When I don’t hear from Harold …

When I don’t hear from Harold Hempstead, it’s more than burdensome, it’s hell.

I advocate for a significant number of incarcerated Florida innocents, and Harold’s incessant whistleblowing has been helping to keep them alive. Not safe, by any means. Not for a millisecond. Just alive.

Gary Bennett was recently beat to a pulp, yet again. This time, he lost most of the hearing in one ear. Gary was framed in Brevard County, Florida in the exact same manner as the first two incarcerated innocents I advocated for, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon (DNA exonerated 2004, 2008 respectively).

From time to time, prison personnel retaliate against Harold, as they’ve done against Gary, for the same reason … both stick up for other inmates, in their own ways. Both Harold and Gary have significant health problems that require uninterrupted medication, both have had their medication arbitrarily withheld.

Harold is known as the Caged Crusader, Miami Harold, and The Witness. Gary hasn’t been given a nickname by prison staff or the media yet. When and if he’s dubbed, it will likely be along the lines of Everyone’s Fall Guy … the betrayals he’s endured for the past 32 years have come from public defenders and innocence organizations, along with the usual cast of characters in Brevard frame-ups … malevolent police, prosecutors and judges, a disgraced dog handler, coached jailhouse informants, missing/damaged evidence, etc.

Not hearing from Harold doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t written. Sometimes his mail is delayed, more likely by prison personnel than the US Postal Service. Inmates experience difficulty receiving mail, too, and again the delays are most likely attributable to prison personnel, not postal workers.

The US Postal Service is under attack by the uber rich, who lobbied to force the USPS to set up mini-facilities in office supply stores and other retail environments. The goal is to privatize the USPS, creating another legion of underpaid, overworked, poorly trained, poorly supervised, disgruntled workers.

Just like the legion of corrections personnel.

The wealthy have always feared the majority of us having enough disposable income to effectively assert ourselves. Now the wealthy are absolutely terrified … Bernie Sanders ran a clean campaign and raised a fortune from ordinary people, ordinary people who want what he wants, including an end to mass incarceration and an end to privatized prisons.

The uber rich are so terrified of the significance of the Sanders campaign that the mainstream media (wholly owned and operated by a handful of multi-billionaires) pretended that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination even though superdelegates don’t vote until July 25th, in order to discourage voter turnout for Sanders at the remaining primaries, including California. Chris Matthews outed the lot of them, before their joint “announcement” – appearing somehow personally convinced that the glaring, unprecedented election engineering was acceptable, even desirable.

If Hillary Clinton had one honest bone in her body, she would have immediately held a press conference to announce that she hadn’t won anything yet, and that no one should stay away from voting booths based on the media’s dishonest portrayal of how presidential elections work. But Clinton hasn’t an honest bone in her body. It’s wholly apparent in the elitist party platform that she and Debbie Wasserman Schultz cooked up, overriding Sanders. Obama doesn’t have an honest bone in his body either. He should have ordered an investigation of the mainstream media by the FBI, Department of Justice and regulatory agencies, never letting the “Clinton won” lie live long enough to be taken seriously. Obama’s “should have” list has more entries than the number of drones he’s dropped.

Harold’s Hempstead’s silence could signal he’s enduring another round of retaliation for whistleblowing. Gary Bennett’s healing, incomplete as its likely to be, may well be interrupted by another beating. In lockups nationwide, men, women and adolescents are dying too young every day – starvation, heat stroke, sensory deprivation, withheld or inappropriate medication and/or treatment, unchecked inmate-on-inmate violence, unnecessary use of force, etc.

Votes are still being counted in California, putting more delegates on Sander’s side. Superdelegates that previously committed to Clinton are changing their minds. And they should change their minds. Our postal service and corrections facilities were never, ever supposed to enrich anyone. Sanders knows that, and so does every other politician. But Sanders will try to deliver us from evil.





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Bernie In the Media – The Political Revolution Moves Forward!

