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Who decided not to prosecute #FailureToKeepFromHarm, @POTUS?

.@POTUS Nationwide retaliation against inmates who protest inhumane conditions requires your immediate attention. — Susan Chandler (@wobblywarrior) May 24, 2016 I am not the only one holding back on publishing specific details of the ongoing retaliation against inmates that’s … Continue reading

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.@TheJusticeDept: Do something about #LoveFL CIG Miguel’s f*ck-off form letters

The Miami Herald’s coverage of deadly officer-on-inmate violence within Florida prisons began with their verifying inmate Harold Hempstead’s claim that mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey had been scalded to death in June of 2012 by Dade Correctional Institution officers in … Continue reading

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Was Darren Rainey killed because he had a Quran and was a Muslim


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Julie Jones is no @FL_Corrections crusader

The Miami Herald’s article, “The education of Julie Jones, Florida’s prisons chief” was one-sided. It neglected to question Rick Scott’s choice of Jones to head the Florida Department of Corrections in the face of the unresolved controversies of her leadership … Continue reading

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.@DOCJulieJones: Are Suwannee prison violence victims Ghosts?

Suwannee corrections officers charged in cover-up of inmates’ attack LIVE OAK, Fla. — The Florida Department of Corrections arrested and fired two correctional officers accused of attacking two restrained inmates during a counseling session and then lying on official reports … Continue reading

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Female inmate dies at St. Louis Justice Center

Here’s hoping that St Louis won’t play the same games with Alexis McGovern’s death as Miami-Dade has played with Darren Rainey’s … the ME still hasn’t released a report on his death, although it’s been over three years. There were … Continue reading

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Governors: Get your Ghosts out of @FL_Corrections before they really are ghosts | #goodtrouble

Grand Jury report rips Florida prison over deadly beatdown The autopsy said that the cartilage surrounding his windpipe was broken, all three sides of his larynx were injured and he suffered blunt-force trauma to his head, neck and torso. The … Continue reading

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What @TheJusticeDept received from FL inmate Harold Hempstead re #DeadInmates

Harold Hempstead was the most determined of the inmates who demanded justice for Darren Rainey, who was scalded to death by Dade Correctional Institution guards in 2012 … Harold persisted until the mainstream media – primarily the Miami Herald – … Continue reading

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An anonymous inmate’s response to @FLGovScott Executive Order 15-102

Note: The anonymous inmate/author’s comments appear in regular type, my personal comments appear in italics, and portions of  Executive Order 15-102 appear in red above the author’s response to them. I have added live links that are appropriate to the … Continue reading

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@FLGovScott, @SteveCrisafulli: Standing in olympic-size pool of blood, claiming to be standing on principle

INMATE DEATH BRINGS CRIMINAL INQUIRY Tampa Bay Times – Tampa Bay Author: Bousquet, Steve Date: Oct 5, 2012 Start Page: B.8 Section: LOCAL “We do have an active criminal investigation into an inmate death that happened in early September of this … Continue reading

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