National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Celebrates the Repeal of the Death Penalty in Nebraska

Washington, DC—The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP) today released a statement on the news that the state legislature successfully overrode the Nebraska Governor’s veto of a death penalty repeal law, clearing the way to abolish the practice in the state.

Said NCADP Executive Director Diann Rust-Tierney:

“Today is a great day in the state of Nebraska, and indeed, the nation.  Nebraska is a microcosm of what has been happening all across this country. A broad cross-section of people of faith, survivors of homicide, progressives, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans have come together to end the death penalty and make way for a more sensible and effective approach to public safety.

“This latest action in Nebraska demonstrates even more clearly that the death penalty is a habit of the past.

“The death penalty has increasingly fallen into disuse and disfavor. In 2014 there were only 72 new death sentences in the United States and 35 executions. Many states have either abolished the death penalty outright or essentially abandoned the practice. Popular support for the capital punishment as an abstract idea has declined as well.

“When politics, grandstanding and overheated rhetoric are set aside and the public and policymakers take a close look at the death penalty in practice- they don’t like what they see.

“The death penalty does not enhance public safety.  It takes focus, attention and resources away from the things that address the root causes of violence: education; a stronger economy; conflict resolution and violence prevention programs and tangible support for victims.

“And it does real harm to our values: equal justice before the law and the belief in the fundamentally human capacity to change– even redemption.

“Congratulations to the people of Nebraska and the Nebraska Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

Thank you for your tireless and dedicated and successful effort to move this country forward.”

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Some reasons why it’s not okay for prisons to destroy “inventory”

Forged Drug Test Results May Free Tens of Thousands From Prison A recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling is expected to free tens of thousands from prison. Those who are expected to be impacted by Monday’s decision are those whose drug samples were “mishandled” in a way that produced thousands of “forged” results, leading to incarceration. via Forged Drug Test Results May Free Tens of Thousands From Prison. ———————————————-

Despite articles like the one linked above, the general public just doesn’t “get” how many men and women are behind bars that aren’t guilty of anything. Their misconceptions are mostly due to abysmal reporting, designed to hide the fact that the FBI didn’t clean itself up after Hoover left. Ever. The bulk of the agency’s forensics techniques have been debunked, from hair and fiber analysis to Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis. The FBI’s dogs don’t hunt, and either did any of the other scent tracker’s dogs that they availed themselves of. Most of the people convicted using FBI junk science over the past forty years or so are still behind bars … or died there.

This ridiculous state of affairs is pleasing to the Prison Industrial Complex. Why incarcerate just a single serial killer when you can incarcerate a serial killer and one or more innocents falsely convicted of his crimes.

Think it doesn’t happen? Think again. Frank Lee Smith and Jerry Frank Townsend both served time here in Florida for serial killer Eddie Lee Mosley’s crimes. Frank was posthumously DNA-exonerated; he died screaming in pain from unconscionable end-of-life cancer pain mismanagement, according to one of my activist friends.

Inmates are Prison Industrial Complex inventory, and high inventory is the PIC’s top priority – it’s why it lobbies for ridiculously lengthy sentences and screwball, counterproductive concepts like “use a gun and you’re done” and “three strikes.”

Without lengthy and ludicrous sentences, the PIC would have to treat its human inventory as durable goods – like automobiles – rather than perishables – like groceries. Treating their inventory as having lasting value isn’t something that the Prison Industrial Complex is willing to do.

So, given that there are tens of thousands of incarcerated innocents, and tens of thousands serving ridiculously lengthy sentences, the media must make the Prison Industrial Complex change, because we can’t afford the wrongful incarceration damages, we can’t afford to warehouse people for half of forever for no sane reason, we can’t afford to teach those that have made mistakes how to become hardened criminals, and we can’t afford to pay for wrongful death suits resulting from guards gone wild.

I’ve put a lot of effort into securing Richard Mair’s suicide note, as well as the letter he’d written to a number of public servants – including Governor Rick Scott – before the act of desperation that ended his life.