#StillSanders …

Aware & Fair

Bernie Sanders is pushing the political revolution forward! In the last two days, he made appearances on two popular TV shows, and gave an important New York City town hall speech to approximately 1,250 supporters in Manhattan. Find all the videos below…

Bernie Sanders Is Not Dropping Out Tonight | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Sanders Describes the Scene on House Floor during Sit-In | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Bernie Sanders Rally in New York City “Where We Go from Here” Speech | Bernie Sanders – June 23, 2016

There’s much more to the June 24th Moring Joe interview than the title below indicates. Bernie is fantastic! He clarifies what “party disunity” really is…

Bernie Sanders: I Will Vote for Hillary Clinton in November | Morning Joe

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“Requiem for the American Dream” | Documentary

Aware & Fair

If you haven’t yet watched it, I highly recommend the documentary Requiem for the American Dream starring Noam Chomsky. The soft-spoken, kindly Chomsky explains the hard truths of inequality. In a nutshell, wealth and power do not play nice with democracy…

Requiem for the American Dream – Official Trailer

“This well-paced and cogent seminar spotlights a man who, now 87, seems at the height of his intellectual powers”~ NEW YORK TIMES CRITICS’ PICK

“A provocative X-ray of current American political realities” ~ RogerEbert.com

“A must see…a much needed punch in America’s gut” ~ Indiewire

“One of the best entry points to the discussion of inequality” ~ The Hollywood Reporter

“A lucid analysis that’s breathtaking in its simplicity, and all the more scary for it” ~ Time Out NY

“Couldn’t be more timely” ~ Toronto Star

The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power

Requiem of the American Dream outlines…

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Yemen’s Humanitarian Catastrophe

” … without a doubt, the US role in the war in Yemen has done far more to add to Yemen’s suffering than to end it.”


yemen map

Yesterday, the United Nations released a report saying that more than half of Yemen’s population is now food insecure. Out of Yemen’s 22 governorates, 19 are facing “severe food insecurity,” and as long as the conflict continues, there’s little hope that access to food will improve. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) also confirms that “about 51% of the population is suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition.” That is a 9.4 percent increase according to the IPC’s previous analysis in June 2015.

Yemen’s increase in food insecurity is unfortunately just one aspect of Yemen’s suffering. The restriction on commercial and humanitarian imports, mass displacement of people, high price of fuel, food, and other essential commodities, have all all contributed to Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe. In a country that imports 90 percent of its staple foods, fuel shortages and import restrictions are particularly harsh. Furthermore, in a country where…

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Darren Soto reveals he is anti-consumer and pro-insurance

“It’s worth noting that Soto has a long history of siding with special interests over Florida’s consumers. As a State Legislator, Soto voted to extend sovereign immunity to large corporations like Shands Hospital, voted to make it easier for tobacco companies to appeal court decisions, and voted to impose onerous requirements on securing expert witnesses in medical malpractice cases in 2011 (HB 479). With Darren Soto voting to undermine Floridians’ right to seek fair justice in our courts, do we really need him doing the same thing at the federal level?”

The Florida Squeeze

If you have dealt with or studied Florida’s medical malpractice system, you know it’s not great. It’s a system that was designed to put the needs of insurance companies over consumers and to weaken the influence and bottom-line of traditional Democratic Party contributors in the political process. This pet issue of Jeb Bush’s took several special sessions to overhaul, but in the end the Governor got more or less what he wanted at the time. 

In Florida, we have all sorts of convoluted laws that make it more difficult for victims to seek justice after they’ve been wronged. Technical sounding things like pre-suit determinations, notice processes, and caps on damages – they all work together to help big corporations and unscrupulous industries escape responsibility their bad acts. These laws were written with a clear political agenda in mind and were opposed by a large…

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Stop Illegal Wars #AntiWar – Tulsi Gabbard | The Peoples Summit 2016

This is the “her” I’m with …

Aware & Fair

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) spoke at The People’s Summit 2016 on the humanitarian disaster of war and stopping the escalation of war…

“Tulsi Gabbard is a champion for our veterans and service members, and an advocate for making smart strategic decisions that best secure our nation, while keeping us out of unnecessary interventionist wars.” ~ The People’s Summit

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Today Is World Refugee Day #WithRefugees

Please stand #WithRefugees … sign the petition:


Aware & Fair

June 20 is World Refugee Day.

We Stand #WithRefugees 2016 – Please Stand With Us

“In the lead up to the UN General Assembly in September we have a unique opportunity to demonstrate to world leaders there is global support for helping refugees. Record numbers of families have been forced to flee conflict and persecution. Governments must do their fair share to find solutions to help them. We stand together #WithRefugees. Please stand with us. Sign the petition.” ~ United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

SOURCE: Record 65.3 Million People Were Displaced Last Year: UNHCR | Huffington Post

“A record 65.3 million people were uprooted worldwide last year, many of them fleeing wars only to face walls, tougher laws and xenophobia as they reach borders, the United Nations refugee agency said on Monday. The figure, which jumped from 59.5 million in 2014 and by 50 percent in five years…

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