Reprieve: CIA staffers accessed Senate computers to doctor information

Reprieve (001) 929 2754  For immediate release: Thurs July 31, 2014

Leaked US Government ‘talking points’ on Senate CIA torture report: Reprieve comment


A White House document showing the State Department’s recommended ‘talking points’ on a major Senate report into CIA torture – the executive summary to which is expected to be declassified and released next week – has today been leaked to the Associated Press.


The document says that the soon-to-be-published report from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence “leaves no doubt that the methods used to extract information from some terrorist suspects caused profound pain, suffering and humiliation.”


The talking points also argue that there has already been sufficient debate around the methods of torture used. It says: “Our Congress issued this report, and the Obama administration strongly supported its declassification, in that spirit. This report will help the American people can understand what happened in the past, and that will help to guide us as we move forward.” However, serious concerns have been raised by international human rights NGO Reprieve, and other rights groups working with the victims of CIA torture, that the report will be heavily redacted.


The leaking of the document was followed today by revelations that CIA staffers improperly accessed the computers of those in the Senate working on it, in attempts to doctor information contained within.


Commenting Cori Crider, Strategic Director of Reprieve, said: “Whoever wrote this, document is right about one thing – the story of CIA torture is one of which no American can be proud. For years, Reprieve’s clients have described horrific ordeals at the hands of the CIA. From the rendition of children and pregnant women to the torture of innocent men, the ‘war on terror’ continues to cast a long shadow across the US. The CIA has tried desperately to stop the truth coming out, going to far as to spy on Senate staffers writing this torture report. But the American people deserve to know what was carried out in their name. We should name the victims, admit to our black sites, and be sure this never happens again.”



  1. For further information, please contact Reprieve’s Press Office: / 001 929 258 275


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.@FLGovScott, @TheJusticeDept: Investigate Paul Hildwin’s “release” from death row

Offender Picture









BREAKING: Florida Death Row Inmate Paul Hildwin Freed From Death Row

As of this writing he has been transferred to the Hernando County, Florida Detention Center where his hold is listed as “REMAND; HOLD; CIVIL; FEDERAL CHARGE; NO CCH ENTRY.”  You can view this by clicking HERE.  You may need to click image twice to enlarge.

via BREAKING: Florida Death Row Inmate Paul Hildwin Freed From Death Row.

DNA evidence and hidden-from-the-defense eyewitness testimony said that Paul Hildwin told the truth over 28 years ago: He stole a check; he didn’t murder anyone, he never belonged on death row.

By the hiding of witnesses, it’s rather obvious that Hildwin’s 28 years on death row were a fraud on Floridians. A fraud that is ongoing, and – apparently – escalating.

Instead of flat freeing Hildwin, the Florida Supreme Court ordered a retrial, offering prosecutors a second chance to engineer more misconduct to reframe Hildwin.

And apparently feds are going to aid prosecutors that endeavor.

If you’re surprised by that, you’re very new to looking at Florida’s conviction corruption. It’s riddled with aiding and abetting from feds.

Current Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhaus is a Governor Charlie Crist appointee, even though Florida sheriffs are elected. He’s also an FBI National Academy graduate.

And the FBI is dirty.

As usual, I’m not the originator of the assertion … I remain merely a sporadically operable fountain of secondhand information.

The originator of the most forceful assertion that the FBI is dirty is U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, via a press release on FBI Oversight issued on March 27, 2007.  It was a three page release, and it was chock full of damnation, including this:

The pattern of incompetence and lack of accountability within the Department and at the Bureau is also on display with the FBI’s treatment of its own equipment and weapons. Another recent report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General found that the FBI cannot account for 160 laptop computers and an equal number of weapons that were lost or stolen over a three-and a-half year period.

Of course, this alone sheds a saner, clearer light on Snowden’s four, not-lost laptops, along with his (and many others) whistleblowing, as well as being trained by the FBI for anything … but as I wrote earlier and will repeat, Leahy’s three page press release was chock full of damnation.

Knowing – secondhand – what I know of the FBI in addition to Leahy’s scathing press release, I wonder how Leahy reached the conclusion that the 160 laptops and 160 weapons were “lost or stolen” when other FBI behaviors suggest it is more likely that they were sold.

There is a very recent article in The Washington Post about the FBI’s dirty forensics.

It is in your best interests to ignore it.

And know that the more honest 2012 article portrays 40 rather than 20 years of faux FBI hair analysis taught nationwide rather than kept as proprietary forensics, it still leaves gapping holes in the portrayal of the FBI’s nationwide foresncis conviction corruption: it does not mention the FBI’s discredited Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, the FBI’s discredited fiber analysis, the FBI’s involvement with DNA-discredited dog handlers, and much more. It was FBI “expert” testimony that portrayed Hildwin’s fluids as a match to the homicide for which he’s already wrongfully served 28 years.So who really belongs in prison … Hildwin, or that FBI “expert?” How about the prosecutors (and perhaps officers) who hid witnesses testimony that would have cleared Hildwin? How about whoever’s behind “REMAND; HOLD; CIVIL; FEDERAL CHARGE; NO CCH ENTRY?” How about Florida governors – like Bob Graham, Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist and Rick Scott – that let their constituents pockets be picked to warehouse innocents while theyremain in danger fromactual killers? How about U.S. Senators – including Bob Graham – that serve on Intelligence Oversight and let intelligence be corrupt and stupid?Paul Hildwin’s Florida death row story is William “Tommy” Zeigler’s story, and Kris Maharaj’s story, and Crosley Green’s story, and Shorty Aguirre’s story, and Linroy Bottoson’s story, and Gerald Stano’s story, and so on, and so on, and so on. That Florida holds the national death row exoneration record does not in any way signify that justice is available. The exact opposite is true.

