I can’t remove someone from a #CallList I don’t have; the ball is in your court, .@CREDOMobile.

When Donald Trump took office, we had a fully operational National Do Not Call Registry. When my phone rang, the call was for me, and it wasn’t a solicitation or a scam. When my number showed up on other people’s caller I.D., I was the one placing the call. There’s no reason that neither of these should no longer be true, but indeed, they aren’t.

Months ago, a technically savvy, patient and kind Internet soul explained to me, via Twitter, that the multiple phone calls I’d received from Russia and bitched about on this blog likely weren’t from Russia at all: it’s commonplace now for bad people to borrow phone numbers for purposes of harassing good people, anonymously.

Given that explanation, I wasn’t very surprised to have a woman leave a Steel Magnolia-sounding voice message a couple of days ago stating she wished to have her phone number removed from my Call List immediately. Please. And thank you. Very much.

You’d have to live in the South for quite a while to hear her unsaid “or else.” I heard it.

There’s nothing I can do about it – I can’t stop calling a number I never called before.

My phone company, Credo Mobile, could do something about it; in addition to providing phone services via Sprint, it’s a Progressive action group that authors, publishes and duly submits political petition after political petition to the powers that be, nationwide.

If bad people were borrowing good people’s phone numbers for purposes of anonymous harassment 18 years ago, I’d have called Credo and asked them to work on petitions to fix the mess. I had to be ignored or flatly told “no”  thousands of times since 2001 while trying to save my life and others to have my efforts at reclaiming mine or anyone else’s inherent rights narrow to simply throwing down the most succinct Tweet I can think of to try and get responsible parties to read my bitchy blog posts, and do the right thing.

It’s my hope that when I Tweet this blog post, Credo will follow up on petitioning Congress to have our legislators 1) make the Do Not Call Registry operable again as rapidly as it went inoperable, and 2) make sure that Congressional intelligence oversight committees will hold intelligence agencies accountable for letting the phone numbers we’re federally taxed monthly for be borrowed by bad actors. If Credo ignores me, it won’t feel as awful as hearing one more “no” that I know should be a yes, but it’ll still feel awful, especially if the Steel Magnolia calls me again.





About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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