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#NoDAPL, dude.

@POTUS We are calling on you to call off the National Guard, to reject the Dakota Access Pipeline & to send DOJ observers to #StandingRock pic.twitter.com/UoaEIBU6Ze — IndigenousEnviroNet (@IENearth) October 27, 2016

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Americans Against Fracking will be at Democratic National Convention

Published on Jun 23, 2016 Sandra Steingraber, noted biologist, author, activist and science advisor to the Americans Against Fracking coalition, explains why she’ll be at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution at the Democratic National Convention. July 24, Philadelphia … Continue reading

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Break Free – South Africa | 350.org

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Happy Earth Day? Maybe next year. Maybe not.

Published on Apr 22, 2016 A RIVER ON FIRE! Gas explodes from Australian river near fracking site. I was shocked by force of the explosion when I tested whether gas boiling through the Condamine River, Qld was flammable. So much … Continue reading

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#SmokeAndFumes – What the fossil fuel industry knew in the 1940’s

New Documents Reveal Oil Industry Knew of Climate Risks Decades Earlier Than Suspected; Suggest Coordinated Efforts to Foster Skepticism   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 13, 2016 Media Contact: Carroll Muffett, President: cmuffett@ciel.org, 202.742.5772 Amanda Kistler, Communications Manager: akistler@ciel.org, 202.742.5832 New … Continue reading

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.@POTUS – #KeepItInTheGround

Uploaded on Feb 29, 2016 PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW to call on President Obama to secure his climate legacy and end the leasing of America’s public lands to dirty energy companies for fossil fuel extraction: http://bit.ly/1pmhSGv Next, please spread the … Continue reading

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.@POTUS: #KeepItInTheGround

Published on Aug 26, 2015 President Obama is heading to Alaska, to talk about the urgency of climate change – in the place where he just approved Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic! The White House released a … Continue reading

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