This Valentine’s Day – Show Love for Our Neighbors

JoAnn Chateau

Tuesday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day. Let’s celebrate the occasion by showing love for our neighbors. Get your free downloadable, printable “I Heart” flyers at CodePink.

A Note from CodePink

We’ve been so inspired by the massive uprising of courage and compassion all over the country in the face of Trump’s shocking Muslim ban and refugee freeze. Here are a few ways to keep the resistance growing:

1. Make YOUR resistance visible. Pick one of these wonderful signs and print copies for your windows and office walls. Distribute them to friends, family, neighbors and local businesses. We’d love to see a photo of the creative places you’ve found to display the image. Send it to us to share or post it to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.

2. Ask your Senator to support bill S248 to stop the Muslim ban. The bill would withhold any…

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For Vets, for crime victims, PTSD testimony must remain admissible

One sentence from The Committee to Stop FBI Repression’s press release concerning Rasmea Odeh today screams out for attention, for the sake of crime victims like Rasmea, and for the sake of disabled Vets:

“Now that this Court has properly ruled that the PTSD testimony is admissible, the government wants to convert this trial into a political one about terrorism, and the defendant’s acts and affiliations almost fifty years after the fact.”

Any intention to cloud the ruling that PTSD testimony is admissible is unconscionable … it will provide an excuse for judges to continue to rule that those who afflicted by PTSD – under any circumstance – must have the presence of mind of those who do not, which is physically impossible for PTSD sufferers: we cannot wish or will away the “triggers” that scatter our thoughts.

Because of civil immunities and the millions of deceits they fostered over the decades (like the late filing of new indictment against Rasmea), our justice system is a nearly inoperable embarrassment. We can’t afford to have her persecution for exhibiting symptoms of PTSD to become yet another “one step forward, two steps back” travesty. For the sake of Vets and crime victims (including Rasmea), please share this blog post. Thank you.

Rasmea Odeh Defense Team Files Motion to Dismiss Indictment

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression is circulating the following statement from the Rasmea Defense Committee:

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Hatem Abudayyeh, 773.301.4108,

Tuesday, January 31st

Rasmea Odeh Defense Team Files Motion to Dismiss Indictment

Prosecutors “Vindictive” After Losing on Appeal

Today, the lawyers defending Palestinian American activist Rasmea Odeh moved to dismiss the new indictment that was brought against her in December 2016.  The motion and supporting brief argue that the government’s “superseding indictment has substantially broadened the scope of the trial and the evidence that will be relevant and at issue.”

It also states that the new indictment, filed well beyond the statute of limitations in immigration law, is so different from the original 2013 indictment that it cannot be accepted by the court. The statute of limitations for the alleged 2004 offense is 10 years. This new indictment tries to bring fundamentally different charges against Rasmea.

Finally, Rasmea’s defense exposes the U.S. Attorney’s filing of the superseding indictment as a retaliatory and vindictive act. The conviction that the prosecutors won in court in 2014 was overturned in 2016 because the court violated Rasmea’s right to a full defense. She was not allowed to present expert testimony that she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the torture she suffered at the hands of her Israeli captors in Palestine in 1969. Now the desperate prosecution is trying to bring terrorism charges against her.  This is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to prejudice the jury by using buzz words such as “terrorism” to paint an unfavorable view of Rasmea.

When she was first falsely charged with a crime by the Israelis in 1969, Rasmea had been arrested along with close to 500 others in Jerusalem. The occupation forces of the Israeli military singled out Rasmea to force her into a confession, through the use of physical, psychological, and sexual torture. It is well known that Israeli documents from that unlawful conviction were the ones used by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Detroit to bring charges against her in 2013.  Rasmea’s attorneys had previously challenged the judge’s allowance of these documents into evidence, since they were procured by documented torture in another country.

