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Dear Sarah,

… how do you reconcile your supposed faith in Jesus of Nazareth, with your current position as a mouthpiece for this morally malignant President?

As a professed Christian, how do you make peace with the reality that you regularly mount the largest bully pulpit in the nation—and you lie for a living on behalf of a serial predator?

How do you square your Christianity with the realization that you are the most visible and vocal surrogate for a man who is by nearly every measurement—fully devoid of Christlikeness?

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.@TheJusticeDept: Tell @DHSgov not to compile a database of journalists and bloggers.

FACT CHECK: Is Homeland Security Working to Compile a Database of Journalists and Bloggers?

On 3 April 2018, a solicitation for services posted by the United States Department of Homeland Security appeared on the U.S. Federal Business Opportunities website — a system that allows private contractors to bid on providing goods or services to the United States government. That solicitation (displayed in full below), titled “Media Monitoring Services,” seeks a contractor to create a searchable database of information about journalists, social media “influencers,” and media outlets …

Source: FACT CHECK: Is Homeland Security Working to Compile a Database of Journalists and Bloggers?

I began this blog in 2010 in the interest of saving my own and other innocent lives, and in the interest of securing justice for everyone the justice system has trampled rather than served. It is my second such blog.

People who are fighting for their lives (or others affected by the denial of due process and/or relief and redress) are not public personages by choice, which means we aren’t public personages at all … we remain private citizens, although not ordinary private citizens. We do seek a public audience, but for our own and others protection and restoration, not for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We’re already under fire from the mainstream media, which apparently can’t distinguish between justice seekers and fame seekers. Some broadcasters and publications refuse to correct misstatements about domestic violence victims, survivors of massacres, survivors of false incarcerations, etc.  No one who has been harmed by our justice system and denied a remedy should be further harmed by the media and again denied a remedy, only to have the federal government – the Department of Homeland Security – decide we need to be tracked and scrutinized by their personnel.

Media misstatements lead of private citizens seeking justice lead to social media harassment. There’s an increasing number of examples every day on Twitter.

Successful suits to remedy slander, libel or harassment of private citizens seeking justice and safety and restoration would inspire an affection for facts in the mainstream media, an affinity for civil discourse on social media, and circumspection in governmental undertakings all around. They would make our union more perfect, which makes them rather necessary, per the Preamble to our Constitution:

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

There’s only one place that the Constitution lets us down abysmally, to my knowledge: it allows the convicted to be forced to work for no compensation, which is slavery. It’s the stuff of nightmares, especially for incarcerated innocents and exonerees, whose nightmares make mine look like Christmas parties.

We need civil immunities from prosecution to go away. We need “false light” immunities for the media from being sued for their unwillingness to distinguish between fame seekers and justice seekers. And we will get these things when we have a president who appoints qualified leaders who can not only stay in their own lanes, but transform them into highways that serve us all, instead of paving over most of us.

Stuck here in this place full of steel.
The money didn’t get me no deal.
Time, this time the time is for real.
How could this be happening to me.
Why why why why me?
I could not do that, no not me.
You got the wrong guy don’t you see?
I would not do that let me be I told you the truth.
Set me free. no, no, no, no not me.

You, You were a bad boy you’re gonna do the time you’re lawyer wasn’t good enough, jail time – a big fine. your hairs too long, your clothes are too dirty, if it was up to me I would give you more then thirty. how do you think that we’re gonna live? We’re gonna squeeze your money your gonna have to give. When you’re all dried up we’re gonna feel better. If the systems at fault, you can always send a letter.
Help, I must be in a bad dream and
Now, now you can see what I mean.
Help, help, hell help me
Time passes so fast, I never felt so low.
Hope I’m gonna last, where did it all go?
I’ve been in this trap for so long.
How can we let the monster go on?
Don’t forget me another day…
In the end we all have to pay.
Free, free, free, free me.
Joseph Simnovec 2010



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April 21, 3-5pm: ‘Solitary Man’ Benefit Show for SF Bay View Newspaper to Stay in Print!

“The Bay View is the only newspaper widely read both inside and outside prison. Please help keep it going!”

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

BIG Bay View BENEFIT 4/21: ‘SOLITARY MAN’ at the Black Repertory Group Theater

3201 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703 (1 ½ blocks from Ashby BART)
Facebook event:

It’s the biggest venue yet for “Solitary Man: A Visit to Pelican Bay State Prison,” and the wonderful folks at the Black Rep, led by the legendary Mona Vaughn Scott, are donating it to support the SF Bay View newspaper! Let’s not miss this opportunity to fill all 250 seats and meld ourselves into a fighting force for justice.

