Likely on @FLGovScott’s behalf, Gannett’s WTSP spins protest re #DeadInmates

Getting Away With Murder - Final

Families of abused inmates protest at the Capitol

These family members say they want answers and they might have gotten them.

Secretary Mike Crews met with them after they went to the governors office. Crews said he thanked them for talking to him about their concerns and assured them that they will take the allegations with the department seriously.As for Campos, the two people accused of killing her son have been indicted for his murder.

via Families of abused inmates protest at the Capitol.


The way the above Gannett copy reads, it would seem that protesters were able to successfully meet with Florida Governor Rick Scott.


Rick Scott serves only Rick Scott: Floridians with legitimate grievances are of no interest to him, even while he’s running for a second term.

According to sources speaking to George Mallinckrodt, author of Getting Away With Murderneither Governor Rick Scott or Attorney General Lopez-Canter would speak to the still-grieving or still-worried family and friends of dead or endangered inmates. George wrote:

The PROTESTERS attempted to meet with Gov. Rick Scott. Even though his calendar was empty, the Governor would not meet with them. Neither would Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

Any answers the protester “might have gotten” from Department of Correction’s Secretary Michael Crews must be viewed in this ice cold light: the DoC is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), whose history of being unable to sort fact from fiction has been ruining and ending lives for all of this century, the result of practice-making-perfect behaviors in the previous century.

There’s an unmistakable tip-off on the FDLE’s ongoing illegitimacy:

Gretl Plessinger, former spokesperson for the FL DoC when many deaths, beatings and other inmate abuses occurred, is now the spokesperson for the FDLE … in other words, someone that obviously must be investigated is in charge of saying who’s being investigated, and how.

The “might have gotten” answers that protests didn’t actually get is standard fare. Hardly anything is the way the mainstream media portrays it, aside from who’s behind the “news” you’re watching … Gannett owns CBS, NBC and ABC stations.

Despite retention or sale of “brands,” media moguls have a shared goal – they’re prioritized their greed ahead of human need. They’re succeeding in many “markets” in having the majority of citizens vote against their own best interests.

Again: Rick Scott serves only Rick Scott; Floridians with legitimate grievances are of no interest to him, not even when he’s running for a second term.

He’s very confident that Gannett, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, etc., will keep you suffiently stupid enough to vote for him again.

Surprise him. And them. Vote against Rick Scott.



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