After suffering sexual and physical abuse, Mair took his life at Florida’s now-notorious Dade Correctional Institution, where a little more than a year earlier, corrections officers scalded mentally ill Darren Rainey to death in a closet-sized shower.

I had keeping an eye on Mair since he bravely refused to testify falsely against Jeffrey Abramowski in Brevard County, resisting deputy Gary Harrell’s temptations … which likely doomed him to a life sentence. Another man had also resisted, and he too was likely sentenced more harshly than he would have been had he never been approached with a “deal.”

While Richard and the other man may or may not have been guilty, Jeff was and is definitely innocent. Two DNA markers out of 15 is never, ever a “hit.”

In his suicide note, Richard said he that he had tried to protect inmates at Dade CI. I will publish Richard’s suicide note and letter to assorted culpably negligent members of the executive branch of Florida’s government at a later date, after I secure the help of those that can help identify his guard/tormentors. Every inmate – like Harold Hempstead – that spoke up to try and secure justice for Darren likely stands ready to do the same for Richard.

Please do focus on the concept of culpable negligence, folks. Darren Rainey’s autopsy report has not yet been released, even though he was murdered in June of 2012, nearly three years ago.

Darren’s skin had been melted off his body. The shower controls were accessible only to guards. It isn’t hard for a medical examiner to write the word “homicide” on an official report, and release it, unless – of course – the ME is told not to, and threatened with the weight of an entire state government. Florida Medical Examiners serve under the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which serves under Governor Rick Scott.

It is the job of the executive branch of government to enforce existing laws. It remains against the law to murder inmates. It also remains against the law to obstruct justice, even if you’re a member of the executive branch of government and tasked with enforcing laws.

Inmates are not inventory, they’re humans. Tens of thousands of them belong in mental health facilities, like Darren Rainey did. Thousands of them likely got slammed with a death sentence for refusing to help frame an innocent, like Richard Mair did. And tens of thousands of them are innocent, like Jeff Abramowski, Frank Lee Smith Jerry Frank Townsend.

Hit and run journalism is only good for hit and run accidents, not the resolution of our country being luridly lobbied into being the Incarceration Nation, with the complete, entirely self-serving cooperation of the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee and too many governors (and their underlings) to count.

Culpable negligence, y’all; there’s hardly anything uglier. It’s a crime of apathetic dispassion … worse than any crime of passion. The media has to hit it, and hit it, and then hit it again, until all its victims can rest in peace. Anything less is complicity. Truly.

Offender Picture     

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Reprieve: German court set to consider Yemeni drone victim evidence TODAY

Reprieve +44 (0) 207 553 8161

For Immediate Release: Fri May 22, 2015

German court set to consider evidence from Yemeni drone victim for first time
Date:     27 May 2015; 1100 Central European Time (0900 GMT)
Location: Administrative Court Cologne; Appellhofplatz, 50667 Cologne
A court in Germany is set to take evidence from a Yemeni victim of the USA’s secret drone programme – following revelations that military bases on German soil play a key role in the strikes.
Faisal bin Ali Jaber, an environmental engineer from Sana’a who lost two relatives to a 2012 drone strike, has won the right to have his evidence heard as part of a constitutional claim filed in Germany.
The claim, filed in October last year by international human rights organisation Reprieve and its local partner, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), seeks measures by the German administration to stop the use of German territory for illegal actions by the U.S. in Yemen. They argue that the German government is acting in breach of the country’s constitution by allowing the U.S. to use its Ramstein air base for illegal drone attacks abroad.
Mr Jaber lost his brother-in-law Salim, a preacher, and his nephew Waleed, a local police officer, to a US drone strike which hit the village of Khashamir on 29 August 2012. Salim often spoke out against extremism, and had used a sermon just days before he was killed to urge those present to reject Al Qaeda.
The case represents the first time that the crucial role of Ramstein in facilitating the US drones programme will have been challenged in court. Earlier this month, President Obama acknowledged that a US drone had killed an Italian and US citizen held in Pakistan, and announced an independent investigation into the strike. Following this, a group of human rights organisations – including Reprieve, ECCHR, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International – wrote to the President urging him to do the same for all other US drone strikes in which civilians have been killed.

