Climate Change May Force Millions of Americans to Move Inland | Huffington Post

I live in the immediate evacuation zone of a nuclear plant precariously perched on the shifting sands of a Florida barrier isle. Given the rising sea levels, the decommission process should already be underway. It isn’t. Given the rising sea levels, the race should be on to replace the shoreline-saving mangroves that were destroyed for the sake of waterfront views. It isn’t. Salt water intrusion is an increasing factor in Florida drinking water … hundred gallon rain barrels should be distributed for free; gutter systems should be subsidized. They aren’t. Rain-shedding lawns on public lands should be as rare as a living wage in Florida, rain-absorbing shrubs and trees should be everywhere. They aren’t. At some point, we’ll have to acknowledge that our legislators and governor aren’t just pickpockets, they’re rather homicidal.

JoAnn Chateau

You must share this article on U.S. sea level rise with your climate denying friends, specially those who have property investments in Florida…

“…Rising sea levels have already forced some Pacific Ocean communities to flee from their homes and there are fears that several whole islands will be underwater in just a few decades. But it’s not just island dwellers who need to worry about climate-related migration. As coastal areas are deluged over this century, millions of mainland Americans could be forced to flee inland…” ~ Dominique Mosbergen

READ MORE: Climate Change May Force Millions of Americans to Move Inland | Huffington Post

If you live in a U.S. coastal area, what are your plans for the future? How long will you wait before moving? Will you let the family’s younger generation decide or deal with it?

Be aware. Be objective.

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Doing What We Must: Surviving If You Can’t Pay for Drugs | Serendipity

I’ve been legally eligible for Florida medical marijuana since January of 2014. Now that it’s finally becoming accessible, it’s unaffordable – @$250 just to officially determine eligibility. The products likely have predatory price tags, too; there’s no sense in my even checking.

That it took so many years and a ballot initiative to ultimately keep people suffering needlessly is reason alone to make sure that the Florida legislature and governors office turn blue in 2018. Not blue dog blue, progressive blue.


JoAnn Chateau

One of my neighbors suffers from intense chronic pain. I asked him if he ever considered marijuana, medical or black market. He said medical marijuana is hard to get (through the Florida health system). And while he would be willing to buy illegal pot, he didn’t trust what else might be in it (mentioning arsenic).

Now I read this story posted on Serendipity. Patients, support group members, and health care professionals sometimes need to break laws in order to save a life.

This should not be. We must demand a health care system that does its job.

“When you are diagnosed with an illness for which there is no cure, but long time survival is possible, you quickly learn that the most important case manager you will ever have is yourself.  You need to learn everything you can to survive — legally and, if necessary, illegally…” ~ via Serendipity


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Over 1,500 Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Israeli Prisons

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Freedom & Dignity Strike

New Statement from the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement Reaffirms Urgent Call For Support 

April 26, 2017  Day 10
The Palestinian prisoners’ movement participating in the hunger strike in Israeli prisons issued a new statement on 26 April, the 10th day of the hunger strike which began 17 April 2017, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.

The over 1500 hunger strikers have a series of demands, including an end to the denial of family visits, the right to appropriate health care, the right to education in prison and an end to solitary confinement and “administrative detention,” imprisonment without charge or trial.  Read full statement here by the Palestinian Prisoners Movement on behalf of the strikers and translated to English.

Why We Are on Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons

By Marwan Barghouti – April 16, 2017  Day 1
NY Times Opinion Pages

HADARIM PRISON, Israel — Having spent the last 15…

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Arkansas’ killing spree … #ARexecutions

Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty


Last night, a few minutes before midnight, the state of Arkansas executed Ledell Lee. This was the first execution in our state in 12 years.

The justice system failed Ledell Lee repeatedly. Lee was a black man, accused of killing a white woman. Lee suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, brain damage, and intellectual disabilities – issues his trial attorney never raised. He was represented by a lawyer who was drunk in court; and in his original trial the Judge was having an affair with the assistant prosecutor. He was convicted, in part, based on hair “science” that has since been debunked. He consistently maintained his innocence, but as late as this week courts refused to allow his DNA to be tested. [emphasis added]

Capital cases start with a murder, which means there is a grieving family at the heart of every case. We must never forget the families of the victims of Arkansas murders. For those whose cases become death cases, they become ensnared in the legal system for decades. Death Penalty abolitionists have been joined by countless murder victims’ families who have shared their pain at this lengthy, uncertain, public process. Our hearts break knowing with every legal twist and turn, the victims’ families are taken on a painful ride. We oppose the death penalty because we believe we should do better by all victims.

