Towards saving Tommy: High Anxiety … and homosexuality

Published on Dec 12, 2013

I saw my neurologist the other day for a routine check on my epilepsy and he identified my unilateral shaking leg as anxiety. Had it been neurological – like before – it would have been bilateral. I was relieved; I’m usually socked with a serious new diagnosis rather than an “It’s all in your head, and not the parts affected by epilepsy.” It took me two seconds to realize what my high anxiety is: William “Tommy” Zeigler’s upcoming evidentiary hearing.

On the way home, I took a rare break and sat at one of my seaside haunts for over an hour, thinking what to write about Tommy’s hearing to relieve the anxiety, and how to write it. I decided to post a YouTube video of Mel Brooks singing the song High Anxiety from the movie of the same name, and found – egads, higher anxiety still – Harry Connick Jr singing it instead, which won’t mean anything until a few paragraphs from now.

Despite pro-bono P.I. Lynn-Marie Carty publishing new evidence to support Tommy’s innocence than what had been previously published by Philip Finch, Leigh McEachern, Ray McEachern and Alice de Sturler, I know that the deck is still stacked against Tommy. Big Time.

There are attorneys who were obliged to kick that very same deck apart years ago on behalf of their client, Gary Bennett, with said attorneys identified by the three pages posted below. Why they didn’t follow through and address the slur of mental illness as well as same slur that had been leveled by the same judicial circuit at Tommy Zeigler – homosexuality – is ultimately a matter between them and the IRS … a tax exemption based on the claim of freeing innocents from wrongful incarceration is either stone, or sand; there’s nothing in between.

For years, Congress has had the IRS under siege for the specific purpose of preventing it from yanking the exemptions of undeserving organizations, of which the American Bar Association is the biggest and baddest. Because the US Supreme Court is as devious as Congress, the Bar has law enforcement responsibilities: it’s supposed to hold lawless public attorneys accountable – if they feel like it; it’s their call – using only these two tools: 1) fines, and/or; 2) temporary or permanent disbarment. More than 99% of the time, the Bar doesn’t feel like doing anything about any public attorney’s lawlessness.

In 2011, the US Supreme Court was offered the opportunity to become less devious, in (wait for it … ) Harry Connick Sr v John Thompson. Unfortunately, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in the minority, so public attorneys not only kept all of their stay-out-of-jail free cards, they got some new cards. The devious majority added additional lawless leeway for public attorneys by making it lawful for them to not even know what they’re doing. Don’t take my word for it; read Justice Ginsburg’s dissent.

For all intents and purposes, innocence industry attorneys invalided their organizations’ tax exemptions in failing to go to the mattresses for Gary Bennett over the hopelessly tainted transfer of his prosecution from the 18th to the 9th judicial circuit, the inappropriate correspondence that Judge John Dean Moxley sent to eager recipient/prosecutor Jeff Ashton, the 9th’s judicial lurid lie of claiming Gary is a homosexual (a lurid lie previously leveled at Tommy Zeigler by the 9th), and much, much more.

If I were well, I’d have been in Fort Lauderdale on the 7th picketing the Innocence Project of Florida’s parasitic $100 per person fundraiser (they get their big bucks from the Bar, and sometimes the DoJ). But I’m not well; on top of the increasing painful toll of my birth defects, I’ve got High Anxiety: the deck is stacked against Tommy – Big Time – and it’s affecting Gary, and everyone else framed by Florida … John Dobbs, Crosley Green, Jeff Abramowki, Leo Schofield, David Wells, and hundreds of others, as well as affecting a mountain of civil matters (including mine) as well … bad cops, bad prosecutors and bad judges don’t limit their lawlessness to criminal prosecutions. To bust the small time not-legitimately-exempt organizations, we have to bust the behemoth Bar first. The one-by-one exonerations that are spoon fed to us by the mainstream media are cameos. The Big Picture is the illegitimacy of the Bar’s tax exemption while it merely pretending to police the conduct of attorneys. Please “get it,” and sign this petition, because innocents Tommy and Gary have already served a combined total of over 71 years, and there are tens of thousands of Tommy and Gary’s nationwide.

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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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