Americans Against Fracking will be at Democratic National Convention

Published on Jun 23, 2016

Sandra Steingraber, noted biologist, author, activist and science advisor to the Americans Against Fracking coalition, explains why she’ll be at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution at the Democratic National Convention. July 24, Philadelphia City Hall, 12 pm. Join Sandra in Philly and be a part of the #CleanEnergyRevolution! Learn more at

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JFK’s World Peace Message For 2016.


By Jerry Alatalo

“Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.” Address to the United Nations, September 25, 1961

– JOHN F. KENNEDY (1917-assassinated 1963) 35th President of the United States

aaa-44Alphabet Shortly before his death, U.S. President John F. Kennedy (JFK) talked about world peace at the commencement at American University on June 10, 1963. Many changes have occurred on Earth in the 53 years which have passed. A group of very powerful men organized the assassination team which carried out the murder of John F. Kennedy, because world peace would interfere with, constrain and dis-empower their interests, plans and agendas.

John Kennedy’s speech in 1963, among other public announcements by JFK of his intentions, may have been the decisive event leading to his assassins’ irreversible choice of plotting what was nothing less than an American coup d’état, then ending his life. Perhaps…

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U.S.-led Coalition Airstrikes Claim At Least 77 Civilian Lives



“There’s no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” – Howard Zinn

On Monday, at least 21 civilians were killed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in and around Manbij, Syria. On Tuesday, U.S.-led airstrikes killed at least 56 civilians including 11 children north of Manbij. Other reports estimated that Tuesday’s strikes claimed at least 85 civilian lives. These strikes have led to what may well be the largest civilian death toll caused by U.S.-led coalition forces since the U.S. began bombing ISIS nearly two years ago. Airwars, an independent monitoring group, estimates that the total number of civilians killed by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria since the start of the campaign against ISIS is now at least 1,422.

Amnesty International strongly condemned the strikes and called on the U.S. to do more to avoid civilian casualties. “There must be a prompt, independent and…

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Activists Highlight the Hypocrisy of Banning Tennis Balls but Allowing Guns at the RNC | The Real News

“Ban all weapons! Not tennis Balls!” chant Code Pink peace activists outside the Republican National Convention.

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Charges dropped against Davontae Sanford. Still a long ways from justice.

Judge tosses Davontae Sanford murder charges, but urges probe for truth

, Detroit Free Press

The Wayne County Circuit judge who released Davontae Sanford officially dismissed his murder charges today, but says “significant confusion” in the original investigation into who killed four people in 2007 requires a new, independent examination.

“The confusion needs to be clarified, facts need to be accounted for and the unanswered questions investigated to properly resolve this matter under law to render a just result for the four deceased victims,” Judge Brian Sullivan wrote in an opinion released today. “The facts need to be discovered through professional unbiased investigation to substantive conclusions, legal and factual, wherever they lead, and to whoever may be implicated.”


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Oscar Giles: 37 years (and counting) for non-violent offenses

Offender Picture

Oscar Giles – Serving life for non-violent offenses

Oscar Giles is 6’4″ and weights just 172 pounds … it seems the 67-year-old is serving not just life, but hard life here in Florida.

Floridians’ hard-earned tax dollars are ending up in the hands of predatory prison privatizers and vendors who successfully lobbied for ridiculous sentence lengths and an end to parole. These leeches celebrate recidivism as openly as Floridians would celebrate rehabilitation, if they would remember that most failures to rehabilitate result in new crimes, often in their own communities. And that the new crimes by re-offenders are likely to be more serious, after long-term association with hardened felons.

This isn’t thinking outside the box; it’s just thinking, period. In reality, there is no box. You either think, or you don’t.

Please do think, and sign this petition to reinstate parole in Florida. Thank you.


Oscar Giles serving life for burglary. Just one visitor in 37 years. Wants to see his mother before she dies.

Giles broke into a liquor store at 3:30 a.m. in Lakeland, Florida when no one was present.  He says that when officers arrived on the scene, he ran and was caught shortly thereafter.

Officers found a gun on the ground about three blocks away from the store and attributed the gun to him; he says his fingerprints were not found on it.

Giles said he committed the burglary because he was “young and stupid”. Since he was incarcerated 37 years ago, Giles says he has had only one visitor.

He hopes to be released from prison so that he can spend time with his 90-year-old mother before she dies.  She lives in Alabama and is not physically able to visit him.


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Davontae Sanford, Exoneree Du Jour

When innocence industry attorneys are involved in exonerations, mainstream media  accounts all sound or read pretty much the same, even when circumstances indicate that the exoneration has provided proof that police, prosecutorial and/or judicial misconduct is serial, rather than singular, in a specific location.The exoneree typically says – in his own words – that he’s not bitter, only looking forward, and is glad that justice was served, all of which he will admit are lies, off the record, with “justice was served” being the hardest lie to swallow (in my experience).

Davontae’s coerced confession was like Eddie Joe Lloyd’s before it. Eddie’s exoneration compensation agreement contractually bound the Detroit Police Department to record all interrogations, not the end product of coercing a vulnerable individual into confessing … Eddie was mentally ill, Davontae was developmentally delayed, and only 14. He is also half blind, which made even fleeting thought of him being a precocious hit man absolutely absurd.

Detroiters and Michigan residents paid out a fortune to Eddie and his attorneys, even though the taxpayers did nothing wrong. Off the record, exonerees are only too happy to tell you where they want their exoneration compensation to come from … the officers and prosecutors that framed them, as well as any judges who tried to keep their frame-ups intact. It likely won’t be long before exonerees start adding networks and publications to their list of who should be on-the-hook other than taxpayers. Maybe even specific reporters.

And they should. I haven’t seen or heard one mainstream media accounting of Davontae’s exoneration that references Eddie’s exoneration compensation agreement that required them to record all of their interrogations of Davontae.

If feds had stepped in when DNA exonerated a 100th individual – Ray Krone, April 24, 2002 – and began to investigate and prosecute Failure to Keep From Harm made obvious by media accounts of exonerations, feeble as they were (and still are), millions of Americans would have gotten relief from corrupt public servants that break laws all day long, not just when they’re arresting or prosecuting or sentencing someone that’s obviously innocent, like Davontae, or likely innocent, like Eddie.


Sanford speaks out after perjury warrant denied for Detroit officer who helped put him away

By John Steckroth – Digital news editor , Paula Tutman – Reporter

“I was hurt,” Sanford said. “Every time I turn around, like, I’m the one being attacked when I’m the one that was being victimized. I was the one in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. I was holding to that maybe, just maybe, she would do the right thing this time.”

Sanford said he is being unfairly represented by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

“I think the main reason she didn’t want to charge [former Detroit Police Deputy Chief James] Tolbert is because, you got to think about it, if he lied on my case, how many other cases he did lie on?” Sanford said. “I don’t think she wants to deal with that.”


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