Towards saving Tommy: calling out @orlandosentinel’s @Scott_Maxwell – updated

[Update 7/17/16: I thought I hadn’t received any kind of response from calling out Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Maxwell last September. I was wrong. Maxwell’s response was this: “You are blocked from following @Scott_Maxwell and viewing @Scott_Maxwell’s Tweets.”]

Please read and heed Ray McEachern’s press release plea for financial support that appears below a condensed review of media complicity in Central Florida’s conviction corruption, which has ruined thousands of lives and ended many inappropriately, some by execution.

Framed innocent William “Tommy” Ziegler’s tormentor-in-chief – Jeff Ashton – was given a wrist slap by the mainstream media for his Ashley Madison membership, although the mainstream media, particularly the Orlando Sentinel, knows full well that Ashton alternates between milquetoast prosecutions (Casey Anthony) with malicious prosecutions (Tommy’s).

The media is confident in its complicity with conviction corruption going unnoticed and unpunished because – to date – the Department of Justice has played along.

The reason that the DoJ plays along with conviction corruption is as horrific as it is simple … the FBI is up to its eyes in it. On Ashton’s stomping grounds, which is the Orlando Sentinel’s stomping grounds, the FBI participated in the prosecution of hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson, who was executed in 2002. It was far from the FBI’s only involvement with charlatan dog handlers, John Preston was just one of a slew they used.

The Orlando Sentinel isn’t up for admitting that they helped keep Tommy framed, any more than they’re up for admitting their pretense that John Preston never testified on their turf in Bottoson’s case, which allowed Jeff Ashton to lawlessly tighten Gary Bennett’s Preston-tainted frame-up from the neighboring county, Brevard.

The Orlando Sentinel’s absolver-in-chief of Ashton – Scott Maxwell – had the gall to quote Martin Luther King Jr. in the linked article: “The problems today are not the evil actions of the bad people, but the appalling silence and inaction of the good.”

Because of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and death, a vast number of good people no longer remain silent and inert when they are aware of wrongdoing: they send emails, make phone calls, sign and share petitions, and if all else fails, they take to the streets … some with signs in hand, others with cameras in hand. The public is becoming the new mainstream media, because the mogul-dominated mainstream media represents the appalling silence not of good people, but of very bad people … people who don’t care when innocents are serving murderers’ sentences.

Scott Maxwell was appallingly silent on the wrongdoing that has kept Tommy Zeigler on death row for 40 years and the wrongdoing that has kept Gary Bennett in general population for 31 years. It may be one of many reasons that Maxwell receives “hate mail” … his term.

Maxwell goes on camera to take shots at the people who’ve called him names without revealing the reasons why they were angry enough to call him names. As he’s already on Part Five, readers’ discontent will continue to be great fun for Maxwell until the very minute he is questioned by the Department of Justice about his long-term participation in the conspiracy to violate the rights of incarcerated innocents.

Think about it, please: We have a number of journalists behind bars for telling the truth … isn’t it about time to put scores of journalists behind bars for failing to tell the truth when lives and liberties are at stake?

Tommy’ and Gary’s cases are now lewdly knotted to each other. Using a knowingly-staged photograph, prosecutors on Maxwell’s turf falsely accused Tommy of being a homosexual to explain blood patterns after initial DNA proved Tommy’s version of events, not prosecutors. Then – sans photograph, and sans any need to revise an intact theory of the crime – prosecutors on Maxwell’s turf falsely accused Gary Bennett of being a homosexual. They apparently wished to disgust the public, so it would disregard Gary being framed by the same people that framed so many others in Brevard County with DNA-disgraced dog handler John Preston. It was newsworthy that Ashton accepted inappropriate correspondence from Brevard Judge John Dean Moxley regarding Gary Bennett’s case. But not to the Orlando Sentinel.

Please heed Ray’s plea to fund additional DNA tests for Tommy, if you can. And please ask that the Orlando Sentinel correct Scott Maxwell’s wholly inaccurate portrayal of Jeff Ashton by better-late-than-never factual reporting on Tommy Zeigler and Gary Bennett’s cases. After a combined 71 years of serving murderers’ sentences, it’s time for Tommy and Gary to go home, and for their vicious, malicious prosecutors to go to prison. Thank you.


From: [Ray McEachern]
Date: September 13, 2015 5:20:14 PM EDT
Subject: Help for an Innocent Man imprisoned for 40 years

I know I have contacted many of you before about my friend, Tommy Zeigler. Now I am asking you to help keep his private investigator working for him by making a contribution at the link below.  The Fundly link also has a short video of Tommy as he describes emotionally how he struggled for years to get DNA testing of blood evidence that had been used to convict him, only to have the state switch his case to a different judge when the 2001 DNA results showed he was innocent. That judge, Reginald Whitehead, rejected his first DNA appeal in 2004, and now the same judge is considering another appeal for DNA testing of “all” possible blood spots which he previously ruled might prove he was guilty.

It is largely through the effort of Tommy’s private investigator, Lynn-Marie Carty, that Tommy’s pro bono attorneys have filed the pending appeal for more testing. I met Lynn-Marie in 2011 after an article on Tommy appeared in the Tampa Bay Times. Since then, she has worked virtually full time traveling to interview witnesses, and developing evidence that proves that it was Tommy’s brother-in-law who was the probable master mind behind the plot that left Tommy’s wife, her parents, and another man dead and Tommy shot through the abdomen in his furniture store on Christmas Eve, 1975. That man, who became the sole heir to a very substantial estate with the death of his parents and sister, passed away just recently. If the new DNA testing finds the blood of anyone in that crime scene other than the victims, it will prove beyond even a shadow of a doubt that the state of Florida has condemned a man who lost his wife, and his whole life so long ago.

Please keep Lynn-Marie on the job with my thanks to you and especially to her.

Ray McEachern
Land O Lakes, Florida

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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