ASA Victoria Avalon plays the grandma card to tighten Leo Schofield’s #LoveFL #FrameUp

Leo Schofield

Leo Schofield has been in the Florida prison system since 1989. It’s time he had his first fair day in court.

Witness does about face, confessing to Polk County murder then recanting it

The tears came again when Avalon asked Scott if he had lied to his grandmother about a key piece of evidence when he called her once from prison.

His fingerprints had been found in the dead woman’s car, supporting the story he told about killing her, but he gave his grandmother a different explanation: It was probably one of many cars he had broken into off Interstate 4.

“No. No, I don’t want to answer that question,” Scott replied at first, then added, “No, I didn’t lie to my grandma.”


It strikes me as very odd that it didn’t strike the Tampa Bay Times very odd that a prosecutor would play did-you-lie-to-gramma head games with severely mentally ill convicted murderer Jeremy Scott to make him recant his written confession that he had killed Leo Schofield’s wife. And it strikes me as odd that Scott’s recollections of what time periods he was or wasn’t on meds was to be trusted, per assistant state attorney Victoria Avalon, while his memory of whether or not he committed another murder was not.

Leo deserves a retrial: Scott’s prints from Michelle Schofield’s car were not in evidence the first time around; they were only run (producing a match to Scott) by mistake after Leo’s conviction – by a person who didn’t know that Polk County police and prosecutors didn’t really want to know who killed Michelle.

They still don’t.

Polk County, Florida plays dirty. Just like Dade County. And Brevard County. And so on.

It’s likely that assistant state attorney Victoria Avalon considers herself a winner, not only for grandma-badgering Jeremy Scott into a recantation, but for getting Tampa Bay Times to write an entirely one-sided story, absent many facts.

There’s no telling what other evidence wasn’t treated properly, aside from Scott’s fingerprints, because the story tellers are just like the officers, prosecutors, judges, etc., involved in convicting innocents like Leo … they want to preserve their reputations, not justice.

Polk County just completed a sting of sex offenders. Names of alleged offenders were published.

In 2001, there was a sting of sex offenders in Brevard County. Names of alleged offenders were published, including Terence Schoof’s. That information was withheld from me by Brevard officers when I filed a complaint in an attempt to keep myself safe from Schoof.

The current Brevard Sheriff, publicity hog Wayne Ivey, was then the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s agent assigned to Brevard. Ivey was not only of no help to me in an effort to get police cooperation, he was of no help to scores of men he personally knew were framed by the perjured testimony of a fraudulent dog handler, John Preston. He lied to me on the phone, telling me that every man that should be free had been freed. I knew Ivey was lying and continued advocating for Brevard innocents, often more strenuously than their high profile attorneys. In 2008, years after my conversation with Ivey, William Dillon was exonerated. Gary Bennett will be exonerated, too; so will the rest.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd utilized public resources in a push to secure one particular death warrant. Instead of journalists confronting him over his misappropriations, I did. It isn’t the only time I’ve called him out.

Florida corrections facilities are notoriously deadly. They’re no place for the mentally ill or non-violent offenders, let alone innocents. Leo Schofield has been in prison since 1989 and has yet to have his first fair day in court.

The Tampa Bay Times should give a damn about that. Or at least credibly pretend to, which requires more sophisticated subterfuges than Florida Today offers with its ongoing off-point/inaccurate articles, videos, podcasts, op ed pieces and “community columnist” pieces about Brevard County frame-ups.

The FBI and Department of Justice know that justice hasn’t been available in many Florida counties for decades. Sadly, there are explanations for their looking the other way, i.e.; the FBI participating in using the same dog handler as Brevard – John Preston – to achieve Linroy Bottoson’s conviction.

Victoria Avalon can’t get a shot at making Linroy cry like she did Jeremy Scott, even if she switches circuits to Orange County: Linroy was executed despite his schizophrenia in 2002, two decades after Preston had been found a fraud via Julius Manning’s confessions to a series of federal crimes, one of which innocent Dale Sutton was serving time for. Sutton was freed in January of 1983, a year before Brevard prosecutors put Preston on the stand to commit perjury against Gary Bennett.

Monte Adams

Monte Adams has been in the Florida prison system since 1983 without his first fair day in court. His fingerprints did not match the Brevard County crime scene prints, so they WERE NOT RUN.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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