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@60Minutes’ @LesleyRStahl on youthful Confidential Informants

Confidential Informants Lesley Stahl reports on law enforcement’s controversial use of young confidential informants in the war on drugs, some of whose cases ended tragically Rachel Hoffman’s tragic death turned [Lance] Block into an advocate. He sued the City of … Continue reading

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The Prison Industrial Complex doesn’t want you to watch this.

They really don’t. They don’t see the US being the Incarceration Nation as being a $75B failed experiment. They see it as a screaming success.

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Incarceration Nation – Just say “know,” as in I know what y’all are doing, and I want it stopped.

Mother Jones just reported, “Less than a month after retiring from his post as Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Harley G. Lappin has been hired to a top positon at the nation’s largest private, for-profit prison contractor, … Continue reading

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