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Shareholders independently investigating LabCorp for possible securities laws violations

I fought LabCorp’s acquisition of Orchid Cellmark. Hard. Evidence from two nearly identical Brevard/Seminole, Florida frame-ups had reached Orchid Cellmark in suspect condition, and there apparently was no protocol in place to have such things investigated. William Dillon’s evidence reached … Continue reading

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After years of emails, DoJ responds to just one (1) …

Brevard/Seminole State Attorney Wolfinger draws the most “hits” on my blog. It’s hardly surprising, he’s been victimizing those who pay his wages for over thirty years. The DoJ and FBI aren’t going to investigate Wolfinger; they already know he’s a … Continue reading

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CDCR Proposed Changes to Conditions of Solitary Confinement March 2012: Response from California Families to Abolish Solitary Confinement

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
We live in a state whose citizens are more morally outraged about the confinement of chickens and dogs than of human beings. We are the loved ones of men and women who have…

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Florida Parole Commission frauds on Gary Bennett

The paragraph I somehow deleted in protesting Gary’s Bennett’s denied parole was the crux of the letter … Gary’s family can tie alleged offense dates to their electronic correspondence to prison personnel concerning Gary’s safety.  Being wobbly is this instance … Continue reading

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Update on William “Tommy” Zeigler from Defrosting Cold Cases

Defrosting Cold Cases » Blog Archive » Zeigler, Part XIX “And now there is more. Again it concerns withheld evidence. Again it concerns lying on the stand by officials. And again, if Terry Hadley had the correct information at the … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Execution: David Gore

On July 14, 2009 I met with Scripps TCPalm News Board and Editorial Board. Although the newspaper had published many of my Letters to the Editor about incarcerated innocents and one had been since been freed – William Dillon – … Continue reading

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This week, the Connecticut Legislature voted to end the death penalty in their state. They save taxpayers a fortune and eliminate the turmoil that victim’s families endure during the death penalty appeals process, and they will prevent their ever making … Continue reading

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Needling negligent Needelman

Florida Today ran another Letter to the Editor with a title that suggested it was pro-current Brevard Clerk of Courts Needelman and anti-previous Brevard Clerk of Courts Ellis. I didn’t open the link to the letter; I can guess at … Continue reading

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Bless the beasts, not the children … Davontae Sanford abused in Ionia Correctional Facility

Teen Tortured & Hogtied for Two Days in Michigan Prison – YouTube “Vincent Smothers, a former Detroit hit man serving time behind bars told AP reporter Ed White among others, that Devontae [Davontae] Sanford, a 14 yr-old developmentally challenged teen … Continue reading

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Trayvon and Cristian … bless the beasts, not the children?

The world knows that George Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Travyvon Martin dead under increasingly suspicious circumstances. Yesterday, in “Trayvon Murder Eyewitness Says Police Refused to See Crime Scene,” Alternet summarized CNN’s coverage of the Sanford police refusing to visit the crime … Continue reading

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