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From Solitary Confinement at Pelican Bay, Jesse Perez Sues Guards for Retaliation, Wins $25,000

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
On Nov. 25, 2015, a federal jury awarded $25,000 in damages to Jesse Perez, who had sued guards for trashing his cell in retaliation for his lawsuit against the prison and for his…

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This Incarceration Nation: Prison Kids (video, petition)

PRISON KIDS Trailer: A Fusion Investigative Documentary Published on Sep 25, 2015 Fusion traveled across the country, gathering the stories of kids who grew up in jail or prison. We found a system that’s supposed to help kids, but often … Continue reading

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Huron Valley, MI women’s prison allegedly tortures mentally ill inmates

Mentally Ill Inmates At Michigan Womens Prison Report They Were Hog Tied Naked, Deprived Of Water | ThinkProgress Mentally ill at Michigan’s only women’s prison are deprived of food and water for days, and even “hog tied” naked as punishment, … Continue reading

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The Prison Industrial Complex doesn’t want you to watch this.

They really don’t. They don’t see the US being the Incarceration Nation as being a $75B failed experiment. They see it as a screaming success.

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Jerry Brown betrayed his constituents, big time. It’s becoming a habit.

What Gives? California Gov. Jerry Brown Lines Up With NRA and Prison-Industrial Complex | Alternet If you want to see how Brown is charting a careful course to show he is not beholden either to the political right or the … Continue reading

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USA unable to learn by (humane, inexpensive) example

Guest Author – Kat Gordon – The Land Of The Free? « Montana Corruption Let us now examine a country that does just that, Norway. With an incarceration rate of approximately 73 per 100,000 people as opposed to United States’ … Continue reading

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Feds showed up in Florida … TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE.

Petition: Save Enids Mommy: Stop the Deportation of Hortencia Aguirre Verduzco! | Change.org “Confident that she now possessed valid and legal immigration documents, Hortencia went about her life in Fort Pierce, Florida.  She worked on a farm picking oranges, then … Continue reading

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