For only $10 admission, you’ll be enriched by an unforgettable and deeply transforming play by Charlie Hinton, who is working nonstop to make this benefit a big success; hear some sweet trumpet playing by co-star Fred Johnson; listen to and get involved in a panel discussion with decade-long solitary confinement survivor José Villarreal, “First Sister” of the Prison Movement Marie Levin, and

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I’ll see your anonymous DNA expert, and raise you a Stanford University professor, .@Florida_Today.

US Constitution
Sixth Amendment: Rights of the Accused in Criminal Prosecutions

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him [emphasis added]; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.


This is how Gannett [@Gannett,] bills itself on Twitter:

We are a next generation media company that empowers communities to connect, act and thrive.
I think Gannett is closer to generations long past than they are to the next generation, as Gannett’s Florida Today doesn’t even believe that people should have a right to be confronted with the witnesses against them.

That’s a pre Bill of Rights mindset. Perhaps even medieval.

I had countered Florida Today spin about the false convictions of Wilton Dedge and William Dillon in letters to Florida Governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist and other public servants. Both were exonerated (2004, 2008, respectively). In my efforts to try and help exonerate Jeffrey Abramowski, I provided Jeff with a printout from a government website that directly contradicted “expert” DNA trial testimony against him.

Only two loci out of a 15 loci test were a match from Jeff to the crime scene DNA, and the expert based his testimony on just one of those two loci.

The expert claimed that a result of 17.3 at the D18S51 loci was unique, making Jeff clearly a killer. The information from the federal website I’d send to Jeff stated that 17.3 at D18S51 was about as unique as a head cold among males in paternity tests, not even identifying Jeff as Jeff, let alone a killer … there was no other forensic evidence against him, after all.

Florida Today – upon whose turf Jeff was framed – interviewed him and then claimed they had found a second source – an anonymous DNA expert – who confirmed the DNA trial testimony against Jeff.

To counter Florida Today‘s nonsense I now offer this, from Stanford University’s Dr. Barry Starr, non-anonymously:

In our experience about half the time when there are only two non-matching loci on a 15 loci test, the man is the father of the child. We require a minimum of 4 non-matching loci in order to declare that a man is not the father of a child. [emphasis added]

According to Stanford’s Dr. Starr – publicly, not anonymously – the DNA results being touted as proof that Jeff is a killer don’t even prove Jeff’s son could be the killer, let alone Jeff … 13 out of 15 NON-MATCHING loci isn’t DNA confirmation of ANYTHING.


A Stanford University professor confirmed what I’ve previously published about Jeff’s DNA test. Only Florida Today‘s Mr. (or Ms.) Nobody confirms what Brevard County’s nasty officers, prosecutors and judges want the public to believe.

The Innocence Project of Florida seems at a loss in helping Jeff. That’s no surprise. They’re at a loss at helping many obviously innocent men who were framed in Brevard.

This state of affairs seems to have something to do with the conflicted nature of the IPoF’s biggest funders – the Florida Bar Association and the federal government – as well as the conflicted composition of their board, which includes a past president of the American Bar Association and a former FBI agent (conflicted in that Bar associations are tasked with addressing prosecutorial misconduct, and conflicted in that the FBI is tasked with seeking indictments of public servants who fail to keep us from harm, including when police, prosecutors and judges commit deliberate misconduct, as they’ve certainly done in Jeff’s case).

I’ve blogged repeatedly about Jeff, including accounts of officer Gary Harrell’s failed attempts (plural) to solicit coached jailhouse informant testimony against Jeff. Richard Mair refused to lie on the stand in trade for a “walk,” and it may have cost him his life. Richard provided Jeff with a sworn statement about what happened. Afterwards, he was treated brutally in Florida prisons, and took his own life.

Before Richard took himself out, he tried to help out his fellow inmates … non-anonymously. Accounts of that additional bravery appear elsewhere on my blog, and can be found entering Richard’s name in the search window.

Offender Picture

Jeff Abramowski, framed by false DNA testimony, “confirmed” by Florida Today’s anonymous expert

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.@FLGovScott Make State Attorney #JerryHill free #LeoSchofield

Murderer’s Confession Caught on Tape – USA Herald

Leo Schofield

Jeremy Scott is a man with a violent past. With seven prior felony convictions, ranging from arson to battery and armed robbery, Scott is currently serving a life sentence for bludgeoning a man over the head with a bottle and strangling him to death with a telephone cord in 1988. Prior to his conviction for the 1988 murder, in 1985, Scott was tried as a juvenile and acquitted of another violent murder.

Leo Schofield is also serving a life sentence. In 1989, he was convicted of murdering his wife Michelle Schofield in 1987. He has continued to maintained his innocence, despite being offered a shorter sentence for a guilty plea.

