Shut up, Geraldo. Just shut the hell up.

A petition is circulating to get Geraldo Rivera off the air.

And that’s a good thing. But a better thing would be to prosecute and convict Rivera for conspiracy to violate rights … he’s known since the 1980’s that Brevard/Seminole State Attorney Wolfinger is too corrupt to decide whom to prosecute, and for what.

Charlatan dog handler John Preston helped convict Gary Bennett in Brevard/Seminole a year and a half after an Ohio federal court found Preston to be a fraud.

If it was an error on Wolfinger’s part – as one of Bennett’s public defenders – to fail to note Ohio’s damnation of Preston, Wolfinger would have admitted it by now and fought to free Bennett. And scores of others.

Wolfinger had an opportunity to speak up in 1987 when Juan Ramos was exonerated. Wolfinger had another opportunity to speak up in 2004 when Wilton Dedge was exonerated. Wolfinger had yet another opportunity to speak up in 2008 when William Dillon was exonerated.

When Wolfinger ignored the first opportunity to speak up for the remaining scores of men framed using Preston in his jurisdiction, it fell to the media to hold his feet to the fire, particularly ABC‘s 20/20, particularly Geraldo Rivera. Anything less was criminally conspiring to violate rights.

Rivera went further than just ignoring Wolfinger’s blatant corruption. He’s deliberately abetting it by blaming Trayvon Martin for his own homicide, ignoring witnesses changing their statements – so common to Wolfinger’s reign of terror – to rant about Martin’s hoodie, even though hoodies are so popular that Facebook’s founder has frequently been photographed wearing one.

Had Geraldo spoken up in 1987 when Juan Ramos was exonerated, the hundreds of cases Preston perjured himself in would have been reopened immediately.

If Geraldo and ABC’s 20/20 are prosecuted for criminal conspiracy to violate rights – a crime their continual silence confirms on a daily daily basis – they should be made to compensate Floridians who paid to warehouse innocents while rapists and killers walked among them, in addition to exoneration compensation and damages to the innocents’ families, who paid taxes without representation … their tax dollars persecuted rather than protected their loved ones.

Geraldo should wear an ankle bracelet for the rest of his life, confined to quarters similar to those he damned innocents to dwell in not only with his silence, but with his cheerleading of Wolfinger’s most recent criminal activities in failing to order the arrest of George Zimmerman, which mirrors the racism Wolfinger exhibited in failing to order the arrest of the three officers that mercilessly kicked, beat and repeatedly tased 66-year-old, dementia-suffering, minority-business-owner Albert Flowers

The worst thing that corrupt journalists and news organizations accomplish is dividing Americans. They deliberately have us arguing the merits of baseless, unsubstantiated public statements. Officer Middendorf turned off his dash cam (or so he thought) before kicking Albert Flowers in the stomach. That’s premeditation, and no public statement Wolfinger issued to the contrary should have seen print, or been broadcast.

George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin after 911 told him not to. That’s premeditation, too.

Geraldo Rivera hasn’t got a conscience, and he enjoys having the power to make justice unavailable, even for children and the elderly.

Please sign the petition linked above to demand that Fox drop Rivera. And then take a moment to send Rivera an email – – to let him know what you think about his journalistic integrity now that you know that he’s ignoring his own 80’s 20/20 Preston exposé despite knowing that wrongly incarcerated men are still struggling to get out from under Preston’s decades-old perjuries (video below).

In case you missed a previous related post, please know that roughly 20 miles away from Sanford, where George Zimmerman took Trayvon Martin’s life, John Dobbs was convicted of homicide. Dobbs was attacked at his vehicle by men armed with a gun, a razor and/or a box cutter. Dobbs defended himself with his fists and a legal-length pocket knife, even after he managed to get control of the gun. There is no legal length for a razor or box cutter, and pulling a gun when you’ve already got a man outnumbered does not signal an intent to retreat. Dobbs’ gashes were visible at all times. Immediately. No camera failed to pick up on them. Dobbs was outnumbered, not the aggressor, legally armed, and unwilling to use the aggressor’s gun he’d successfully grappled for. Yet convicted. Dobbs is very dark-skinned, unlike the attacker that didn’t survive.

Dobbs’ conviction is the apples and apples example of the bearing of color on the availability of Central Florida self defense/Stand Your Ground that the media should be fixated on. Rivera is far from the only “journalist” that’s gone off on one apples and onions tangent after another … he’s just the most ludicrous and liable one, the one that specifically knows that Wolfinger is still engaging in a coverup of Preston frame-ups, of three decades duration.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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