing the books one day – little friend at hand – when the owner came in and ordered me to freeze.

Scorpion afoot? Nope. The owner grabbed a book from the shelf next to me and smashed my colorful little friend. I’d befriended a black widow.

I missed it every day. I knew from how clumsily and slowly it moved and from the hours that it stayed motionless by the mouse pad that it was more likely to fall over dead than it was to strike me.

We have instincts, and they’re often sound. Those instincts tell us that sometimes dangerous things and even dangerous people outlive their dangerousness. And it’s okay to let them just sit a spell when they do.

Doyle Lee Hamm is dying. There’s not a whole lot of sense in killing him. Here’s hoping that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s instincts finally kick in, and that she decides to just let him sit a spell longer.


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Gray’s anatomy

There was a time when I was more or less the change I wanted to see. Between working full time and living in wrecks while remodeling them, I was blessed with physical exhaustion that made insomnia infrequent and nightmares too fleeting to dwell on, if recalled at all.

But now that I’m older, my congenital skeletal asymmetry is grinding my joints to dust, bone by bone.

Now I’m more or less the change I’m forced to see, whenever PTSD lets up enough to let me observe changes. Insomnia is nightly, my nightmares are accompanied by daymares, and there doesn’t seem to be an opt-out option for not dwelling on either one now that I can’t just get out of my chair, grab a paint roller or a power saw and get too busy on changing things to have time for the things I can’t change.

One change I’ve been forced to see lately is that my favorite clothes are becoming hole-y simultaneously and similarly. My two favorite long sleeve T-shirts have a hole at the right elbow, which is apparently the boniest. Similarly, a pair of blue jeans and two pair of non-blue jeans have holes beneath my right hip, unquestionably the boniest (if the right front pocket isn’t sewn down, the bone can and will turn it inside out).

I’ll mourn the loss of all my hole-y clothes, but my gray jeans in particular.

They’re “irregulars.”

The leg lengths don’t match each other, which just happened to make my long leg look shorter than my short leg, and vice versa. I don’t know why I’ve always found that so freaking funny, but I have. And I don’t just like to laugh, I love to laugh. My gray jeans were my Happy Pants.

With an irreverent mindset, aging poorly can be humorous.

But dying young never is. This week in the Sunshine State there are parents whose children have bullet holes in their clothes, and bullet holes in their bodies, and there are children whose parents have bullet holes in their clothes, and bullet holes in their bodies.

I know my thoughts and prayers won’t do a damn thing for the Parkwood victim’s families and friends, so I’m going to direct both towards having the universe send me a new pair of Happy Pants. (Any color will do.)

While seated, I can keep pestering politicians to enact gun control. I’ll use the hashtags #WellRegulated and #GunControlNow, because Second Amendment rights aren’t limitless, and no one on the public payroll should pretend otherwise, ever again. It time for us to stop letting NRA suck-ups stop wiping the smiles off our faces … they are heartless, hopeless, smile-for-the-camera “things” we can change, starting in November.







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@ShaunKing is organizing a mammoth, essential #CriminalJustice task.

The single most important person to reform the criminal justice system …

… I will be diverting all of my organizing efforts into radically changing the face of the nations 2,400 elected prosecutors. It’s a mammoth task, but an absolutely essential one. Listen to me — together we have juice. We have influence. We have potential. And I need you to understand that leveraged potential is power.

Source: The single most important person to reform the criminal justice system is not…

This feels like the game changer that millions of us have waited for.

Whatever format Shaun King sets up to accomplish this goal, I’m in.

In to free innocents. In to have killer cops and corrections officers face justice. In to end the criminalizing of mental illness and homelessness. In to have justice become equal and unquestionably available … in every last situation, 24/7/365, permanently.


Tommy Zeigler

Florida death row innocent William “Tommy” Zeigler


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MLK’s Nobel Peace Prize Speech: 1964 Wisdom For 2018.

“I think Alfred Nobel would know what I mean when I say that I accept this award in the spirit of a curator of some precious heirloom which he holds in trust for its true owners – all those to whom beauty is truth and truth beauty – and in whose eyes the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold.”


By Jerry Alatalo

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  • MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. – Strength and Love (1963)

orn in 1929, Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) would be 89-years old today – had he lived. One can only imagine what he might have accomplished had he not been shot dead in 1968 at the age of 39, in the decades of his forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties. People can only imagine what MLK would be saying today, days before the annual celebration of the national holiday Martin Luther King Day – Monday January 15, 2018.

Given certain current American developments and international events making headline news, it is especially fascinating to think about how the 89-year old MLK would react and/or respond. He was only 35-years old when honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, four short years before his…

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BTR News: MeToo Movement Snares Hillary Clinton – BLACK TALK RADIO NETWORK™

… Clinton never apologized to the victim nor did she call the “inappropriate behavior” sexual harassment.

Hillary Clinton has pretended for some time to be a champion of equal pay for women but it was revealed during her 2016 campaign that the Clinton Foundation’s leadership team had an average $81,000 average gender pay gap favoring white men. The pay gap was so wide that the Clinton campaign worried that the “huge discrepancies” would be noticed by journalists, according to an internal Clinton campaign email.

Source: BTR News: MeToo Movement Snares Hillary Clinton – BLACK TALK RADIO NETWORK™

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