FBI’s reply extraordinarily extraneous; try, try again

Is a dumb response better than no response?  Yes; infinitely …


From: Susan Chandler
Date: December 30, 2010 3:41:15 PM EST
To: Tampa Division <Tampa.Division@ic.fbi.gov>
Cc: ASKDOJ <ASKDOJ@usdoj.gov>
Subject: Re: Document request re closed FBI investigation of Jennifer Ellis-Seitz 12/25/08 Norwegian Pearl cruise ship disappearance

Dear FBI Tampa Division:

Your response to my document request is extraneous.  I requested documents from a closed FBI investigation.  I did not request “information concerning a deceased individual;” it is my dim but fervent hope that Jennifer Ellis-Seitz survived the fall from the Norwegian Pearl as well as being stranded at sea and is safely laying low.

The link I provided with my request is to Cruise Law News 12/29/10 article “Cruise Crime: Three Crew Drug Arrests and a Closed Passenger Overboard Investigation” that states that the investigation of Ellis-Seitz disappearance is closed.  That Cruise Law article provides a link to the 12/29/10 Sun Sentinel article “FBI finds no signs of foul play in overboard passenger” that also states that the investigation is closed.  The Coast Guard link within the Sun Sentinel article leads to the 12/30/10 AP article “FBI ends investigation in death of woman who fell from cruise ship on Christmas night 2008” that also states that the investigation is closed.

That’s three individual news sources that confirm that the FBI investigation of Jennifer Ellis-Seitz disappearance is closed; the links are below.  The Google News Alert I run on Jennifer Ellis-Seitz should have picked up all three articles as well as other current links yielded by a direct Google search of her name, but only picked up the Cruise Law News article.  That the Alert isn’t working properly is spooky, as in FBI spooks spooky.

Jennifer Ellis-Seitz was a former crime reporter for Florida Today newspaper, not a baker or candlestick maker.  She likely had in-depth knowledge of scores of Brevard/Seminole false convictions that your agency adamantly refuses to investigate, including Jeff Abramowski’s from this century.  I’ve “followed the money” on Abramowski’s frame-up; it leads to Tallahassee.  Brevard County, home of Florida Today, may well have the most false convictions of any county in the nation, a matter of little concern to Rep. Bill Posey and Sen. Bill Nelson, whom I’ve spoken to face-to-face as well as approached in correspondence.  Ellis-Seitz disappearance is therefore spooky, and the documents I requested may reveal if it is another instance of being FBI spooks spooky.

Again, the FBI’s lawlessness was confirmed by Senate Judiciary Committee oversight, but incompletely.  Criminal conviction corruption is rampant nationwide, and the FBI is not addressing it per their color-of-law mandates; the resulting costs to taxpayers can be measured in billions of dollars and gallons, if not tankers, of blood and tears.   Please forward the requested documents without further disingenuousness:  a copy of the cruise manifest and all reports generated during the investigation and at the close of the investigation, which should be absent redaction and present information on the nature of the book Ellis-Seitz was reported to be working on.  Costs should be waived due to my life being disrupted since 2001 by color-of-law activities in Brevard/Seminole that should have addressed long before I moved to Florida in 1992 that continue to harm the disadvantaged, per ABC’s Good Morning America’s 12/30/10 segment titled “Warrant Out for Lieutenant’s Son After Video Release,” link below.  Thank you.


Susan Chandler










On Dec 30, 2010, at 9:43 AM, Tampa Division wrote:

Ms. Chandler,

If your request is for information concerning a deceased individual, you must provide proof of death. Acceptable forms of proof of death include: obituaries, death certificates, recognized sources that can be documented, written media, Who’s Who in America, an FBI file that indicates a person is deceased, date of birth is 100 years or greater, or Social Security Death Index page. Attached is the link to our FBI Freedom of Information Act Policy


Thank you,

FBI Tampa Division




—–Original Message—–

From: Susan Chandler
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 7:01 AM
To: Tampa Division
Subject: Document request re closed FBI investigation of Jennifer Ellis-Seitz 12/25/08 Norwegian Pearl cruise ship disappearance

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to make document requests concerning the FBI’s closed investigation of Jennifer Ellis-Seitz going overboard on 12/25/08 from the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship (link below).  I’ve tried to use the online FOIA form; it’s inoperable (link below).

As you know, Ms. Ellis-Seitz was a former crime reporter for Florida Today, a Gannett newspaper with a habit of ineffectual reporting on the subject of false convictions within the judicial circuit in which they publish, the 18th.  Ellis-Seitz left the newspaper just prior to Wilton Dedge’s exoneration and was returning to newspaper work on the heels of Bill Dillon’s exoneration.  Perhaps Florida Today’s habit continues because reporters can disappear.

After being told that Ellis-Seitz was a scuba/snorkeler, six scuba/ snorkelers I interviewed individually expressed suspicions of foul play.  All were moderate to heavy social drinkers, each said that no one with their skill sets could get drunk and/or depressed enough to jump ship, as in the event the fall didn’t prove fatal, their superior water survival capabilities would prolong death excruciatingly.  One said it would be exactly like a Marine choosing to “take himself out” with a Bee-Bee gun.

I graduated second in my Emergency Medical Technician class after years of work in the medical and mental health fields and know by education and experience that Raymond Seitz’s bizarre behaviors after his wife’s disappearance were likely attributable to shock; Seitz would have to be a dolt to draw undue attention to himself after committing homicide.

The FBI is involved in the 18th’s conviction corruption in that the agency used discredited dog handler John Preston in Linroy Bottoson’s prosecution in the neighboring 9th judicial circuit.  Bottoson was executed 19 years after an Ohio federal court found Preston a fraud and a perjurer in 1983.  Like the 18th’s prosecutions of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, Bill Dillon and Gary Bennett, the 9th used a jailhouse informant in addition to Preston.  The FBI knows that the 9th and 18th tossed Bennett’s case back and forth with only one conflict disclosed, a conflict that is now being ignored as though never documented in Governor Crist’s Executive Order 09-147 of June 19, 2009.  Crist’s executive order and portions of Bottoson’s appeal appear below.

I ask to be provided with the cruise manifest and a copy of each of the reports produced during and at the close of the investigation, which should reasonably exclude redaction and include the nature of the book Ellis-Seitz was writing.  It is reasonable to ask that these documents be emailed to me today, without my filing a FOIA request by mail.  Making me abide by rules is time-wasting hypocrisy, given that the FBI doesn’t abide by any.

That is not opinion; Sen. Leahy addressed the FBI’s lawlessness in a press release regarding the Senate Judiciary Committee’s findings in oversight.  Although scathing in his conclusions (provided below), Leahy didn’t go far enough.

Thousands and thousands are being crushing by the FBI’s dereliction in investigating conviction and peripheral corruption.  Like the FBI’s “learning curve” that Sen. Leahy disparaged, ignoring public corruption mandates has gone “on and on for far too long.”  Please provide the requested documents via email today.  I request that fees be waived in light of your foot-dragging that negatively affectively every aspect of my life and many of my friends, year after year.  Thank you.


Susan Chandler




[documents referenced available by email or messaged request]


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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