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Santa Clara Co. Jail Hunger Strikers Released from Solitary! Hunger Strike Suspended Pending Sheriff’s Fulfillment of Demands

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
HUNGER STRIKE SUSPENDED. Hunger Strikers have been released from solitary with handshakes and hugs. In 90 days, Strikers will be able to downclass in to general population. Additional clothing has been ordered. The…

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Who lives, who dies, who tells your story – #OscarGiles

Update 5/1/17: Once again, I noticed “hits” on Oscar Giles on my blog, and checked the Florida Department of Corrections website to see if he is okay. He’s not. Oscar died on February 2nd, a little over a month past … Continue reading

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.@TheJusticeDept: Do something about #LoveFL CIG Miguel’s f*ck-off form letters

The Miami Herald’s coverage of deadly officer-on-inmate violence within Florida prisons began with their verifying inmate Harold Hempstead’s claim that mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey had been scalded to death in June of 2012 by Dade Correctional Institution officers in … Continue reading

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#LoveFL: Rosario, Hempstead, Bennett and #ColorOfLaw

Former Miami-Dade cop sentenced to 366 days in prison for stealing from crime scene Karel Rosario pleaded guilty last year to stealing jewelry while searching home According to the State Attorney’s Office, Rosario stole a Cartier watch containing a custom … Continue reading

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March 23: HIP HOP FOR CHANGE and PHSS Event!

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
Please join Hip Hop for Change and Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS) for an evening of powerful Spoken Word and discussion from 6pm to 9pm at the Niebyl-Proctor Library in Oakland, CA.  …

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Congress: Don’t obstruct closure of Guantánamo

Obama’s remarks on plan to close Guantánamo prison Let us do what is right for America. Let us go ahead and close this chapter, and do it right, do it carefully, do it in a way that makes sure we’re … Continue reading

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Woodfox freed on 69th birthday after 43 years in solitary

Press Release February 19, 2016 Amnesty International USA: Woodfox’s Release Long Overdue The human rights organization described today’s settlement as “long overdue and undeniably just”   MEDIA CONTACT: Mandy Simon, asimon@aiusa.org  (WASHINGTON, DC) —Today, the last imprisoned member of the … Continue reading

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PHOTOS and REPORTBACKS from Rally Against the Torture of Prisoners

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
On February 1, 2016, people from all over California gathered in Sacramento at the headquarters of the CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCr) to demand an end to the dangerous and deliberate…

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Denouncing @FL_Corrections’ @FDCJulieJone’s denouncement of @MiamiHerald

Department of Corrections criticizes Miami Herald series on Lowell “Although the Herald did initially provide a list of interview topics, when the department requested that the Herald work together with our agency by providing questions in writing so that we … Continue reading

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Take Action Against Ongoing Sleep Deprivation Torture! EMERGENCY PROTEST Photos Included

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
People in solitary confinement have been loudly awakened by guards every 30 minutes 24/7 since the night of August 2nd! Please help stop this sleep deprivation torture. On Nov 30th, the 119th day…

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