.@FLGovScott: Free Gary Bennett; tell FL’s 18th and 9th judicial circuits they’re “Done.”

Brevard Good Ole Boys

Had the proper authorities paid attention to Brevard Good Ole Boys, not only would hundred of millions of taxpayers dollars been saved, so would many lives, as Judge John Dean Moxley and other conviction corruption players were mentioned in the book.

At long last, I am in possession of Judge Moxley’s inappropriate correspondence to Jeff Ashton in regards to Gary Bennett’s 30-year-old frame up in Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit, a frame-up in which Moxley was active, just as he was in the nearly identical and now upset frame-ups of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon.

Oddly, Moxley made mention in one of his letters of the very case that indicated that Ashton’s circuit – the 9th – was obliged to decline the transfer of Gary’s case (which the 9th ignored). That case was Bottoson v State of Florida.

The letters are not at all what I expected … I’m not seeing much of a resemblance to the portrayal of them by Gary’s Innocence Industry defense attorneys,  a portrayal made formally in one of their motions.

Some of Moxley’s assertions are so vile that they require investigation by family and friends, before the mainstream media “interprets” them into politically self-serving gibberish, a specialty of Gannett’s Florida Today, home-based in the circuit where Gary was framed. Like other Gannett papers, FT specializes in he said, she said stenography, heavily weighted to what they want you to believe … especially what they want you to believe before the next time you vote. Upstanding politicians are not only of no use to Gannett and the rest of America’s mainstream media, they’re its worst nightmare. In Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit, the Orlando Sentinel writes in the same manner.

In the interests of protecting Gary’s safety, as well as the safety of others who remain framed in Florida with the permission of the Department of Justice, the FBI and Senate Intelligence Oversight, I am posting just one of Moxley’s communications to Ashton … the shortest, most informal, and most obviously heeded: it’s marked “Done.”

“You’re done, son,” is a common phrase hereabouts. It means give up; you’ve lost … from here on in it’s just going to get ugly and embarrassing for you; you don’t stand a chance.

A whole lot of people in Florida and D.C. ought say that say that to themselves in the mirror tomorrow morn. Lying to themselves isn’t in their best interests, because this looks to be the all-fall-down – the end of them easily getting away with lying to us.

It seems to me that the pain-inflicting public servants and media misinformers that are going to be hurt the least are the ones who come forward the fastest. The race is on, y’all.

Moxley's handwritten note to Ashton








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Uncovered Text Messages Sent By Veteran Baton Rouge Police Officer Expose Him As White Supremacist

Originally posted on United States Hypocrisy:

Earlier this month, Baton Rouge local news station WBRZ learned from an anonymous source about a series of text messages sent by a local police officer were the focus of an internal investigation being conducted by the Baton Rouge Police Department. And while the earliest reports did not disclose the name of the officer in question, it wasn’t long after the story broke that members of the local community, stunned by how incredibly repugnant the texts were, began demanding the officer’s name be made public.

Racist Baton Rouge Police officer Michael Elsbury

Racist Baton Rouge Police officer Michael Elsbury

Officer Michael Elsbury was a 15-year veteran of the BRPD. During those fifteen long years, he worked in a majority Black district, District 4, and he regularly patrolled the Southern Historically Black College and University. To a female friend, he explained unequivocally how he felt about the Black people he’d sworn an oath to “serve and protect”. Let’s…

View original 288 more words

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TX: Objecting to “ass on the glass” leads to solitary confinement.

Lawsuit: Bartlett State Jail allowed assault, hazing | http://www.statesman.com

A former prisoner who says he was sexually assaulted during a hazing ritual at the Bartlett State Jail has sued the company that operates it.

The federal lawsuit was filed Wednesday against the Corrections Corporation of America and also against jail warden Eduardo Carmona and jail officer John Roe. It alleges that the jail is chronically understaffed and that officers are not adequately trained to prevent and stop sexual assault and sexual hazing.

via Lawsuit: Bartlett State Jail allowed assault, hazing | www.statesman.com.


And from MySanAntonio.com:

The suit also claims that the prison’s warden and officers have long known about “ass on the glass” but have done nothing to stop it. The company purposefully understaffs the prison to “maximize profits,” the suit claims …

According to the lawsuit, the defendant reported the incident to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Inspector General and subsequently was placed in solitary confinement by CCA.

The math of privatization is unworkable: You can’t simply involve more people than are necessary to any delivery of any service and save taxpayers money, especially when those unnecessary people include:

  • greedy, under-taxed (or untaxed) investors, seeking dividends in the form of your tax dollars
  • generous lobbyists at the state and federal level, buying additional influence with previously received privatization dollars … your tax dollars.
  • overcompensated officers and directors … paid with  your tax dollars..

