The Florida Commission on Offender Review conducts at least 36 “hearings” a year, and claims they’re saving #LoveFL taxpayers’ money. Wow. And ow.

Overview – Organization – Florida Commission on Offender Review

Commissioners preside over approximately 36 hearings annually at the Central Office in Tallahassee and, various other locations throughout the state as required by statute. During these public proceedings, the Commissioners make a variety of determinations regarding parole and other releases. In addition, the Commission reviews releasees’ supervision status every two years.

Overview – Organization – Florida Commission on Offender Review

Twice, I submitted electronic correspondence requesting that Gary Stanley Bennett be paroled in time to have it reviewed by the Commission. They ignored it both times; most recently, yesterday.

Both times, they did not allow Gary to be present to refute bogus Discipline Reports. It is not a discipline matter to protect yourself when you’re being beaten by younger, healthier men. Repeatedly. It is not a discipline matter to attempt to hold on to items you purchased; toiletries, radio, food. It is not a discipline matter to attempt to protect a wheelchair-bound inmate from predatory inmates. It is not a discipline matter to complain about other inmates being made to eat their lunch outside when it’s raining. And so on.

Both Centurion Ministries and the Innocence Project of Florida should have sent attorneys, but didn’t. Their representation of Gary continues to be unworthy of their federal income tax exemptions, so I intend to see them lose them. The Innocence Project had previously helped free Wilton Dedge and William Dillon, who were framed in Brevard County – just like Gary – using phony scent tracker John Preston, coached jailhouse informants and other untenable trial tactics. The degree of difficulty is reduced in representing Gary, because he was framed AFTER John Preston was federally discredited in July of 1982. Gary has served over 35 years of other peoples’ time  (multiple murder weapons, multiple blows delivered from multiple angles). If one well-explained fingerprint belonging to Gary outside of the area bloodied by the hideous attack is sufficient to keep him behind bars until he dies, then the absence of Monte Adam’s fingerprints (and the presence of someone else’s, which weren’t “run”) at a Brevard County homicide scene should instantly free Monte, not subject him to the same Commission claptrap as Gary.

We Floridians – who continually walk in danger because innocents are serving killers’ time – don’t get what we pay for at the state or federal level. Look at some of the salaries  of some of the 179 people we pay for those 36 blooming “hearings” the Florida Commission on Offender Review conducts annually, with undisclosed and un-enumerated “hearings” supposedly elsewhere … likely all with as little professionalism as they demonstrate in Gary and Monte’s case. I can only imagine what the administrative costs are. 

Commission On Offender Review Salaries

The average Commission On Offender Review salary is $40,846.53. Average Other Personal Services (OPS) Hourly Rate is -. This estimate is based upon 179 employees salary information.

EmployeesAverage SalaryAverage OPS Hourly Rate

Top 10 Highest Paid Commission On Offender Review Employees

1Melinda N Coonrod FCommissioner – Parole Commission$92,724.00
2Gina L GiacomoDirector Of Administration-fpc$89,000.04
3Rana M WallaceGeneral Counsel-fpc$81,000.00
4Karen D HuffAccounting & Budgeting Administrator-fpc$72,530.88
5Stephen E HebertDirector Of Clemency Administration-fpc$71,000.04
6Mark J Hiers FSenior Attorney$71,000.04
7Laura S TullyDirector Of Operations-fpc$66,000.00
8Alexander YargerLegislative Affairs Director$66,000.00
9Julia Raye MccallExecutive Clemency Coordinator-fpc$64,500.12
10Kelly E CorderDirector Of Communications – Fpc$60,999.96


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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