The lethal, lasting stench of scent “evidence”

Woman [Megan Winfrey] asks court to overturn conviction based on scent evidence

“A bloody footprint, fingerprints, DNA and 73 hairs recovered from the crime scene did not match anybody in the Winfrey family, court records show.

Instead, Baccus-Lobel argued, the case against Megan Winfrey was based almost entirely on the noses of two bloodhounds owned and trained by Keith Pikett, a now-retired Fort Bend County deputy sheriff.”

via Woman asks court to overturn conviction based on scent evidence.

Keith Pikett’s scent identifications were long-ago DNA-discredited; he was also have found to have perjured himself regarding his training and education.

No amount of supporting evidence makes Pikett’s testimony anything other than what it was – the lies of a “go-to” false expert called on over 2,000 times to make a case out of thin air.

The reason Pikett is still a free man is the same reason that John Preston – another prolific charlatan dog handler – died a free man. Like Pikett, Preston had perjured himself regarding his training and education, as well as his dog’s lineage.

Pikett, Preston and other DNA-discredited dog handlers were never held accountable for their perjuries because the FBI used them in investigations, and your family’s safety – by FBI standards – is not worth even one agent enduring embarrassment (let alone prosecution) for using a false expert.

To FBI Director Mueller, it is entirely beside the point that incarcerating innocents leaves rapists, robbers and killers walking free, while taxpayers are fleeced to persecute and incarcerate innocents.

DNA evidence is science.

Scent evidence is a sideshow.

This very day, tell U.S. A.G. Eric Holder that you want him to act accordingly and hold the FBI to their mandate to investigate public corruption that affected trial outcomes – starting with their own.

Some Preston and Pikett perjury victims have been behind bars for decades. Some were executed. One innocent – scientist Bruce Ivin – was harassed into committing suicide before any charges were filed.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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