Ledell Lee also had family who cared about him. They stood outside the prison late in the night waiting to see whether or not the state would take their loved one.  They are hurting today.

We worry about the men and women who formed the execution team. We’ve heard from past corrections’ officials who’ve participated in executions that there is often lasting psychological damage from the process of strapping down a person rendered defenseless and taking his life.  

And we who have followed these cases – because we know the men, or we are worried about the reputation of our state and nation, or because we are determined to build a more just system – we are also hurting today. It’s painful when the state does something so senseless.

We may be hurting, but we are not giving up. And I remain proud of all we’ve done.
There are currently 3 executions scheduled for next week so we continue to gather signatures on our petition to the Governor. If you’ve not yet signed or shared this petition with your family please do so: You can also continue to support the work of ACADP with a donation today, we hope to be able to donate funds to the families travelling to attend executions.

We will gather as a community again Monday evening starting at 6 outside of the Governor’s mansion.
This hard work is only possible because we do it together.

Toward Justice,

Furonda Brasfield
Executive Director, ACADP


It appears that there will be no happy ending for the other death row inmates that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutichingson is so hell bent on killing this month (before the expiration date on some of the execution drugs) …

Radley Balko’s coverage of who was selected for slaughter and why is perhaps the best I’ve read. [] It’s dark. But it’s our obligation to know what’s being done on our dimes, in the name of justice.

And thankfully, there is some light in the darkness.

In observing the Twitter wars to stop executions, some people are publicly changing their minds about the death penalty …

And after much deliberation, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe listened to pleas for him to take a harder look at Ivan Telguz’ death sentence …

And in addition to dozens of human rights organizations, legal eagles are now squaring off against Florida Governor Rick Scott in support of Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s enlightened decision not to pursue the death penalty in any case in her circuit …

We’ve executed innocents. We’ve got to put this medieval evil behind us again … this time, for good.

Share some of the Tweets, and/or hit some of the share buttons below. Thanks.



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More State of Nature Report Delays

“The Tories promised in their last manifesto that they would leave nature in a better state than they found it. It was just one of the huge bundle of lies that helped them win the general election.”

Frostys ramblings a left look at life

The interminable delays in publishing the government’s own 25-year State of Nature plan is further indication of crass electioneering opportunism, says PETER FROST.

Last December in this column I reported warning bells in a government State of Nature report. At the time I said we ignored these warning bells at our peril.

The report predicted than one in 10 of our native wildlife species is threatened with extinction. Overall the numbers of the nation’s most endangered creatures had plummeted by two-thirds since 1970 and that horrific decline continues.

Over the last 50 years, one in six species of our native British animals, birds, fish and plants have all been lost.

Deforestation, industrialisation and increasingly unsustainable methods of agriculture — greedy for profit and subsidy — have left Britain among the most nature-depleted countries in the world.

Add to that the long-term effects of climate change and the outlook becomes even…

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#Mayday: Coalition Representing 350,000 Announces May 1st Strike | Enough is Enough!

JoAnn Chateau

Enough Is Enough! is spreading the word about the May 1 Strike

“Originally posted by Libcom.

USA: The Food Chain Workers Alliance in conjunction with the Service Employees International Union United Service Workers West have announced plans for a day of no work, school, or shopping on May 1st, International Workers Day…

The coalition of farmworkers, cooks, servers and food manufacturers will join janitors, airports workers, and others in Los Angeles based union SEIU-USWW to stand up against immigrant raids, the violation of indigenous people’s rights, attacks on worker’s rights, the racist justice system, violence against trans people, Trump’s “Muslim ban”, and environmental destruction….”


READ MORE: #Mayday: Coalition Representing 350,000 Announces May 1st Strike | Enough is Enough!

Be aware. Be fair.

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Who lives, who dies, who tells your story – #DanielGeiger

Offender Picture

Daniel Geiger survived Dade Correctional Institution’s notorious scalding shower only to die under suspicious circumstances, severely underweight, at Lake Correctional Institution on November 7, 2016. Daniel would have turned 41 today.

Offender Picture

Darren Rainey died in Dade Correctional Institution’s externally controlled scalding shower on June 23, 2012 at age 50. Inmate whistleblowers Harold Hempstead, Mark Joiner and others sought justice for him – unsuccessfully.

