George Zimmerman’s treatment typifies Brevard/Seminole, FL “justice”

The Curious Case Of George Zimmerman’s Public Defender | ThinkProgress

Still, George Zimmerman is armed with the services of two attorneys, including one with more than 20 years of criminal defense experience. For an indigent defendant in Florida, that is hardly typical. Last year, 64 lawyers in Brevard and Seminole County handled 28,000 cases.

via The Curious Case Of George Zimmerman's Public Defender | ThinkProgress.

The only thing that would be curious about George Zimmerman’s Brevard/Seminole’s kid glove treatment would be for it to end.

Police, pubic defenders, prosecutors and judges in Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit have had a gubernatorial green light on continual corruption for decades, with the permission of every agency and entity responsible for oversight, right on up to the FBI and Justice Department.

The mainstream media is entirely content with this state of affairs, of which NPR and PBS are clearly now a part of.

Gary Bennett’s ludicrous frame-up is now nearly 30-years-old. It was achieved 13 months after the key witness – dog handler John Preston – was discredited in Dale Sutton’s federal case by the actual perpetrator. Preston was subsequently re-discredited through Brevard Judge Gilbert Goshorn’s 1987 skill-testing Preston, and having him resoundingly flunk. Preston was subsequently re-discredited in Brevard by DNA testing, which freed Wilton Dedge in 2004 and William Dillon in 2008.

Malicious prosecutions aren’t limited to things like knowingly putting a phony forensics “expert” on the stand. They include neglecting to introduce evidence that destroys the credibility of a defendant.

With “trial” for Trayvon Martin’s homicide looming, and with zero expectation of privacy on a jail telephone, George Zimmerman conspired with his wife to hide their assets from the court to affect his bail.

Zimmerman’s confidence that he would never be held accountable for this reputation-killing conspiracy while “on trial” for murdering Trayvon was entirely justified, just as his confidence that he will always, always be unduly protected in Brevard/Seminole is entirely justified.

Brevard/Seminole corruption is embraced and endorsed by Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi. They both feel that they’re above responding to lesser victims of that corruption who are attempting to save the lives of those more egregiously affected.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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