The scandalously ineffectual, expanding Innocence Industry

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The mission of the Center for Prosecutor Integrity is to preserve the presumption of innocence, assure equal treatment under the law, and end wrongful convictions through the enhancement of prosecutor ethics. CPI seeks to increase public awareness about the problem of prosecutorial misconduct, conduct research, as well as achieve policy reforms at the state and federal levels.

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The IRS Oversight Board has no valid reason to allow the expansion of an Innocence Industry that rakes in grants and donations to further the lie that undoing frame-ups is the personal responsibility of the framed, and their friends and family.

The Board has enough attorneys on it to collectively know that making justice routinely available is a matter of holding the federal government – particularly the Justice Department and FBI – accountable for ensuring fair trials, and a fair appellant process … and that ensuring fair trials and a fair appellant process requires restructuring Bar associations so that they address public lawyer misconduct (as directed by the US Supreme Court) instead of conspiring to bury it.

There are tens of thousands of convictions clouded by the FBI’s debunked hair and fiber analysis, taught to law enforcement officers nationwide.

There are thousands of convictions clouded by the FBI’s debunked Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis.

There are thousands of convictions clouded by DNA-discredited dog handlers, many of whom federal agents used.

There are thousands of convictions clouded by irrefutable advances in fire forensics.

The list of knowingly clouded convictions goes on and on. Discredited labs. Discredited medical examiners. Discredited “bite mark” forensics. Discredited Shaken Baby Syndrome criteria.

The FBI and Justice Department know of this list; prosecutors and their supervisors know of this list; Bar associations know of this list; the Innocence Industry knows of this list.

Before the days of auto industry recalls, victims of poor engineering that affected thousands were on their own, fighting giants.

That’s exactly how our justice system works today. And that’s exactly how the Justice Department, the FBI, Bar associations and the Innocence Industry want justice to work.

The IRS Oversight Board could set it all to rights. All it needs to do is revoke Bar association tax exemptions and Innocence Industry tax exemptions, forcing each to play straight or pay up, because pretending to secure justice while burying injustices cannot remain a tax exempt activity.

The Treasury Department has asked me to close out my arguments for the IRS Oversight Board voiding exemptions via email, stating that what I know to date is all the information that I have.

That’s like asking an officer to write his report on an incident while bullets are still flying at him.

So here’s your one-word response, Treasury Department.


Readers that check that WWII historic reference may also want to check another historic Gettysburg reference on how to capture the enemy when when outnumbered, surrounded and out of ammunition, according to one man from Maine. You charge.

If you want retrials for failed forensics to be as common as recalls for failed automotive engineering, share this post. Charge.

If you want prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct unburied and prosecuted by the Justice Department for the rights violations that there are, share this post. Charge.

If you government by and for the people, share this post. Charge.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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