Source: Murderer’s Confession Caught on Tape – USA Herald

Hopefully, Jeremy Scott’s confession tape will play at this link form the same source:

Florida routinely ruins and ends lives by arresting and prosecuting the wrong persons.

So do other states.

In 2011 in Connick v Thompson, John Roberts Supreme Court had the opportunity (and the obligation) to end the folly of letting the American Bar Association and its affiliates serve a law enforcement function – that of holding public attorneys accountable for lawlessness they’ve been exhibiting for decades, even since they were given that unconstitutional assignment.

Bar associations have devolved into being nothing but corrupt labor unions, so very corrupt that they’ll sit silently and let obvious innocents be executed.

Fire scientists – who can replicate conditions and results repeatedly – said that Cameron Todd Willingham didn’t commit arson and kill his children in Texas. A minimally trained local fire inspector claimed otherwise. Prosecutors – of course – knew which to believe. But they pretended they didn’t … Texas executed Willingham.

YOUR live may depend on your understanding this, and being as unwilling as I am to accept Bar associations protecting the reputations of lousy prosecutors ahead of innocent lives. Equal justice under the law means that attorneys should face arrest, prosecution and public trial when they step outside the law, just like everyone else.

Leo Schofield didn’t murder his wife. Jeremy Scott did. The prosecutor who manipulated Scott into retracting his confession in court knows this. And she should go to prison for it.

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.@DHSgov making a horrible situation even worse #PressFreedom

Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And ‘Media Influencers’

Every day, journalists face serious consequences including physical violence, imprisonment and death. A few days ago, the Committee to Protect Journalists launched its annual Free The Press campaign to raise awareness about imprisoned journalists throughout the world. On May 3, UNESCO will once again mark World Press Freedom Day “to inform citizens of violations of press freedom — a reminder that in dozens of countries around the world, publications are censored, fined, suspended and closed down, while journalists, editors and publishers are harassed, attacked, detained and even murdered.”

Meanwhile, the United States government, traditionally one of the bastions of press freedom, is about to compile a list of professional journalists and “top media influencers,” which would seem to include bloggers and podcasters, and monitor what they’re putting out to the public.

Source: Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And ‘Media Influencers’

The alternative media legitimately has had a lot to say since the mainstream media became concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy individuals whose goals in becoming news magnates had more to do with their personal wealth building than anything else.

The SEC and FCC could and should have stopped the over-consolidation of publishing and broadcast ownership decades ago. When they failed to do so, the DoJ should have stepped in and stopped it. But it didn’t.

Things will get even worse if you don’t speak up … bias-drenched Sinclair Broadcasting giant will grow even bigger. Please sign the petition to prevent it from this link:

If you remain unconvinced that you should sign the petition, please read a bit about what the LA Times had to say about Fox’s Rupert Murdoch 32+ years ago, and what the Guardian has to say about Jeff Bezos yesterday and reconsider. Thank you.

Murdoch Becomes U.S. Citizen, Can Buy TV Network

NEW YORK — Rupert Murdoch, Australian-born publishing magnate, became a U.S. citizen today, removing an obstacle to his acquisition of a network of independent American television stations …

… Murdoch recently purchased 50% of 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and plans to purchase Metromedia, the nation’s largest group of independent television stations, including KTTV in Los Angeles. Under federal regulations an alien may not own more than 20% of a broadcast license.

September 4, 1985

Trump’s enemy is not your friend: why we shouldn’t defend Amazon

In threatening a single business because of some personal quarrel with its CEO – apparently in order to squeeze friendlier coverage out of a newspaper that the CEO happens to own – Donald Trump has clearly violated the basic rules of democratic government. But it is also important to remember that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Amazon has been the subject of critical reporting for a number of years; anyone who reads the Guardian or the New York Times knows about the company’s alarming labour practices and its imperial economic ambitions.

April 7, 2018

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Letter to Texas DCJ about a Prisoner in dire need of medical care

Prison Watch Network

This concerns inmate Jeffrey Thomas #1392641, who is being held at McConnell Unit. He has been suffering – progressively – from an unbelievably painful hernia for over 3 years and is in dire need of a proper hernia operation – as soon as possible – before he dies.

Please see to it that Mr Thomas receive adequate medical care IMMEDIATELY, by having him examined and treated by an outside hospital. He also needs mental healthcare and he needs to be in a unit where his medical needs are met, including his level of feeling safe.

His healthcare is your responsibility, and so is his death, if he should die of neglected or inadequate medical care on your guard. Remember the lives in your hands, to care for them as well as you personally possibly can.
In hopes you are hearing our pleas for our brother Jeffrey.

Sent to:…

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