Privatization of prison facilities, prison healthcare, prison meals, prison phone services, prison money transfers, etc., were all morally as well as mathematically D.O.A. … it’s time to declare them legally dead.

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Nearly one in-custody death per day in TX …

A Plea for Justice - The Tim Cole Story

A Plea for Justice – The Timothy Cole Story


Grits for Breakfast: Deaths in custody near-daily events in Texas

According to this list on the Attorney Generals website, there have been 3,680 people who’ve died in custody of state and local law enforcement in Texas since 2005, which seems like a remarkable number – roughly one per day. Nearly half the deaths happened in TDCJ units. Heres an excel file with a list of the deceased.

via Grits for Breakfast: Deaths in custody near-daily events in Texas.


I think of Tim Cole often, and not because I corresponded with author Fred B. McKinney and read his book.

I think of Tim because I’ve had asthma all my life, and suspect that Tim was denied his emergency inhaler, and that it caused his death.

I also think of Tim because the actual rapist tried to free him,  more than once.

It’s not unusual for the actual criminal to come forward when an innocent is framed.

What’s unusual is for anyone in authority to actually listen to the actual criminal.

Ignoring actual criminals is just another filthy facet of civil immunities. Officers have qualified immunities, while prosecutors, D.A. and A.G.’s have absolute immunities … no form of misconduct, including ignoring easily verifiable confessions from actual rapists, robbers and killers, is against the law.

The answer isn’t Conviction Integrity Units, especially not Conviction Integrity Units staffed with public servants that have qualified or absolute immunity from prosecution for deliberate misconduct.

The answer is doing away with civil immunities.

It’s called equal justice. And we used to have it.

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Crazy TN wants to execute mentally ill Billy Ray Irick



Billy Ray Irick | Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

Because no information about Mr. Irick’s psychotic symptoms just prior to the murder was ever investigated or presented at trial, the state’s psychiatric expert, Dr. Clifton Tennison, who spent one hour evaluating Billy, testified at his trial that there was no evidence of mental illness that would have prevented Mr. Irick from knowing the wrongfulness of his conduct. Years later, when the case was on appeal, Dr. Tennison, after reviewing the new evidence describing Mr. Irick’s behavior prior to the murder, stated in an affidavit, “I am concerned that in light of this new evidence, my previous evaluation and the resulting opinion were incomplete and therefore not accurate… It is my professional opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that without further testing and evaluation, no confidence should be placed in Mr. Irick’s 1985 evaluations of competency to stand trial and mental condition at the time of the alleged offense.”

via Billy Ray Irick | Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.


If this is the best Tennessee can do, it obviously ought not kill anyone … please sign this Change.org petition:


Thank you.

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Crews fires more violent FL prison guards; other abuses ignored, so far.

5 Florida prison guards stomped shackled, gassed inmate, investigators say – WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: News – Top Stories

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Five prison guards were arrested for allegedly stomping on a handcuffed and shackled inmate at a Northwest Florida prison last month and a sixth — a captain — was also charged with taking part in the attack and lying about it.

The guards allegedly knocked the prisoner, who had been gassed with chemical agents, to the ground face-first and jumped on him while he was handcuffed and his legs were restrained and then tried to cover it up, according to probable-cause affidavits accompanying arrest documents.

via 5 Florida prison guards stomped shackled, gassed inmate, investigators say – WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: News – Top Stories.


Cracking down on guard-on-inmate violence within Florida prisons, including juvenile facilities, isn’t new. What would be new is for the perpetrators of violence on inmates to face any serious consequence. This has to stop.

Florida prisons do not have the ability to address serious medical conditions – cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, etc. – and that inability turns short sentences into death sentences. This has to stop.

In some facilities, prisoners that are too injured or ill to walk to sign up for clinic visits are just left in their cells. As they’re too injured or ill to walk to get their meals, too, their deterioration can be rapid. A non-fatal illness can become fatal, an untreated injury can cause permanent damage. Dental care is largely ignored, allowing abscesses to, best case, rot one’s teeth out of one’s mouth, and worst case, cause death by the spread of the infection. This has to stop.

In some facilities, phony Discipline Reports that guards write not only cause unjust solitary confinement, they ruin chances at parole … I know firsthand that the Parole Board treats every Discipline Report as gospel, and do not allow them to be challenged. This has to stop.

