Walmart’s bogus NGO seeks to provide pittances to other bogus NGO’s.

Walmart Foundation Accepting Applications for Community Grant Program | RFPs | PND

The Walmart Foundation is accepting applications through its Community Grant Program.

Through the program, grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded to local nonprofit organizations within the service area of individual Walmart stores in support of initiatives in the areas of hunger relief and healthy eating, sustainability, womens economic empowerment, and/or career opportunities.

via Walmart Foundation Accepting Applications for Community Grant Program | RFPs | PND


Of course, Walmart and its affiliated Walmart Foundation know beyond all doubt that all that needs be done right now to accomplish all the goals listed above is for them to pay their workers – whether direct-hires or contractually hired – a living wage, including workers within their worldwide supply chains.

What the Walmart Foundation is therefore seeking in its ridiculous Request for Proposal is complicity, on the cheap, in making it seem that there an alternate measure to be taken.

That Walmart through it Walmart Foundation wants mendacious mini-endorsements, at $2,500 a pop, of worldwide worker oppression isn’t at all unusual, nowadays.

Increasingly, Requests for Proposals published by Philanthropy News Digest have trended toward misanthropy.

Non-profits are now a growth industry … growth as in tumor, not growth as in solving societal problems.

Any legitimate tax-exempt organization has one goal only – to make itself unnecessary by achieving its philanthropic goal.


The Walmart Foundation doesn’t want to achieve its philanthropic goals, if it did, it would simply stop pretending that paying a living wage and providing basic benefits isn’t just a reasonable cost of doing business. The holds true for McDonalds (whose Ronald McDonald House charities won’t be soliciting request for grant proposals until 2015).

Arguing with our sold-out senators and congress persons about Walmart and McDonalds’ dubious charities isn’t the best strategy for tearing at the lack of regulation that allows non-profits to bolster for-profit agendas. That argument is best put forward by signing this particular petition:!/project/nfl

What Walmart and McDonalds fear more than having their bogus charities busted is having to pay a living wage, which legitimate for profit entities accept as reasonable costs of doing business. The petition pushes Walmart and McDonalds’ fair pay panic buttons at the same time:

Like Santa Claus, I know when visitors have been bad or good … WordPress lets me know when those who’ve read posts have clicked the links to petitions.

The majority of you have been very, very naughty. You read what I write, and then ignore the petition links.

I ask that you start being very nice, especially fellow Boomers. It no longer requires hand written correspondence to participate in petitions, like we sent in the 70’s – it’s just a couple of clicks now. Every time I see high “hits” and no petition click-throughs, I think the same thought, “What’s the matter, folks … cat got your consciences?”

Well, does it?

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