Jeff Ashton owes “fans” to media whitewash and Whiteout

Casey Anthony: Jeff Ashton’s fans donate to political run – The TV Guy – Orlando Sentinel

“In other Ashton news, WESH-Channel 2 reported that Ashton’s daughter Rebecca has pleaded no contest for failure to carry a driver license and the case won’t go to trial. Two other charges against her were dropped, anchor Martha Sugalski said.”

via Casey Anthony: Jeff Ashton’s fans donate to political run – The TV Guy – Orlando Sentinel.

I suspect that the Rebecca Ashton with a 8/1988 D.O.B. in Seminole County 592011MM012372A is the Rebecca Joy Ashton that officers had occasion to pull over and cite three times in Orange County, resulting in wrist slaps. I encountered the same difficulty in tying cases together for her brother Alexander Ashton’s offenses, too. Our Court Clerks have to standardize their information … we citizens are on our own – the Orlando Sentinel doesn’t have our backs.

If they did, they would have stated that Jeff Ashton willingness to take his daughter’s piddling Seminole matter to a jury is additional evidence that wasting the court’s time happens to be one of Ashton’s specialties … one that should cost him not only his license to practice law, but his freedom and accumulated assets.

Innocent William “Tommy” Zeigler’s 35+ years on Florida’s death row is not a piddling matter. The evidence – including DNA evidence – supports Tommy’s version of what happened the night his wife, in-laws and another man were killed. And because the evidence supports Tommy, Orange/Osceola prosecutors just made some stuff up to keep his frame intact, including some stuff that’s downright disgusting … like accusing Tommy of committing a sexual act on a corpse.

Ashton was leading the prosecution against Tommy before he abruptly retired after losing the Casey Anthony case. He was also leading the prosecution – via tainted transfer – of Brevard/Seminole innocent Gary Bennett. Bennett, too, was accused of being a homosexual by Orange/Seminole prosecutors.

I don’t believe much in coincidences. Not in there being two Alexander Ashton’s and two Rebecca Ashton’s that get their wrists slapped in Central Florida courts; not in there being unfounded homosexual slurs leveled at two men in the same judicial circuit in the same time frame.

Tommy Zeigler got racist Central Florida public servants enraged by standing up for a black business owner. The depth of that rage can be gauged by the initial trial judge setting aside the jury’s recommended life sentence to impose a death sentence, that same judge having opposed Tommy in standing up for the black business owner … and refusing to duly recuse himself.

And Gary Bennett? Just another Brevard/Seminole guy who was easy to frame with a charlatan dog handler and some coached jailhouse informant testimony, just like exonerated Brevard/Seminole guys Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon. There’s scores more … Gary was the final one thusly framed 28+ years ago, a full year AFTER an Ohio federal court found the dog handler a fraud. The reason Orange/Osceola was obliged to decline to prosecute Gary in Brevard/Seminole’s stead was that they had used the same charlatan dog handler (with FBI assistance), resulting in Linroy Bottoson’s execution.

Alexander and Rebecca Ashton will likely continue to do whatever they want behind the wheel on the streets of Central Florida. Why wouldn’t they. It’s not like any reporters are going to hold them accountable. Nor are they going to call Jeff Ashton out on his parenting skills … few people know about Jeb Bush’s daughter’s repeated drug arrests.

I hope that Florida officers will continue to cite Alexander Ashton and Rebecca Ashton for infractions, no matter how futile it seems; other people have children driving on Central Florida streets that have a right to expect law enforcement to keep them from being killed by sons and daughters of prominent public servants.

I also hope Central Florida officers step up and tell the alternative media truth about local frame-ups. Yes, your “superiors” will attempt to trash your careers, and no, that doesn’t give you the right to remain silent.

Protect and serve, LEO’s … from Ashton-endangered drivers and pedestrians to incarcerated innocents to the officers that already spoke out without anyone asking them to.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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