Join Barrett Brown: be a porcupine (not a sitting duck)

The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be in Prison | FrontBurner | D Magazine

Poem of the Day:

The State wants to eat me

And I guess that’s fine.

But they just might find

I’m a little porcupine.

via The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be in Prison | FrontBurner | D Magazine.


Here in St. Lucie County, Florida, our sheriff preposterously believes that – in the interests of cost savings – prisoners should only be able to receive post cards. Mind you, many of them are awaiting trial and haven’t been convicted of anything, and are depending on overworked public attorneys who are under the “leadership” of a public defender that is more concerned that even the innocent bear the costs of their defense, rather than taxpayers. Her campaign speeches are stomach turning.

It’s more than odd than our US Supreme Court went so far as to say that money is free speech when it is entirely unwilling to say that free speech is free speech.

If you click the link to the article above, you’ll find that Barrett Brown isn’t able to receive anything but handwritten correspondence from anyone other than his attorneys:

The Kaufman County jail is run by some sort of paranoid schizophrenic sheriff who doesn’t allow us to receive anything in the mail that is typed or printed or photocopied, and so when I want to know what the press is saying about my case, I have to have my mommy read it out loud to me over the phone.

For years, I’ve been sitting on information about an incarcerated innocent because I didn’t want to have more eyes on me than there already are (see previous posts about Florida’s Facebook for Cops), in the interests not only of protecting myself, but the incarcerated innocents I’ve most stridently advocated for.

I figured that the good public servants were in the majority, and that all it would take was upsetting one or two more ridiculously wrongful convictions like Wilton Dedge and William Dillon’s, and they’d feel free to come forward.

But now I no longer believe that good public servants are in the majority, and the deciding factor was the incomplete disclosure a few months ago of the nefarious records destruction in my pending matter before notoriously corrupt Judge John Dean Moxley, who specialized in frame-ups involving charlatan dog handler John Preston as a prosecutor, and remains engaged in ongoing persecution of those he framed, including Gary Bennett.

Over the past few years, I had noted records destruction in many other cases of actual innocence or likely innocent.

It costs more to destroy case records than it does to preserve them. Clerks must notify – or pretend to notify, as they did in my case – the parties involved, and then await their responses. In exponentially less time, they can simply digitize the records and move on to digitizing more records.

I’ve deliberated for too long over whether writing about records destruction would cause a flurry of more records destruction, just as I’ve deliberated for too long whether it served to protect more lives – including my own – to keep quiet about a local innocent, falsely convicted here in the 19th Judicial Circuit.

That local innocent’s name is David Wells. Like Crosley Green, whom I’ve long advocated for, David’s conviction stands despite the fact that he in no way matches the original eyewitness physical description. Like Crosley, David allegedly changed his size and the length of his hair.

Everyone remembers a poem from another high profile trial, half the length of Barrett Brown’s poem:

If the gloves don’t fit,
You must acquit.

Anyone who has ever tried to put gloves that do indeed fit onto the fingers of a child that doesn’t want to wear gloves knows that this poem is gibberish.

But shoes are another matter. Tensing his feet can only get a stubborn child so far. Therefore:

If the shoes don’t fit,
You must acquit.

The shoes from the crime scene didn’t fit David Wells. Either did the clothes. Police admitted they pulled David over because he was black, not because he matched the eyewitness description of the criminal. Clerks may have already destroyed the formal related (easily digitized) admission, with or without actually notifying all parties involved.

David’s no angel, but he’s no devil, either; his previous offense was unarmed.

The man David is serving time for was armed. And he’s still free to commit more armed crimes.

It wouldn’t have taken a Dream Team to successfully defend David. It would have taken only a preponderance of public servants who put public safety ahead of the public image of their respective agencies.

It would have taken more good public servants than bad.

We don’t have more good public servants than bad here in Florida’s 19th Judicial Circuit, nor do we in most Florida judicial circuits.

We don’t have more good public servants than bad hardly anywhere in the US … not in our local courts, state courts, federal courts, military courts, and not in any of the related policing agencies, and not in any of the related public attorneys’ offices.

The key factor in the putrid preponderance of bad public servants is that money is protected free speech, while actual free speech is prosecuted … a state of affairs that the mainstream media could set right virtually overnight, but won’t – the handful of moguls in control of the MSM want a preponderance of bad public servants so badly that they don’t care how many robbers, rapists and killers remain on the streets, anymore than they care how many brutal dictators remain in power, so long as there’s money in it for them.

The moguls don’t want any Barrett Brown’s on their respective staffs. They want the likes of Geraldo Rivera, who could have busted open dog handler frame-ups from sea to shining sea by following through on his 1984 “20/20” segment about John Preston, taking down dirty FBI agents by the dozens, and dirty police and prosecutors by the hundreds.
Geraldo Rivera has instead made a lifelong mission of  demonizing hoodies despite their historic relationship to monks and other Christian clergy, because that’s what Rupert Murdoch wants: anything that makes poor white people believe that poor black and brown people are responsible for their poverty as well as everything else that’s wrong with America, rather than Murdoch and other money grubbing moguls.

Things really are so very, very bad now that we really have reached the point that any American can wake up to find that they have a personal choice to make that very day regarding government oppression … to remain a sitting duck, or become a porcupine.

I choose porcupine.

David Wells was arrested in Indian River County for a crime he very obviously wasn’t in any way involved with, and persecuted in lieu of prosecution by Bruce Colton’s office, likely with public defender Diamond Litty’s office aware of the damning admission that David had been of interest only via racially profiling.

Bruce Colton’s office is embroiled in John Dean Moxley’s ongoing messes, in that Colton was empowered to investigate John Preston’s “trainer,” Thomas McGinn, for his mishandling of the training as well as buying and selling of K-9’s.

The FBI participated in prosecutions involving charlatan dog handlers, including John Preston. The Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee was aware of this because Florida’s Senator Bob Graham ordered an “investigation” of John Preston and knew of Colton’s investigation of McGinn. Former Florida legislator/Governor Graham served on that Committe for ten years. TEN YEARS.

David Wells is pictured below; Barrett Brown is white. If you depend on the mainstream media for information, you likely don’t know who Barrett Brown is and what he stands for, let alone what color he is. And you sure the heck don’t know who David Wells is.

David and his family have endured enough tragedy. It’s time for them to heal – with David at home with them.

Offender Picture









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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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