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Some leaks are absolutely okay with @BarackObama

petition: Demand the Army Investigate the Violation of Chelsea Manning's Medical Privacy — Serena Blaiz (@peacearena) July 12, 2016 Please sign and share the petition from the link within this Twitter post above. Thank you. For Immediate Release: July … Continue reading

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Yemen’s Humanitarian Catastrophe

Originally posted on PEACE ACTION'S GROUNDSWELL:
Yesterday, the United Nations released a report saying that more than half of Yemen’s population is now food insecure. Out of Yemen’s 22 governorates, 19 are facing “severe food insecurity,” and as long…

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Join Desmond Tutu in ending #EndlessWar

Published on Apr 19, 2016 Archbishop Desmond Tutu is 1984 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. He encourages signing this pledge: or … and participating in this upcoming event in September 2016:

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#FF @POTUS’ clemency legacy a boon for #PrisonIndustrialComplex

Published on Mar 14, 2016 Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford was back for his Ford Report, this time to discuss the Obama administration’s struggling prison clemency program.  

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@POTUS ignores Saudi Arabia’s dastardly mass executions

The U.S. picks and sticks with bedfellows that believe that human rights are for men only, not women or children … and not even all men, at that. This used to be all about the oil. Now perhaps it’s somewhat … Continue reading

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@60Minutes’ @LesleyRStahl on youthful Confidential Informants

Confidential Informants Lesley Stahl reports on law enforcement’s controversial use of young confidential informants in the war on drugs, some of whose cases ended tragically Rachel Hoffman’s tragic death turned [Lance] Block into an advocate. He sued the City of … Continue reading

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Reprieve: Obama must address rights abuses during visit to Ethiopia

Reprieve +44 (0) 207 553 8140 For immediate release: Wed July 22, 2015 Obama must tell Ethiopia: release jailed activist   President Obama must use a historic trip to Ethiopia this week to press for the release of an opposition … Continue reading

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Reprieve: more evidence of UK/European role in US drone strikes

Reprieve US 001 (917) 855 8064 For immediate release: Wed June 24, 2015 New documents yet more evidence of UK & European role in US drone strikes   The Guardian and the New York Times have today revealed the existence … Continue reading

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Reprieve: UK refuses to stop spying on rendition victims

Reprieve: +44 (0) 207 553 8140 For immediate release: Mon 30 March 2015 UK Government refuses to stop spying on rendition victims The UK government is refusing to guarantee that it will not misuse the intercepted lawyer-client communications of two … Continue reading

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