These four things have one thing in common: MONEY.

The Prison Industrial Complex – prison privatizers and prison vendors – all want prison populations to increase, and corrupt politicians that receive donations from the Prison Industrial Complex are all too happy to give them what they want. Investors love the Prison Industrial Complex. They know how successful it’s been at lobbying for ludicrous sentences. How it is ensuring recidivism by shipping prisoners out of state, disconnecting them from their families. How successful it has been at getting mental illness treated as a crime, rather than an illness. Investors include foundations that claim to be helping society here and abroad, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Innocence Industry – expanding at an exponential rate – is busy, busy, busy pedaling wrongful convictions as the only systemic problem with our justice system, and corrupt politicians are very happy that the general public is buying it hook, line and sinker, so that they can tap the taxpayers for yet for money for Conviction Integrity Units at the state and federal level, which will fix a wrongful conviction or two here and there, just as taxpayers were previously tapped for Preventing Future Wrongful Conviction Committees at the state and federal level, which accomplished absolutely nothing. The Innocence Industry’s false pretenses keep juries flat stupid, and keep voters flat stupid. And it’s intentional. They are making a good living, they are getting their pictures in newspapers and on television screens, people perceive them as heroes … and all that would stop if our justice system was repaired.

What is actually wrong with our justice system is that it was rigged by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1976. Per the majority of Justices (as recently as 2011 in Connick v Thompson), State Attorneys, District Attorneys, Attorneys General, as well as the attorneys they employ, remain immune from prosecution for deliberate misconduct, even if that misconduct results in a knowingly wrongful execution, or a known murderer getting away with murder. Nothing but nothing will right our justice system until Justices like Ruth Bader Ginsberg are in the majority, which could be accomplished in a very forthright manner by impeaching the Unfabulous Five for their ridiculous rulings – corporations are people, money is free speech, Lily Ledbetter ought to have used her women’s intuition to psychically determine that she was being paid unequally from the beginning, Hobby Lobby can continue to invest in birth control drugs while feigning religious aversion to the use of birth control drugs, etc.

As the linked CBS 12 story is about Northwest Florida Reception Center, I will provide a NFRC “for instance” regarding the Prison Industrial Complex, the Innocence Industry, and the U.S. Supreme Court keeping prosecutorial misconduct legal … Gary’s Bennett’s.


Gary was framed over 30 years ago in the same manner as scores of other Brevard County, Florida men, remains incarcerated at NFRC. The malice of the prosecutors involved is particularly well known to the American Bar association, the Florida Bar Association, the Brevard County Bar Association, and the Innocence Industry, which “represents” Gary. One of the two organizations couldn’t possibly be more familiar with Brevard frame-ups identical to Gary’s … they helped free Brevard’s Wilton Dedge and William Dillon from theirs.

Gary was eligible for parole, but instead of being freed, his sentence was extended via bogus Detention Reports (DR’s), which the Parole Board took as gospel, which is what the Prison Industrial Complex wants, prisons packed with people that would have been released if guards weren’t routinely issuing phony DR’s. Towards that end, Gary was not allowed to be present at his hearing. Towards that end, his Innocence Industry attorneys were no-shows. The Parole Board, in their-seconds long discussion of extending Gary’s sentence, completely disregarded my written objections, which had been acknowledged as received. The bogus DR’s that were used to falsely extended Gary’s sentence included writing up his requests for protection (voluntary solitary confinement) as disciplinary actions. Gary is not young or strong. His attackers were.

Gary has had his epilepsy medication deliberately withheld, which caused him to have seizures that could have caused his death. The Florida Department of Corrections refused to see this for what it was – attempted homicide. (This despite there being successful Florida prison homicides from withholding medication, as current investigations – if at all honest – will verify.) Gary’s teeth are rotting out of his mouth. Gary’s family and I duked out the withholding of his epilepsy medication with Department of Corrections’ spokesperson Gretl Plessinger, his Innocence Industry attorneys remained silent. Gary’s teeth continue to rot out of his mouth, just like William Dillon’s did during his 27 year wrongful incarceration. Gretl Plessinger is now the spokesperson for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which is supposed to be conducting the investigations of every abuse Plessinger ignored while she was with the FL DoC. Although Plessinger didn’t do her job at the DoC well, she’s likely already collecting a DROP pension for her “service.”

This, folks, is how Florida rolls.

Right over taxpayers.

In completely bipartisan fashion.

Which I will demonstrate in the days ahead, by publishing emails to Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office. The 9th circuit is “blue,” the 18th circuit – where Juan, Wilton, William, Gary and many others were framed and where George Zimmerman was acquitted – is “red”.