According to inmate whistleblower Harold Hempstead (a/k/a Caged Crusader, Miami Harold), Daniel Geiger was the first inmate to  experience the 160 degree or higher shower rigged for punitive purposes at Dade Correctional Institution.

Daniel survived the shower, unlike Darren Rainey, but died under suspicious circumstances at Lake Correctional Institution on November 7, 2016.

The Florida Department of Corrections shows Daniel’s “Manner of Death” as pending, under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Daniel’s mother has been told that the investigation is over, and has this to so say about the information she received:

The report did not mention Daniels’ death because the FDOC does not want the public to know they denied our son medical intervention at a hospital… Nor does the FDOC want the true facts that staff deliberrately gave Daniel risperdone and haladol knowing he was fatally allergic to both of these medications. Nor does the FDOC want the truth known that their staff provided the quart size plastic bag for him to choke to death on..IS NOT AN ACCIDENT AS THE CORONER WROTE. Serves only to create false findings and then for the FDLE to tell us there will not be anyone held accountable. Not how justice works.

It’s unlikely that a single day passes by without a suspicious in-custody death in the Sunshine State. Many, including Daniel, die suspiciously underweight, substantiating a second torture tactic – starvation –  revealed by the Caged Crusader to the media, Florida’s Chief Inspector General, the US Attorney General’s Office, the FBI and a host of other entities … governmental, non-governmental, media.

There were other inmates aside from Harold Hempstead who stepped up for Darren Rainey as well as Daniel Geiger and the other shower survivors; inmate Mark Joiner was very vocal, too. I fear  for his safety since Harold was Ghosted to Tennessee – there’s safety in numbers, even small numbers.

Harold was Ghosted in the early morning hours of Marcy 17th, the same day Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s released her fiction-based “close out” report on Darren Rainey’s death. I don’t know what’s happened to Mark Joiner … the Florida Department of Corrections online database shows him being in two places at once, a feat that’s not possible for a live person, but doable for a dead person.

Rundle’s ridiculous report went so far as to claim that Daniel Geiger is still alive.

At Lake Correctional Institution, two more inmates died young last month – Bonnell Azemar and Jose Villegas.

No Florida lockup is safe because Rick Scott is our Governor.

Scott selected Julie Jones to lead the Florida Department of Corrections knowing that the major controversies of her leadership at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor vehicles were constitutional issues, and remain unresolved. The department’s database – D.A.V.I.D. – was being so abused that it earned the alias Facebook for Cops. And Jones gave nothing but unsatisfactory answers regarding the use of  Stingray type surveillance technologies being deployed against ordinary Floridians.

Scott selected Jones for FDC Secretary not for ability to manage, but for her ability to cover up mismanagement and tell tall tales to the media, who will publish her comments without checking their truthfulness about inmates, just as they did when she commented about surveillance.  The death toll will keep mounting until the FBI and Department of Justice get serious about protecting Floridians. Failure to Keep From Harm is a federal crime, and it’s high time for hundreds of Florida public servants to be prosecuted.

Florida absolutely sucks at finding the right people to prosecute: innocents have been framed with dirty tricks for decades – coached jailhouse informants, phony expert witnesses, altered reports, witness intimidation, failure to disclose exculpatory evidence, etc. … we likely top the charts in incarcerated innocents. To make matters worse, Florida considers homelessness a crime, as well as mental illness. Florida will lock you up for life for stealing a candy bar – it imposed several life sentences on Harold Hempstead for non-violent crimes, most of them the product of police and prosecutors’ imaginations.

Floridians can’t afford this chaos. We need cash on hand to be able to pay corrections personnel top wages, so that we only attract highly professional people. I suspect that starting wages for a 40-hour week could affordably be $50,000 per year or higher for C.O.’s if we didn’t frame innocents, persecute the mentally ill and/or homeless, over-sentence all the actually guilty, then top off those injustices by hiring and retaining thugs that will cause inmates to die too young, under suspicious circumstances, warranting the expense of pretend investigations and reports, and often resulting in successful wrongful death suits. Until Floridians can get the FBI and DoJ to do their jobs and prosecute Failure to Keep From Harm, we can start voting out State Attorneys like Katherine Fernandez Rundle, who protect public servants that harm private citizens.

Offender Picture

Jose Villegas’ March 28, 2017 death at Lake Correctional Instituion is under investigation by the FLDE. Jose was 39.

Offender Picture

Bonnell Azemar’s March 16, 2017 death at Lake Correctional Institution is under investigation by the FDLE. Bonnell was 42.

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