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Speak up … hold the FTC accountable for affordable, ethical DNA tests.

Give the gift of justice … demand that the FTC undo LabCorp’s acquisition of Orchid Cellmark to make DNA test prices affordable and their results ethical. Please use the search window for greater knowledge FTC’s premeditated betrayal of incarcerated innocents. … Continue reading

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Update 12/22/11 –  If even 1/4 of FBI agents were “as-seen-on-TV” intelligent and ethical, we’d never read headlines as stupefying as “FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists.” While Internet scamsters care the hell out of seniors … Continue reading

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Bryce, Davontae and Christy … Bless the Beasts, Not the Children?

It isn’t news to officers anywhere that interrogating a child without a parent present often leads to a false confession, especially if the child is emotionally or developmentally challenged. Young Bryce Vandergrift is incarcerated for a homicide that the dying … Continue reading

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I fought the law, and the law lost.

But it was a hollow victory, not only because my keys to my waterfront home were handed to an attorney to satisfy his bill, but because a judge that willfully broke many laws in initiating his baseless battle retained his … Continue reading

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Zeigler, through Vidster’s eyes

A eye-opening new eBook – Zeigler, through Vidster’s eyes – offers a compilation of blog posts about William “Tommy” Zeigler’s 35 year struggle to be exonerated from a quadruple homicide. A reader from Australia resoundingly recommends the book: Nancy Cato says: … Continue reading

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FTC approves conditional sale of Orchid Cellmark to LabCorp, ignoring incarcerated innocents

But not Mom’s looking to hold their baby’s fathers accountable. Or rightful heirs looking for a cut of what their fathers couldn’t take with them. Incarcerated innocents, per the FTC, can go fly a kite, with the going and the … Continue reading

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AP (deliberately?) confused – says FL Sen. Marco Rubio wants/doesn’t want to devote his time to being a Senator

It was confusing enough that Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s parents were/weren’t Cuban exiles, with media accounts countering Rubio’s written reflections. Now the AP is adding confusion to that public perception of Rubio – by their conflicting accounts, Rubio does/doesn’t want … Continue reading

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