During her first trial, Judge Gershwin Drain repeatedly stated that he would not allow the retrying of Rasmea for the allegations against her from 45 years earlier. The motion filed today states, “Now that this Court has properly ruled that the PTSD testimony is admissible, the government wants to convert this trial into a political one about terrorism, and the defendant’s acts and affiliations almost fifty years after the fact.” [emphasis added]

“We believe that we have a strong case,” said Bassem Kawar of the Rasmea Defense Committee. “It is clear that the prosecutors are desperately trying to levy ridiculous charges at Rasmea, in hopes that they can confuse the jury and distract them from the evidence of torture and PTSD that will be presented at the new trial.”

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South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act Repealed – Demand a Veto!

JoAnn Chateau

PETITION: The South Dakota legislators have repealed that state’s new Anti-Corruption Act. Tell Gov. Daugaard to veto the repeal.

The email from Represent.Us explains:

After thousands of emails and calls from voters, protests outside the capital, and a standing-room-only crowd in the Capitol balcony chanting “Respect our vote!” the South Dakota Senate brazenly voted to overturn the election results anyway and repeal America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act.

The repeal bill is on its way to Governor Dennis Daugaard’s desk. Sign this petition to send an immediate email to Daugaard so he knows the whole nation is witnessing a U.S. Governor overturn the results of a free and fair election, undermining democracy in the process.

Together, we’ve used social media, phone calls, and newspaper ads to make repealing the Anti-Corruption Act a political nightmare for every politician involved — and they deserve it. South Dakota politicians are lying to voters to give themselves…

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PRISONERS UNITED of Silicon Valley Thank Each Other & Supporters for a Largely Successful Hunger Strike Against Solitary Confinement

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Read full article in SF Bay View (includes video from a TV interview with hunger striker inside the jail)

January 25, 2017

by Mary Ratcliff

In late September, prisoners in the Santa Clara County jails who are part of what they then called the Prisoners’ Human Rights Movement sent a letter to Sheriff Laurie Smith with a list of demands and a notice that in October the inmates would initiate a hunger strike to continue their “peaceful protest to end this torturous practice of solitary confinement and inhumane treatment until there is tangible and meaningful change for all prisoners – most whom are un-convicted pretrial detainees,” they stated.

santa-clara-county-main-jail-yard-by-robert-galbraith-reuters-webIn prisons and jails, prisoners classed in general population are the freest, allowed to exercise on the yard together, as these men are at the Santa Clara County Jail. Solitary confinement is the least free classification and has been identified as torture…

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#CagedCrusader/#MiamiHarold/#HaroldHempstead and Melinda Miguel

I’m the Susan Chandler that wrongly incarcerated, increasingly endangered whistleblowing Florida inmate Harold Hempstead copies on correspondence to various public servants about the Sunshine State’s failure to uphold the civil rights of numerous individuals.

My degree is in interior design, not law or journalism … so why copy me? Because it somehow came to Harold’s attention that I’ve also sent correspondence to public servants about Florida’s failure to uphold civil rights of numerous individuals – FOR OVER TWELVE YEARS – which has increasingly endangered me.

Does Harold copying me on correspondence intensify the endangerment? Hell yes. Harold’s letter to Florida Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel (below) reveals the dastardly games that rogue Florida corrections employees play with civilians who try to assist inmates. This particular game is a convoluted pretense that Harold’s sister – his staunchest ally – was involved in a plan to kill him.  

If Florida Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel responds, it will likely be nothing more than a furtive acknowledgement of receipt of correspondence. That isn’t the level of effort that Floridians pay CI Miguel for when lives are at stake, but it’s the level of effort she’s gotten away with year after year. Governor Rick Scott doesn’t expect much from public servants, aside from looking the other way while Florida tax dollars enrich the already rich, often not even Floridians. It is unlawful for CI Miguel and Governor Scott to do nothing to protect Harold Hempstead, his sister and me, and all the endangered Floridians we advocate for. The crime is Failure to Keep From Harm. When we manage to make our federal government operable again, there will a record number of investigations, trials and convictions of state and federal employees who made nearly every private citizen protect and serve each other, and themselves.

