Walking While Black being legitimized as criminal.

The Parents of Trayvon Martin Are Experiencing the Worst Fear of Every Black Family | Alternet

While most parents are up at night wondering how to protect their children from the uncontrollable like drunk drivers or muggings, Trayvon’s parents, my parents and parents of black males across the country are also living in fear that their children won’t come home because someone thought they were dangers to the community.

via The Parents of Trayvon Martin Are Experiencing the Worst Fear of Every Black Family | Alternet.

No matter what the defense attorneys say (and what prosecutors refuse to say), no citizen has a lawful right to engage in armed pursuit of another citizen for no apparent reason. Any citizen who is unlawfully pursued by another citizen is within his rights to fight for his life … he can break his pursuer’s nose; he can pound his pursuer’s head against concrete; he can do anything and everything physically possible to save his own life. Should the unlawfully pursued person fail to save his own life, he should not be demonized by defense attorneys or the ditzy mainstream media, no matter how well-connected his killer is. Should prosecutors fail to point this out in ostensibly holding any vigilante accountable, they should be prosecuted for acting under color of law.

Had Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit, including its policing agencies, been held accountable for its color of law behaviors by the FBI and Justice Department when they glaringly surfaced in Juan Ramos’ 1987 acquittal at retrial, I’d be writing about decorating and gardening (as well as actually decorating and gardening), not writing about the government-approved racist spilling of blood, or charlatan dog handlers, ex parte communications, false DNA expert testimony, deceased stalking victims, FBI participation in wrongful conviction coverups, etc.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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