Likely three more reasons to free John Dobbs. Roadblock? FL 5th District Court of Appeals.

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John Dobbs

Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals recently ruled on three cases that appear to have a bearing on John Dobb’s appeal: John Swearingden, Timothy Donald Helton, Michael Tramel.

Legalese gives me a headache because I haven’t managed to steer clear of corrupt and/or incompetent judges since 1978, with John Dean Moxley the most recent (who may well have ruined or ended the lives of more innocents than any other rogue public servant). Despite the difficulty in reading, I believe these three cases have something to do with self defense and/or Stand Your Ground and/or jury instructions, all of which have something to do with John Dobbs.

John and his girlfriend were attacked by at least four men at his vehicle in a night club parking lot, and in the course of defending their lives, John killed one of the attackers. John was denied standard self-defense as well as a Stand Your Ground defense, and the jury instructions were nonsensical.

I was pleased with the ease of locating the 1st District Court of Appeal’s rulings; I am accustomed to wasting time trying to find 5th District rulings. Unfortunately, the 5th District has jurisdiction over John’s case, and their problems aren’t limited to IT … their often-preposterous rulings allowed John Dean Moxley to never take any law seriously while helping to frame Wilton Dedge, Juan Ramos, William Dillon, Gary Bennett and many others as a prosecutor, later working behind the scenes – as a judge – to keep the frame-ups intact.

Moxley’s corruption spilled over to where John Dobbs was tried; the prosecution of Gary Bennett’s case was transferred there, under incurable taints. Moxley ignored the cases that were before him while he corresponded with Jeff Ashton (of Casey Anthony notoriety) in a successful campaign to keep Gary framed. Floridians have now paid to be kept safe from harmless Gary for over 31 years.

Where a crime takes place in Florida has affected the availability of justice since the 1970’s … John Dobbs was tried in the same circuit where William “Tommy” Zeigler was framed. Tommy’s wrongly been on Florida’s death row for nearly 39 years.

No judicial circuit could remain corrupt for four decades without the district court of appeals cooperation – it’s time that Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeals authored rulings that serve justice, rather than the likes of John Dean Moxley and Jeff Ashton.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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