ID Photo

Harold Hempstead, a/k/a Caged Crusader, Miami Harold


Scanned Image 170250039.jpg




Scanned Image 170250040.jpg


Scanned Image 170250041.jpg

Scanned Image 170250042.jpgScanned Image 170250043.jpgScanned Image 170250044.jpg


Scanned Image 170250045.jpg

Scanned Image 170250046.jpgScanned Image 170250045.jpg

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Jailed NY activist complaints to @TheJusticeDept echo #LoveFL’s #CagedCrusader complaints



Below is the full letter written to the Justice Department, Bureau of Prisons, and Office Of Inspector General for the Justice Department:

Letter from Marty Gottesfeld

Dear Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates, Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, Acting Director of the Bureau of Prisons Thomas R. Kane, Ph.D., and esteemed others:

My name is Martin Gottesfeld, and I am an imprisoned human rights activist and journalist writing to you from solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Correctional Center—New York, in Manhattan.

I’m contacting you because there are some important issues at this facility that require your collective attention. The more severe are threats to health. There are both rodent and insect infestations. Roaches are found in the food, and I have personally observed insect eggs as well.

Additionally, the building is insufficiently protected from the climate. The heat is mostly non-functional in the winter, and even when it does work somewhat, it’s spotty. Some cells may hit the 50-degree range while others are much colder. I have been told to expect sweltering heat in the summer as well. I have also been informed that the warden has the heat turned way up specifically on inspection days, and then returned to its previous insufficient levels when accreditors and inspectors leave.

There are also water leaks all over at least the 9 th and 10 th floors, with visible signs of rust and corrosion. Not only does this potentially impact the structural stability of the building, but the pools of standing water that results are a breeding ground for infections. Incredibly, I have also observed amused officers turn off an inmate’s toilet as an ad-hoc disciplinary measure.

The above combined with apathetic medical and mental health departments pose grave risks to the well-being of the inmate population, and as a proud American, I am shocked by the existence of such deplorable conditions at our federal facilities. After all, we often judge other nations harshly for far less inhumane and degrading circumstances.

To illustrate further, there are two specific cases I would like to highlight as demonstrative of these trends, and I would like to record for prosperity my fears that these inmates may perish without the decisive intervention MCC New York is unwilling to provide. I do not know what these men are charged with, nor would such information be of any relevance to their human rights.

The first man’s initials are R.A. The last that I knew he was in cell 101 on H-Tier of 9-South. My understanding is he suffers from severe mental illness and has been kept in the solitary housing unit for at least two years. He spends most of his time on the ground, and his hands shake when he reaches for his food. He does not bathe, and his hair and beard are unkempt, to put it mildly.

One does not need training in clinical psychology to see that Mr. R.A. needs mental health intervention instead of the inhuman long-term isolation he has suffered. The apathy toward his situation displayed by the medical and psychological health staff here shocks the conscience, and warrants investigation, as where there is one such case, there are probably others.

The second inmate who requires your immediate intervention is a man I know of as “N” in cell 210 of G-Tier in 9-south. N, a former police officer, used to rescue abused animals, and now the rescuer needs rescuing himself. He was put in a frigid cell for over a week and was unable to bathe due to a cold shower. He has told me the cell was so cold he could see his breath, and compounding the issue, the clothes issued to him by the prison are many sizes too small, leaving him less protected than most.

As an obvious result, he developed flu symptoms and asked to see medical staff over a week ago, but they did nothing. Now thanks to a compassionate Lieutenant, N is in a slightly warmer cell, but it’s one of those with significant pools of water. He has developed a severe respiratory infection. In fact, as I was drafting this letter, he called out that he was having chest pains, trouble breathing, and that his emergency call button doesn’t work. I had to push mine to summon help. N was taken out by stretcher and screamed in pain as he was lifted.

