Mother of three dies over @FLGovScott’s Obamacare lies.

Is Rick Scott Guilty of Murder?

Republicans say that they’re pro-life, but that’s a bald-faced lie, because they refuse to let low-wage working Americans have access to life-saving Medicaid.

If Rick Scott and his Republican buddies in the Florida legislature are really the Christians they claim they are, then they’re going to burn in hell. Deservedly.

via Is Rick Scott Guilty of Murder?.


The linked article also said this:

A recent study by researchers at Harvard University and the City University of New York found that as many as 17,000 Americans will die directly as a result of Republican states refusing to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

Some of those who die will be the same age as Charlene Dill – 32.

And many of those who die will be the same ages as her three children.

It isn’t likely that Rick Scott will care about depriving three children of their mother, even if he happens to receive frequent reminders.

But please share this story anyway, and provide reminders to people who believe what Rick Scott says, because his reelection machine is already in sound byte spin cycle, damning Charlie Crist for his support of Obamacare, claiming that it doesn’t work.

I’m far from being a Crist fan, but I am a huge fan of the truth.

Under Obamacare, a friend of mine was able to afford diagnosis of and treatment for severe sleep apnea, which can be fatal. The comment I made to his related Facebook post in which he praised and thanked Obamacare – which he “liked” – was this:

Obamacare = Imperfect + Lifesaving.

If Rick Scott’s reelection machine jams in spin cycle over Obamacare lies and makes him a one term governor, and if her survivors care for her children well, Charlene Dill just may rest in peace.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to Mother of three dies over @FLGovScott’s Obamacare lies.

  1. Jon Pine says:

    I’m the friend with sleep apnea, and Susan speaks truth to power. Since losing my job as a copywriter in the post-9-11 economy, I have made my way as a freelance photographer, writer, teacher and audiovisual technician. Health insurance before the Affordable Care Act had always been priced out of reach for me.

    I’ve long suspected that I have sleep apnea, a potentially deadly ailment that also leads to hypertension (got it), diabetes, weight gain (yup), depression, high cholesterol (got it), low blood oxygen (yes), chronic fatigue (oh yeah) and difficulty losing weight (and how). Now, thanks to the ACA I have an affordable, excellent plan with no deductible, a $20 office visit copay and a cap on out-of-pocket costs at $2,000.

    My sleep studies and related costs to treat my apnea have run into several thousand dollars — all covered for my $20 office visit copays.

    Why would Governor Scott — or any public servant working for us — want to deny me, you or any hard-working Americans this life-saving program? They claim it’s about money and the rising debt, but that is a lie. The Congressional Budget Office has proved time and again that the ACA not only pays for itself, it reduces the debt by $1 trillion.

    So why are governors like Scott sabotaging the ACA by refusing federal funds to expand Medicare and Medicaid?

    There is only one explanation: They are political ideologues who value party more than people. They simply can not let President Obama succeed in his signature policy effort. It’s not about right or wrong for them, it’s about winning and losing. And they would rather win, even if it means the country loses.


    • Thank you, Jon, for sharing your Obamacare experience, and for giving my readers a break from my belabored attempts to provide current information. As a former purveyor of custom industrial equipment and interior/exterior decorator, I habitually work backwards from desired outcomes. When I try to write for those who haven’t made a living making real things materialize from nothing, I often miss the mark, by miles and miles.

      I’m battling an envisioned outcome right now, that of writers like you making a generous income coming across clear as a bell on issue after issue, once the mega-merged, agenda-laden mainstream media is just a dark page of U.S. history.

      As you likely know, the 6M Obamacare enrollment goal was met today. Because my multiple birth defects and chronic health care conditions pre-existing-conditioned me out of being covered for much more than head colds for most of my working years, I’m delighted for others that won’t face the same battles so often that they, too, end up sidelined (my word for disabled). But, true to form, I’m envisioning the Physicians for a National Health Program being successful in taking Obamacare where it needs to go.

      Raising my coffee cup to toast the days when Americans can do what their talents dictate, rather than what an artificially austere economy dictates, and for far longer than our corporate-controlled healthcare system has allowed to date.

      Thanks again, Jon.


      • Jon Pine says:

        Yes, a national healthcare program similar to what every other industrialized country has implemented is by far the best solution. But of course, here in America, it takes us a bunch of tries to finally do the right thing. So while the ACA is imperfect, it is heads and shoulders above what we had, and a goodly step in the right direction.


  2. Exactly, Jon … so here’s hoping that any reader that’s still on the ACA fence makes the leap before the looming March 31st deadline.


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