Petition the President: Direct the FBI to investigate misconduct that affects trial outcomes

14-years-old Detroiter Davontae Sanford, blind in one eye and developmentally disabled, was convicted of a quadruple homicide that one of the real shooters cleared him of. His mother was the first to click “like” when I posted the petition to facebook.

Davontae is 18 now, and incarcerated in a dangerous adult facility. If the FBI investigates known pockets of police and prosecutorial misconduct like they’re supposed to, they’ll zero in on Davontae’s case due to the DNA exoneration of now-deceased Eddie Joe Lloyd, who even shared an incompetent defense attorney with Davontae.

Help get Davontae and hundreds of other incarcerated innocents home for the holidays. Sign the petition.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: September 25, 2011 3:07:46 AM EDT
To: undisclosed
Subject: Petition the President: Direct the FBI to investigate police, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct that affects trial outcomes.

Dear friends,

I created a petition on We the People, a new feature on, and I’m asking (okay, I’m begging) for your support.

If this petition gets 5,000 signatures by October 25, 2011, the White House will review it and officially respond.

An official response could be a criminal justice game-changer that immediately has the FBI looking into the pockets of police, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct that exonerations have revealed. Some innocents may even make it home for Christmas!

Thank you.

Susan Chandler

You can sign the petition here:

The petition says:

Direct the FBI to investigate police, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct that affects trial outcomes.

The police and prosecutorial misconduct in Troy Davis’ case should have been investigated by the FBI long before the US Supreme Court decided that Davis’ almost certain innocence didn’t matter, resulting in his execution.

As a Consitutional scholar, President Obama is aware that the Justices’ opinions in Brady v Maryland, Imbler v Pachtman, Van de Kamp v Goldstein, Connick v Thompson, etc., all protect the reputations of public servants ahead of the rights of the accused to a fair trial.

It is the FBI’s responsibility to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes … Congress and the President need clear and convincing evidence of reason to override Supreme Court rulings.

FBI Director Mueller should address this responsibility or resign, with no other option offered.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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6 Responses to Petition the President: Direct the FBI to investigate misconduct that affects trial outcomes

  1. Aruna Baker says:

    I strongly support your appeal. I am the victim of a number of crimes, including the judicial murder of my wife, Anne, when she was absolutely innocent and a truly special young woman. I see many wishy-washy petiitions and campaigns which do not challenge the authorities to face their moral and elective duties. So meny of them are actually unfit, so what would happen if they all resigned? We need a new place, as Joan Baez said. I find your stand here worthy of Martin Luther King. You should be proud of being American. I write as a Cherokee living in Scotland. Tlalegwa gee, peace and love, Aruna Aiyana Baker


    • Thank you for your kind, encouraging words, Aruna. I am sorry for the injustices you have endured, and grateful that they have not silenced you. As I see things, increasing case law and legislated immunities mire our criminal justice civil servants in a deadly delusion of superiority, much like Southern whites became more entrenched in their delusions of superiority after the U.S. Supreme Court declared “separate but equal” to be constitutional. I will be proud of an America courageous enough to end the hypocrisy of two-tiered justice without making citizens take to the streets in protest, that does not answer passive dissent with aggressive violence, that does not embrace secrecy tighter than it does the constitution, that honors national and international treaties, that wages war infrequently and righteously. From what I recall of my mother’s stories, my much-distilled Native blood is Ojibwe … I can remember her crying beside disturbed grave sites in Michigan’s upper peninsula. If the Internet translations are correct, bangan zahgidiwin wishes you peace and love in return. ~ Susan


      • Aruna Baker says:

        My first advice is think of War and Peace. Unlike some other activists, you are seeking peace not gunning for the bad guys. So, start within. The ‘white man’ had done many damgaing things, and I things like “I am 1/32 native” or as you say about youself, “My blood is distilled”. As Joan Baex said, there is a spirit of truth and love — the key word is spirit. You are in touch with the native spirit and native heart within, and that = 100%. I advise you to allow it to grow. Seek it within, not on-line, or in nature (the same). Seek the grandmothers, wolf and Moon. The native voice guides your vision of justice and right, I can see clearly. Your convictions are deep and truthful, and those of a woman.

