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Davontae Sanford: innocent and incarcerated … and hogtied? UPDATE

UPDATE 6/7/16: Davontae Sanford is to released on his own recognizance tomorrow. All credit goes to Vincent Smothers – one of the actual perpetrators –  who would not “go along to get along.” My sincere thanks to everyone who has … Continue reading

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Forced Arbitration Rogues Gallery

” … just a sampling of some of the largest corporations that have taken away their customers’ legal rights, immunizing themselves from accountability for wrongdoing. These corporations put “forced arbitration” clauses in their terms of service to block consumers from … Continue reading

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Prison Industries: “Dont Let Society Improve or We Lose Business”

“There are two very large and influential prison companies in the United States who are manipulating the system to make sure they have plenty of business: The GEO Group formerly Wackenhut and Corrections Corporation of America CCA.” via Prison Industries: … Continue reading

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CT Supreme Court throws out $10 million verdict against LabCorp

Please pay particular attention to Dr. Schumann’s credentials, addressed by The Pathology Blog, but not the mainstream media. It’s not only a shame that the media gives their subscribers too little information to vote in their best interests, too little … Continue reading

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Detroit Hit Man Signs Confession to Help Free Another Accused Man

In April 2008, Smothers was arrested in suburban Detroit. He quickly admitted participating in 12 murders-for-hire, including the ones on Runyon Street, but was only charged with eight. At the time, Sanford had already pleaded guilty and was in custody. … Continue reading

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The lethal, lasting stench of scent “evidence”

Woman [Megan Winfrey] asks court to overturn conviction based on scent evidence “A bloody footprint, fingerprints, DNA and 73 hairs recovered from the crime scene did not match anybody in the Winfrey family, court records show. Instead, Baccus-Lobel argued, the … Continue reading

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Jeff Ashton owes “fans” to media whitewash and Whiteout

Casey Anthony: Jeff Ashton’s fans donate to political run – The TV Guy – Orlando Sentinel “In other Ashton news, WESH-Channel 2 reported that Ashton’s daughter Rebecca has pleaded no contest for failure to carry a driver license and the case … Continue reading

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Millennium Laboratory sold to LabCorp–Triangle Business Journal

LabCorp, to my knowledge, still hasn’t complied with the Senate’s requests for documents. Perhaps LabCorp’s PAC distributions keep Congress content with being ignored. The information on House and Senate recipients of PAC contributions is available on under LabCorp’s full … Continue reading

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Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept. – The Washington Post

” … hundreds of defendants nationwide remain in prison or on parole for crimes that might merit exoneration, a retrial or a retesting of evidence using DNA because FBI hair and fiber experts may have misidentified them as suspects.” via … Continue reading

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Contraband Watch Proliferates

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
Contraband watch, also known as “potty watch,” something prisons throughout California have used for years to humiliate and torture prisoners, is becomming more common. In a recent interview, a prisoner in the Pelican…

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