Judge Belvin Perry … gold, or glitter?

Because numerous “talking heads” are covering Casey Anthony from coast to coast, Judge Belvin Perry is now a household name, like countless products marketed by the mass media. Unlike many of those products, Perry doesn’t have a warning label affixed to him. Perhaps he should …

From: Susan Chandler
Date: July 16, 2011 4:41:28 PM EDT
To: “Hand, Edward” <hand.edward></hand.edward>
Cc: “Harris, Regina” <harris.regina>, “Gilo, Norma” <gilo.norma>, “Hercule, Hantz” <hercule.hantz>, “Whitfield, Stephen” <whitfield.stephen>, Tampa Division <tampa.division>, ASKDOJ <askdoj>, Gretl Plessinger <plessinger.gretl></plessinger.gretl></askdoj></tampa.division></whitfield.stephen></hercule.hantz></gilo.norma></harris.regina>
Subject: Bennett, Gary #092481

Edward S. Hand (Eddie)
Health Services Administrator – DC – SES
Northwest Florida Reception Center
4455 Sam Mitchell Drive
Chipley, FL  32428

Dear Mr. Hand:

There are some problems with your email of July 15th that releases some of Gary Stanley Bennett’s medical information to me.

I have no doubt that you would fail in trying “on numerous occasions” to forward the information to my mother.  She died in 1969.  But you’re mistaken in believing I called you. My contact with FL’s DOC and 99% of other public servants is limited to emails. Having volatile epilepsy and PTSD make phone conversations with hostile parties hazardous to my health; my phone records reflect only infrequent calls to the Brevard FBI field office that serve to verify that the number that I have for them is still correct before publishing it. I don’t accept calls from public servants or the media; the phone number I customarily provide on correspondence serves to confirm my identify … dialing it will generate a busy signal when I’m online, and trigger an answering machine when I’m not.

Because of my epilepsy, I know that the medical information that you forwarded on Gary will not protect him from harm.  Deliberate duress causes more “breakthrough” seizures than garden variety stress, and seizures can be deadly.  The variety of manners in which Gary is being denied due process and having deliberate duress heaped upon him have been addressed at length on my blog – wobblywarrior.wordpress.com – and will be added to by my posting this email.

Although I am working on emails to members of the media, I’m not comfortable yet with having fully addressed the fact that a nation of journalists covered the Casey Anthony trial without managing to speak to Judge Belvin Perry’s past and present with any more depth than a mud puddle, which directly affects Gary through Orange/Osceola prosecutors having accepted tainted transfer of his case from Brevard/Seminole.

Scent evidence was introduced in Casey Anthony’s trial, but no mention was made of Perry’s serving as an Orange/Osceola prosecutor when charlatan dog handler John Preston – used against Gary – was being used there to achieve convictions.  Hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson was prosecuted by Orange/Osceola and the FBI using Preston and a jailhouse informant, and executed in 2002 despite the informant recanting, despite legitimate dog handler Orange County Deputy Greer defeating Preston’s perjuries, despite an Ohio court having found Preston a perjurer/charlatan in upsetting Dale Sutton’s conviction in 1983 [clarification: Sutton was cleared in July of 1982 and released in January of 1983], despite Preston subsequently failing Judge Goshorn’s scent trail test in Brevard/Seminole and Juan Ramos’ upset conviction.  One of the “experts” who declared Bottoson sane appeared to declare Casey Anthony sane. FIU’s Kenneth Furton – a multi-year federal “scent” grant recipient, testified for Anthony after previously testifying for Keith Pikett, a more prolific charlatan dog handler than Preston.  Florida’s Innocence Commission, which Perry chairs, is unsuccessfully seeking specious “reforms” while innocents die behind bars with their names sullied and the violent offenders whose sentences they served find new victims.

My stress-engendered breakthrough seizures occur in my sleep.  They chip my teeth, inflame my deformed and deteriorating spine, bruise my limbs and even misshape my rings.  According to my dental records, there’s no reason to believe the seizures will cease until conviction and peripheral corruption is investigated and prosecuted, after which they’ll likely go into remission again.  Although I advocate for many other incarcerated innocents and have been deeply affected by public corruption, Gary’s duress exceeds mine.

He therefore needs to be immediately evaluated by an epilepsy specialist, with the specialist apprised that all avenues for Gary having his first fair day in court after 27.5 years have new roadblocks engineered by public servants and reinforced by a complicit media that his attorneys are failing to address, putting Gary at imminent risk of breakthrough seizures and SUDEP.  That epilepsy specialist would likely look to wean Gary from his current medication and put him on a more modern drug to reduce the side effects of long term use (including osteoporosis) and to be able to more accurately determine blood levels – the medication Gary is on is notorious for inaccurate blood tests.  It would be appropriate for that epilepsy specialist to testify to the extreme inhumanity of treating Gary differently than fellow Preston perjury victims Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and Bill Dillon just because Gary’s physical limitations make it so very easy to do.  Countless Mideast Vets with Traumatic Brain Injury epilepsy are encountering prejudicial treatment in our justice system … the time for an epilepsy specialist to speak up is now.

Gary’s epilepsy is the result of paternal violence; to continually victimize a man who had his life’s full potential stolen in his childhood is craven.  Helen Nardi was killed with multiple weapons, used from multiple directions … a bloody affair that didn’t get blood on Gary because he wasn’t one of her killers.  It has always been that simple.

Ms. Plessinger assured me that Gary would receive adequate medical attention, so after verification of what I’ve written, please arrange for Gary to see an epilepsy specialist as soon as possible.  In verifying information, please use sites from countries that treat healthcare as a right rather than a privilege; the US has no comprehensive understanding of any medical condition due to its reverse philosophy.  Thank you.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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1 Response to Judge Belvin Perry … gold, or glitter?

  1. Janel Corey says:

    Belvin Perry?? He rushed jury selection, and look where that got us.


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