Haranguing Haridopolos (and known associate Atwater)

As Florida Senate President/US Senate-hopeful Haridopolos didn’t sponsor the longer-standing, more-substantiated exoneration compensation claim of Cuban immigrant Juan Ramos, a legitimate media would have had a bone to pick with him over sponsoring yet another white guy first, even if the cases weren’t directly related to each other as well as to an already-compensated white guy Haridopolos previously sponsored … and the upcoming hearing of a disabled guy who is officially – and disgustingly – described online as “disposed.”


From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 8, 2011 12:13:31 PM EDT
To: Senator Mike Haridopolos <mike@senatormike.com>
Cc: mreed@floridatoday.com, John Glisch <jglisch@brevard.gannett.com>, letters@floridatoday.com, accuracy@usatoday.com, Tampa Division <Tampa.Division@ic.fbi.gov>, ASKDOJ <ASKDOJ@usdoj.gov>

Subject: Your disparate advocacy for Wilton Dedge, William Dillon, Juan Ramos and Gary Bennett

Dear Senate President Haridopolos:

I am writing to strenuously object to your having sponsored Wilton Dedge’s and William Dillon’s exoneration compensation claims while ignoring Juan Ramos’ nearly identical claim for his five years on death row and Gary Bennett’s corruption-ridden struggle to be freed from yet another nearly identical frame-up.

Sponsoring Ramos’ exoneration claim would guarantee Dillon’s and all future claims related to charlatan dog handler John Preston – sans disingenuous discounts like those proposed for Dillon – as Judge Gilbert Goshorn personally tested Preston in hearing Ramos’ case and found the dog handler couldn’t track a fresh scent the length of a football field.

In 1987.

As the opportunity to sponsor Ramos has been there all along, it is obvious that you seek to befuddle the Legislature about Preston cases to ensure that those who perpetrated frame-ups and ensuing coverups will not be held accountable.

I have blogged about the recent corruption that Bennett has endured after serving over 27 years of someone else’s time, including a tainted transfer to another circuit where Preston was active, apparent evidence tampering and having his case being designated as “disposed” on the Brevard County Clerk’s eFact website, unlike the cases of Ramos, Dedge and Dillon, which were and are accessible (with the exception of Dedge’s conviction, likely expunged).

Equal justice requires equal treatment, including making Bennett’s case as accessible online as the others that are directly related.  Giving the Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today built-in excuses to do lousier jobs on reporting about Preston than they already are is beyond unconscionable.

I’ve asked both you and former Florida Senate President/CFO Jeff Atwater very nicely to do what you’re paid to do and have sworn to do, which does not include abusing FBI family ties to obstruct justice or allow the press to be fettered.  The FBI’s mandate to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes does not carry the proviso, “except where sons of former agents hold political office.”

You obviously believe that conviction corruption victims’ friends and family cannot possibly bring enough pressure to bear to make the FBI adhere to its mandate to investigate your district’s wrongful convictions, likely because the FBI used Preston, too.

Here’s what I believe: Ramos was persecuted rather than prosecuted and acquitted at retrial; you will be prosecuted rather than persecuted and won’t be acquitted, ever, if you stay the course and participate in conviction corruption and cloying coverups.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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