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Prosecutors Caught Forcing Lab To Falsify Marijuana Test Results To Jail More Americans

The incriminating documents show that under the leadership of the Republican attorney general, Michigan state police were arresting lawful users of medical marijuana, and then doctoring test results in order to charge peaceful citizens with felonies. According to a former ACLU attorney:

“The lab is intentionally reporting nonexistent felonies, and the prosecutors are going after medical marijuana patients with these lab reports that are fraudulent.”

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is a vocal opponent of marijuana legalization, saying “We should not go down this road of legalizing drugs,” and brazenly resisting the will of the people.

via http://www.occupydemocrats.com/prosecutors-caught-forcing-lab-to-falsify-marijuana-test-results-to-jail-more-americans-2/


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Hit Man Vincent Smothers (L) does not half-blind, developmentally delayed kid – Davontae Sanford (R) – serving any of his time

I’d hoped that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette would pounce on the opportunity to right a wrong upon taking office by freeing framed Davontae Sanford, with or without pointing out how crazy it was for his predecessor, Mike Cox, to ever have believed that a 14-year-old who could only see out of one eye (and only think as well as a third-grader on his best days) could possibly pull off a quadruple drug hit, single handed.

But Schuette did nothing, he even ignored that Cox had assigned my plea on Davontae’s behalf a case number. Schuette quickly demonstrated his disdain for constitutional law and for democracy itself by backing Governor Rick Snyder’s replacing elected officials with “managers,” which several federal agencies should have acted immediately to undo. And now this – undoing the will of people who voted for medical marijuana by twisting police procedures and forensic testing.

Davontae had tested negative for gun shot residue, misidentified the weapons used in the hit, and named numerous accomplices, none of which checked out … he obviously knew nothing; the “confession” that Detroit police extracted from him was preposterous. Regardless, attorney Richard Slaminka advised Davontae’s mother to have her son plead guilty. Slaminka was already on my radar for his hateful public statements regarding Eddie Joe Lloyd, in which he portrayed his client as guilty of a rape/homicide. Eddie was exonerated by DNA and compensated by Michigan taxpayers, but prison conditions had taken their toll … Eddie Joe died too young.

A year after Davontae’s ridiculous arrest, Vincent Smothers confessed to the quadruple hit, naming his accomplice and providing information leading to the recovery of one of the guns used in the homicides. He also credibly confessed to a slew of other hits. Smothers was prosecuted only for the other hits, because Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy wouldn’t admit what a gigantic farce it was for her office to prosecute half-blind, developmentally delayed Davontae, not in 2008 when Smothers confessed, and not now.

The FBI should have been all over Worthy’s ongoing malicious prosecution of Davontae … it’s their job to make sure that public corruption doesn’t affect trial outcomes. But they weren’t, and aren’t. The FBI was rogue under Robert Mueller, and remains rogue under James Comey. It’s why state attorney generals nationwide are so damn confident that they can not only participate in conviction corruption, but instigate it, as Bill Schuette has.

Killer-for-hire Smothers has done a great deal to try and free Davontae Sanford. Much more than any public servant. It’s time for President Obama to request James Comey’s resignation, as he should have requested Robert Mueller’s, because the FBI 21st Century position on public corruption couldn’t be more dishonorable: they ignore it; they help cover it up; they even generate it. There is no federal agency that is tasked with protecting public servants – like Schuette and Snyder – that bend or break our laws for the specific purpose of persecuting innocents, including innocent children, including Davontae and Max Lorincz’s son.

Medical Marijuana Battle: Father Fights For Custody Of Son

Published on Apr 24, 2015

Medical marijuana is a controversial, sometimes sticky issue, especially in Michigan. Max Lorincz is a father from Spring Lake who is fighting for his right to use medical marijuana, and get his son back. He’s a card-carrying patient, but was charged with a felony, after a single smear of oil was found in his home …

… Like many card-carrying medical marijuana patients across the state, Lorincz is caught between his doctor’s orders and a judge…read the rest of the source article here: http://fox17online.com/2015/04/23/fat…

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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