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Former @FL_Corrections Secretary Julie #DeadInmates Jones found a new job. God help New Mexico.

Lujan Grisham says her administration will look into Hepatitis C prison problems Lujan Grisham, who has been on the job for five weeks, last week named Julie Jones, a former Florida corrections secretary, to take over the corrections system and … Continue reading

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If you’re going to Melbourne to see the @POTUS today, be very, very careful

Brevard County, Florida has a dark past and present, and there are some things you should keep very much in mind if you travel there, especially if you’re attending a political event. Please read the 2005 ACLU press release about … Continue reading

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Towards saving Tommy: @FLGovScott must honor #LoveFL supreme court ruling and investigate all death sentences

Innocent William “Tommy” Zeigler has been on Florida’s death row for over 40 years because of public corruption. Although gravely misinformed, Tommy’s jury still didn’t vote for a death sentence. The judge – who had a history of butting heads … Continue reading

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ACLU of MS Responds to Governor Signing Anti-LGBT Discrimination Into Law

ACLU of MS Responds to Governor Signing Anti-LGBT Discrimination Into Law April 05, 2016 Gov. Bryant Approves Law that Would Harm Thousands of Mississippians  Jackson, Miss. – Governor Phil Bryant has signed HB 1523 into law after rapid movement on the … Continue reading

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What @TheJusticeDept received from FL inmate Harold Hempstead re #DeadInmates

Harold Hempstead was the most determined of the inmates who demanded justice for Darren Rainey, who was scalded to death by Dade Correctional Institution guards in 2012 … Harold persisted until the mainstream media – primarily the Miami Herald – … Continue reading

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