Incredibly, though a physician’s assistant detected multiple irregular heartbeats. N was never seen by a doctor, and they put him back in his cell less than 40 minutes later, discombobulated, undiagnosed, and unmonitored. I fear his flu has developed into pneumonia, and his life is in danger if something is not done soon.

(Update: Thankfully, N is a fighter, and he has been convalescing without medical help. However, another inmate is now in the same cold cell where N first became ill. The new inmate reports the same frigid conditions.)

There are also a plethora of more minor, though still significant problems that need to be addressed on an ongoing basis. We are always running out of essential items like toilet paper, sanitation supplies, and clean laundry. There are shortages of milk. On occasion, there aren’t enough meal trays to go around, and they are often cold before they reach the cells. When one inmate raised these issues, a CO threatened him with “extra white sauce” in his next delivery.

The strategy employed by those in charge of dealing with these problems appears to be one of suppressing this information from the public. Every journalist that requests to interview me is rebuffed, my attorneys and visitors have been turned away, and I am often denied writing supplies. My written requests for phone calls, even to my lawyers, are routinely ignored. Incredibly, I’m even denied the ability to send media mail to Rolling Stone as well, on the supposed grounds that MCC New York has arbitrarily determined they are not a news publication.

COs mock and openly insult journalists and the vital role their work plays in a democracy. There is an air of impunity that saturates the cell blocks and administrative suites here, and the lack of accountability has become so ingrained in the staff culture that significant changes will be required to erect the necessary ongoing resolutions. I wish I could say these problems are unique to MCC New York, but given the substantially similar issues recently uncovered by the press at neighboring MDC Brooklyn, this lack of accountability appears to be local phenomena.

I invite each of you to confirm what I have written here with attorneys, current inmates, survivors of this place, as well as their families. Given the apparent insufficiency of current oversight procedures at both MCC New York and MDC Brooklyn, I call for full audits of all Bureau of Prisons facilities in this area by all relevant bodies, including random, unannounced surprise inspections, with periodic random follow-up visits to ensure future compliance.

Let us remember that human rights are not privileges, and further, inmates like former cop N, are afforded due process and therefor are innocent until proven guilty.

If any of you, or any journalists, have any questions for me, I reply to all inquires I end up receiving.

Thank you for you diligent investigations into these urgent matters,

Martin “MartyG” Gottesfeld

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Dead men tell no tales, innocents remain framed

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Mourns Death of Former Chief Deputy Ronald L. Clark

Our community owes a great deal of gratitude to Chief Clark as his entire working life has been dedicated to the service of others. Whether in the United States Army, Chief Investigator at the Titusville Police Department, or as our Chief Deputy, the service level of law enforcement improved under his watchful eye.


Ron Clark’s wife Vicki, who survives him, worked for decades for John Dean Moxley, who went from being perhaps America’s most corrupt prosecutor to perhaps America’s most corrupt judge, so Ron Clark could very well know the person who located inmates within the Brevard County jail who were willing to lie on the stand about a stranger for a sentence reduction, or be the very person who located snitches.

To my knowledge, no reporter has ever approached either of the Clarks about what they knew and when they knew it regarding the scores of coached snitches that were used to frame the likes of Wilton Dedge, Gerald Stano, William Dillon, Gary Bennett, etc.

Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who wrote the linked tribute to Ron Clark, previously worked for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and was assigned to Brevard. Instead of serving the public, Ivey served the public servants who framed innocents. 

Reporters won’t race to ask Vick Clark about the possibility that her husband was the facilitator of locating snitches to coach, even though the majority of snitches didn’t deserve light sentences, and even though warehousing framed innocents does nothing to keep society safe. Reporters care about what they’re told to, and they’re told to report favorably about public servants who are likely to promote the interests of the corporate media, not public safety.


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