Detroit Hit Man Signs Confession to Help Free Another Accused Man

In April 2008, Smothers was arrested in suburban Detroit. He quickly admitted participating in 12 murders-for-hire, including the ones on Runyon Street, but was only charged with eight. At the time, Sanford had already pleaded guilty and was in custody.

via Detroit Hit Man Signs Confession to Help Free Another Accused Man.

14-year-old Davontae Sanford, half-blind and developmentally disabled, was interrogated by Detroit police without a parent or advocate present, despite it being common knowledge that the younger and more mentally incapacitated a suspect is, the more likely he is to tell officers whatever they want to hear. The DPD has a history of coerced confessions … Eddie Joe Lloyd was DNA exonerated and enjoyed a couple of years with his family before dying prematurely.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when a “hit man” displays more honor than officers, prosecutors and the judiciary.

It’s an even sorrier state of affairs when the mainstream media helps corrupt public servants. The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press stories were too riddled with errors and omissions to post here.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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3 Responses to Detroit Hit Man Signs Confession to Help Free Another Accused Man

  1. WordPress isn’t letting me access much other than my site stats. Publishing and editing posts – when I can get to a window that will let me post – is a nightmare. Please bear with me until the matter is resolved. There is much more that I want to cover, including a local man – Kerry Arthur Jacob – coming forward and confessing to a role in a 25-year-old homicide, despite not being under suspicion. You would think that his act would stir the consciences of local publishers. You would be wrong.

  2. arkansastruthseeker says:

    I just wonder how many more years he will have to stay in prison even with the truth, as their are some right now that have been proven innocent and still waiting. Five minutes to convict them and years, and years to free them, shameful

  3. Davontae was arrested in 2007 and Smothers confessed in 2008, and all blame for delays in releasing Davontae should be directed at the mainstream media. When they bother to write about Davontae at all, the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press articles are so rife with errors and omissions that I can’t even post them.

    I’m grateful to My Fox Detroit for breaking away from the pack to tell Davontae’s frightening tale accurately … if an innocent, disabled child is treated so unjustly that a serial killer is his best hope of freedom, what can any innocent adult expect from Detroit?

    Police, prosecutors and the judiciary can’t get away with frame-ups without media cooperation. It’s time for feds to break up the merciless, over-mergered newspapers and broadcasters. No corporate entity should be able to make justice unavailable by manipulating information.

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