1. For Further information or to request interviews with either Mr bin Ali Jaber or Reprieve Legal Director Kat Craig, please contact or // 00 44 (0) 207 553 8161

2. For Further information or to request interviews with Andreas Schueller of ECCHR, please contact

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March Against Monsanto Graduates To Higher Level.

Susan Chandler:

“Please visit Steven Druker’s website and make a copy of his letter: “Challenge to Monsanto” (PDF – download available), where he directly challenges the Monsanto Company to scientifically disprove any facts presented in ‘Altered Genes, Twisted Truth’.”

Originally posted on THE ONENESS of HUMANITY:

by Jerry Alatalo

The Creator created the People of the Earth into the Land at the beginning of Creation and gave us a way of life. This way of life has been passed down generation-to-generation since the beginning. We have not honored this way of life through our own actions and we must live these original instructions in order to restore universal balance and harmony. We are a part of Creation; thus, if we break the Laws of Creation, we destroy ourselves.

      Organic Food   (photo: Organic Food

Alphabet Over the weekend millions in over 400 cities around the Earth took part in the annual “March Against Monsanto”. Philosopher and attorney Steven Druker has written a new book: “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public”. The book was published in May 2015 and has already to date received 113 reviews…

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A Twitter Storm: #NoFastTrack for the TPP

Originally posted on Aware & Fair:

Click on this image to get more information.

Tonight, Tuesday May 26th, at 9:00 PM EDT there is a Twitter Storm scheduled to oppose fast track on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. The idea is to tweet your representatives to tell them ‘No’ on fast track for the TPP.

To find out where your state representatives stand on fast track and the TPP, go to Progressive Democrats of America. You’ll see a map of the United States. Click on your state to learn where your state legislators stand, and to find their Twitter names. (Note: You need to scroll down the page to see the information.)

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I beleive Gov. Scott should be held responsible for his actions.He could have prevented alot of abuse and deaths.Here in an article wrote after my brother spoke publicly about Darren Raineys death his own personal speaks about this.

Originally posted on Helpmybrotherharoldhempstead's Blog:

Miami-Dade County

JANUARY 31, 2015

Former Florida prisons chief says Gov. Rick Scott ignored crisis in corrections system

In an exclusive interview with the Miami Herald, Former Florida Department of Corrections chief Mike Crews said few people in Tallahassee — and especially not the governor — had any interest in making sure the state’s prisons were safe or fully funded.

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@NIACouncil demands apology from @LindseyGrahamSC for racist remarks

[Please sign and share the related petition at – thank you.]

NIAC Condemns Senator Graham’s Racist Statement, Demands Apology

For Immediate Release
Contact: Trita Parsi

Washington, DC – The National Iranian American Council, the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization in the United States, strongly condemns Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) comments that “Iranians are liars” and demands an apology to the Iranian-American community.

The Senator and Presidential hopeful’s comments were given Friday morning to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference via video from Washington.

“Everything I learned about Iranians I learned working in the pool room,” Graham said. “I met a lot of liars, and I know Iranians are liars.”

“The Senator’s repulsive remarks are racist, period,” NIAC President Trita Parsi said. “This type of discourse should have no place in American politics.”

“Graham essentially admits to being a bigot, because nothing says ‘I’m stereotyping’ more than basing judgment of an entire people solely on a handful of interactions in a pool room,” Parsi added.

Senator Graham is also a strong critic of the nuclear negotiations with Iran, having promised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to follow his lead on this vital national security issue.

“Graham’s racist statement raises concerns about his ability to speak on vital national security matters such as the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Because if you judge an entire people based on your experience running a pool hall-liquor store, do you really have the judgment to keep America safe?” Parsi commented. “This is Graham’s ‘I can see Russia from my house’ moment.”

NIAC is demanding an apology from Senator Graham to the Iranian-American community.

“Senator Graham owes the Iranian-American community – one of the most successful communities in the United States – an apology. And all others presidential hopefuls – Republicans and Democrats – should condemn his bigoted comments,” Parsi said.


The National Iranian American Council is the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization in the United States with supporters in all 50 states.

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