With U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s silent permission, the U.S. Supreme Court’s more specific permission (Chief Justice John Roberts washing his hands of reviewing Tommy Zeigler’s new evidence), the Bar’s continual IRS-approved absentmindedness about their SCOTUS-assigned responsibility to address public attorney misconduct (with that amnesia shared by major “innocence” organizations), and the media’s willing assistance in making every last hideous bit of all of this seem all-American, Florida’s “public servants” message to those that pay their wages remains the same, decade after decade:

We bury innocence and we bury innocents, and when you fight us, you’re not fighting City Hall – you’re fighting corrupt feds, and all their corrupt friends. So shut up and pay your taxes, suckers … buy another newspaper, watch another newscast, and stay as stupid as you are. You’ll get your precious “unfettered press” and “equal protection under the law” and “taxation with representation” all right … in the afterlife.

If you’re not okay with that message, please share this post, and call out Rick Scott and Eric Holder. Thank you.
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To the loved ones….

Originally posted on Victims Advocate:

We are receiving a flow of letters from loved ones all over Florida and some from a few other states about their loved ones being abused. Some just want to tell their story to someone and others want advice on what to do. I want to make sure it’s clear here that we are not legal professionals. We are all private citizens concerned with human and civil rights and feel that these people, in spite of their crimes, still need a voice. They are still human beings. 

Whatever advice you get through our emails and calls is exactly that. You will always be advised to go to authorities and to follow a chain of command. It’s a suggestion that you make calls to these offices, but also that you follow-up with a letter detailing what caused your concern, who you’ve spoken with so far, the outcome of those calls, and…

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More on Corizon’s care of Alabama inmates …

Senior Alabama lawmaker questions top officials relationship in prison contracts |

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a lawsuit last month against the prison system, Commissioner Kim Thomas, and Naglich. The suit, packed with gruesome anecdotes of untreated medical conditions, alleges inadequate health care for Alabama inmates …

Naglich also worked for 13 years in various roles including as an executive with two companies that later merged to form Corizon, Correctional Medical Services and America Service Group.

via Senior Alabama lawmaker questions top officials relationship in prison contracts |


From the article linked to the word “lawsuit” above:

“The state has long known about these problems but done little to bring prison conditions up to a humane and constitutional level,” SPLC attorney Maria Morris said. “There are too many lives at risk for us to wait any longer. In good conscience, we had no choice but to file this case.”

It’s no exaggeration. Truly.

From the article linked to the word “gruesome” above:

Staph outbreaks. Scabies outbreaks. A footbridge over raw sewage. A guard with TB allowed to continue working. No blood sugar measurements for diabetics. Stroke victim left on a cell floor for days. A blind prisoner being tricked into signing his own “Do Not Resuscitate” form.

There’s no bigger, crueler, crazier ripoff than mass incarceration. Please sign the petition below and share this post so that others can sign it, too. Thank you.


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John Oliver’s US prison rant hones in on (you guessed it!) @FLGovScott



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National Youth Gathering to End the For-Profit Prison Industry

Originally posted on Prison Divestment Campaign:

Youth Retreat to End Private PrisonsENLACE-POSTER_outline_campaign11x85

We are building a powerful movement for a prison-free, immigrant-friendly world, and we need your help.

Every year more and more low income and youth of color are pushed out of school and into cages. The criminal and immigration systems are destroying the lives of youth by separating families and destroying our communities. 

This August, youth from around the country are coming together in Miami to take a stand. The very schools that youth of color attend are also financing the expansion of the prison industrial complex. When a student or a member of our community is detained, deported, or incarcerated,  these schools reap profits!

We need your help to bring everyone together! 
Tax dollars, pension funds, and university endowment funds are being invested in the racist prison industry. This money is used by private prison companies like CCA and GEO to…

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Reprieve: UK slipping into darkness; facilitating assassinations.


Reprieve 0207 553 8160  For immediate release: Sun July 27, 2014

“Primitive” deprivation of citizenship powers come into force

New powers have today come into force that allow Home Secretary Theresa May to deprive naturalised Brits of their citizenship, even where doing so would render them stateless.

The new powers, which fall under section 40 of the 1981 British Nationality Act, were passed in the Commons earlier this year, having been brought forward at the last minute. 

The Home Secretary may deprive a person of their citizenship if she is “satisfied that deprivation is conducive to the public good.” The decision to deprive is taken in secret and solely by the Home Secretary, while victims of the order are not allowed a hearing.

Deprivation of citizenship has been described by the US Supreme Court as “a form of punishment more primitive than torture”. The UK government has often made deprivation orders when victims are abroad, making it impossible for them to appeal.

Kat Craig, Legal Director at Reprieve, said: “Today is a dark day for the rule of law and for British democracy. The powers that Theresa May assumes today are espoused by the likes of the French far right. The prohibition on statelessness was the only tangible check on the Home Secretary’s considerable power; its removal raises the worrying prospect that Brits could be made stateless as a prelude to illegal rendition or, worse, a drone strike.”


Notes for editors

1. For further information, please contact Alice Gillham in Reprieve’s press / 0207 553 8160

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