The last team of prosecutors to level malice at Gary Bennett went full out. They repeated a lurid lie the 9th circuit had used earlier against William “Tommy” Zeigler in reinventing a theory of the crime for his frame-up, after DNA dissolved their first one.

But that lurid lie isn’t what’s going to cause the all-fall-down.

Scent evidence is.

Juan, Wilton, William, Gary and who knows how many others were convicted by the perjuries of phony dog handler John Preston. The 9th was obliged to decline transfer of Gary’s case from the 18th because they’d used Preston, too, with FBI participation. It resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s execution.

But that’s NOT the clincher. The clincher is the scent evidence expert in Casey Anthony’s trial in the 9th. Anthony’s scent evidence expert, Kenneth Furton, now FIU’s provost, testified FOR Casey Anthony.

Furton had also testified FOR DNA-discredited dog handler Keith Pikett, testifying that Pikett’s goofy paint cans were scientific. There are headlines right now about Pikett and Furton. Megan Winfrey is fighting for compensation for her wrongful Pikett conviction.

The FBI had also used Pikett. And other DNA-discredited dog handlers aside from Preston. The FBI’s own scent dogs have a lousy track record. This is known to the Department of Justice and the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee (see previous post God damn Bob Graham).

Furton is a multi-year federal grant recipient for refining scent evidence.

Gary Bennett’s prosecution was lead by Jeff Ashton, so was Casey Anthony’s. Simultaneously. I knew in May of 2010 that Pikett had been DNA-discredited, and I suspect Jeff Ashton and Gary’s Innocence Industry attorneys knew, too; just as he they all knew Preston had been DNA-discredited twice over.

What it all boils down to is this: The Department of Justice and the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee are eager for every last victim of bogus scent evidence testimony to die behind bars. They can’t address Jeff Ashton’s ineffectual impeachment of Kenneth Furton in Casey Anthony’s trial without addressing Jeff Ashton’s ignoring the 18th’s Judicial Circuit notorious use of John Preston to achieve frame-ups.

Addressing Gary’s frame-up poses a huge “what the hell?” for feds to explain amongst their other scent evidence corruption, in that Gary was framed one year after Dale Sutton was released from prison, cleared of a federal offense, with the court finding John Preston a scent charlatan. But the biggest “what the hell” will be the lengthening list of FBI phony forensics … in addition to phony scent evidence, their Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis has proven to be of no value, as has their hair and fiber analysis, which they taught to techs and law enforcement officers nationwide for decades and now claim only cloud thousands of convictions, instead of the tens of thousands of convictions that they actually clouded.

Gary Bennett’s beloved mother, Ms. Maxine, died last week. She was a twinkle-eyed imp, a sprite … so tiny and frail that she made tiny and frail me feel big and strong when I hugged her. His niece made the trip to inform Gary, and it went well … Gary did not have a seizure, as we’d all feared. On a previous, similarly sad trip to inform Gary of his another family death, Gary was in solitary. He  had complained, and so had the family, about being eaten up with ant bites. No doubt the retaliatory confinement was well-documented with a bogus Discipline Report. The focus of any phony DR’s has changed; now they’ll be to prevent Gary from being granted clemency, and they won’t work. Gary missed out on three reunions … one of his sisters died of cancer, his brother was killed by a drunk driver, and his mother – Ms. Maxine – died of tumor that was invisible two months ago, and so massive last week that it was moving internal organs around, obstructing her breathing, absolutely hopeless to battle.

Government by the parasites, for the parasites will not stand in Florida, despite stonewalling that certainly includes Governor Scott, Senate President Gaetz,, House Speaker Weatherford and Attorney General Bondi.

Government by the parasites, for the parasites will not stand at the federal level, either. Legions of people have “for instances” just like Gary Bennett’s NFRC for instance.

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Show of hands: Who DOESN’T know that Aramark is a parasitic purveyor of maggoty prison meals?

UPDATED: MI-GOV SCANDAL – Snyder admin quietly canceled $98K fine for for-profit prison food vendor

Edwin Buss, who also used to run the Indiana Department of Corrections, will be paid $160,000 a year. His first year’s salary will come from fines levied against Aramark for violations of its $145-million, three-year contract with the State of Michigan, said Wurfel.

Buss was embroiled in questionable activities himself in the Florida prison system.

via UPDATED: MI-GOV SCANDAL – Snyder admin quietly canceled $98K fine for for-profit prison food vendor.

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