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BTR News: MeToo Movement Snares Hillary Clinton – BLACK TALK RADIO NETWORK™

… Clinton never apologized to the victim nor did she call the “inappropriate behavior” sexual harassment. Hillary Clinton has pretended for some time to be a champion of equal pay for women but it was revealed during her 2016 campaign … Continue reading

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Please RT to support #OperationPUSH, the @FL_Corrections inmate labor strike to end various forms of abuse

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
The Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition stands in solidarity with the Florida Prison Strikers. Stay informed and updated with links below. Please help amplify the striking prisoners’ voices. These are the strikers’ demands…

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Progressive Candidates: “Sleeper Hits” Who Win Elections – JoAnn Chateau

Don’t look for faces of progressive candidates on the corporate media networks. Mainstream media and political elites barely notice true progressives. What could such candidates possibly add to the easy, greasy ride of The Establishment Gravy Train? Source: Progressive Candidates: … Continue reading

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Churchill was no hero

Originally posted on Frostys ramblings a left look at life:
GEORGE W BUSH installed a bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office at the White House. When Barack Obama came to power he had the bust returned to Britain.…

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I come from a “shit-hole”

Koyote the Blind I am not an American. I was born in the continent known as “America”, yes. But somehow this United States has given itself the name of the entire continent. Ronald Reagan demoted the rest of this magnificent … Continue reading

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#OperationPush: @FL_Corrections’ inmates to peacefully refuse to work starting today … #MLKday

Mega News Published on Jan 14, 2018 Florida Prison Strike Planned for Martin Luther King Day 2018 | Miami New Times “Our goal is to make the Governor realize that it will cost the state of Florida millions of dollars … Continue reading

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My Christmas wish was for dishonest reporters to quit their day jobs, Part 1

When Prosecutors Are ‘Innocence Deniers’ : NPR … they [prosecutors] don’t simply oppose a wrongful conviction claim – because some claims are bogus or murky and they have to be investigated. Instead, when confronted with overwhelming evidence that the person … Continue reading

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