        Go deeper. I don’t need to tell you about the Klan, but there is a pecking order of abuse, and natives remain below black people, but lower stll are the gypsies. Over here in Europe, there is mounting persecution of gypsies, and a couple of weeks ago, British police smashed into a gypsy ghetto in England to enforce mass evictions. The gypsy way of life is based on the caravan and the camp fire, a journey into the unknown on a daily basis. Of course that is simply waht life is, and provokes hate.

        But the only counties not abusing gypsies are Germany and Spain, ex-fascist countries. I think every German I’ve met clealry takes full moral responsibilty for the Nazi era, when 500 000 gypsies died, but still manages to be happy and creative. I had a lovely talk to Suzanah in Leipzig handling a telephone enquiry about goods last week. Germany was the first place the Green Party was elected and the first where she was in Government. See especially Petra Kelly. In contrast the USA is morally squalid. Both the USA and the UK put themselves forward as heroes for defeating Hitler (and in the UK’s case Napolean earlier on), yet nobody has asked whether Hitler got his ideas from the British. They trashed the whole planet.

        But at the bottom of the pecking order is yourself – WOMAN. And you are the solution. The word democracy comes from a society that excluded women totally, as the legions are now trying to do with gypsies. I provacatively suggested to an intelligent young Scottish man that maybe the white people in North America should go back to Europe so the Natives can have it back. I didn’t mean it, and he replied, “No, but what is necessary is for something creative to happen.” Creativity = feminine. Second, the Natives call North American Turtle Island, and turtle = mother. Third the white man massacred 500 000 Buffalo, and wiped them off the map, like he wants to do with gypsies. Bufallo is the most sacred animal, and represents plenty. They stole plenty, which is about wisdom and trusting life and self-awareness, and supplanted economic growth, materialism and international trade. Notice how the white man makes all his own technologies expand, whereas a sewing machine is much the same. Buffalo = lesbian.

        I have the most beautiful picture here, with doubt the most picture on Earth. A former sex worker is smiling at me with a sewing machine in Calcutta. A white Australian man removed her from the sex industry in Calcutta and believes he can remove all 20 000 sex workers.

        Imagine all the rainbow of things the sewing machine could become. Here we have a beginning, the river of life. We, the people of the Earth, can stitch a tapestry in the present day. An see how it actually came from a man, so we even reclaim the old myth of Athene “springing” from Zeus’s head (Actually it came from this man’s heart). Of course the sex worker might be dead. Or might have serviced ‘JFK’ who got his officials to set up his buys on foreign trips. She might die, or b one of the President’s men simply to feed her baby. But he prefers to land on the Moon. Moon-=lesbian.

        But you can ignore me, provided you remember that love is all you need. Love and only love.

        You’re welcome here anytime. You must share a pipe ceremony with me. I’d love to keep in touch — my email is


      • How often I think one word and type another … I had meant to write diluted, not distilled. Thank you for sensing that I am displaced – there are Native beliefs that overtook my Christian upbringing without my knowing that there was history to the beliefs – I just thought I was oddly making up my own religion as I went along. I will remember that only love is needed, Aruna. I’ll likely seek your advice in emails; my dreams pull me in two directions, perhaps you can help me understand.


  2. I came to read and sign a petition that Susan Chandler has posted. Let me correct myself, I came to sign and then read a petition that Susan Chandler has posted. I believe I had signed this soon after it was written. I leave the Wobbly Warrior’s Blog with a renewed spirt and stronger wind beneath my own wings. Ahh the blood of the Abenakis still flowing inside of me…

    Peace is the way…


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