After over 35 years of serving someone else’s time, it’s time for #LoveFL to parole Gary Bennett, because #JohnPreston was a KNOWN fraud

Update 3/14/2019: Although indisputably innocent, Gary Bennett was denied parole yesterday. Many additional years were tacked on to his eligibility, apparently based on Discipline Reports that he was offered no opportunity to refute, despite Florida Department of Corrections officers’ abysmal-as-it-is-obvious penchant for authoring bogus DR’s. I’m told that my letter was completely ignored, which replicates a prior proceeding. This only strengthens my resolve to see Gary freed, very soon, with his persecutors brought to justice, and their protectors – primarily Bar associations – demolished.

———- Original Message ———-
Date: March 12, 2019 at 7:08 AM
Subject: Gary Stanley Bennett Jr, #092481; March 13, 2019 “Subsequent Interview”

Commissioner Melinda N. Coonrod, Chairman

Commissioner Richard D. Davison, Vice Chair

Commissioner David A. Wyant, Secretary

Florida Commission on Offender Review
4070 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2450
(850) 922-000

Dear Chairman Coonrod, Vice Chair Davison and Secretary Wyant,

In response to your notification, for which I’m grateful, I am writing to request that you grant Gary Stanley Bennett Jr. immediate, unconditional parole. It will not be an abuse of your authority, because Gary is innocent.

I have read your biographies, and I’m aware from each of your backgrounds that what I write in support of my request may cause you discomfort or ire. It is my sincere hope that your better angels will let you recognize this simple truth: the only reason that Gary has been behind bars for over 35 years is that the FBI is unwilling to admit to its nationwide use of DNA discredited dog handlers, and is providing ongoing protection to every party involved in the decades of deception. This holds true not only for the dog handler who testified against Gary – John Preston – but for yet-more-prolific perjurer/dog handler Keith Pikett, and many others.

There are three 18th Judicial Circuit wrongful convictions that I (along with others) have fought that have been overturned – Wilton Dedge (’04), William Dillon (’08), and Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin’s (’18), There are other wrongful convictions in the 18th besides Gary’s that I (again, along with others) am determined to see overturned – Monte Adams, Jeff Abramowski and Crosley Green’s.

Unlike others that have fought fought to upend the very same wrongful convictions, I am relentless and focused: I am aware that absolute immunity from prosecution that prosecutors and their supervisors enjoy is the greatest stumbling block to having an operable justice system, and I will see it end. Gary’s case is the most likely to bring it about, because former prosecutor John Dean Moxley put John Preston on the stand to commit perjury in Gary’s case knowing full well the Preston had been federally discredited a year and a half earlier, duplicating every raunchy trial tactics – Preston perjuries/coached jailhouse perjuries – that had been used against Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon (and many others).

I have lost a lot of sleep worrying about what to write in support of Gary for this hearing. It’s time for Gary and me as well as all victims of John Dean Moxley to stop losing sleep. We didn’t do anything wrong; Moxley did.

Gary Bennett is innocent, and he is endangered. Like me, he suffers from volatile epilepsy. Unlike me, he has his medication sporadically taken away by corrections officers just for the fun of watching him flop and flail … it’s apparently almost as much fun as their authoring bogus Discipline Reports when Gary stands up for even more vulnerable inmates, or endures a beating at the hands of younger men. Every seizure is a life threat, and so is every beating. You can and should get him out, immediately, because the FBI isn’t likely to come clean on dog handler perjuries without more of a fight.

The FBI has admitted that its proprietary Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis and its non-proprietary hair and fiber analysis are both junk science. Both were in use for decades. Nonetheless, the agency did not make either admission in full, or honorably. With CBLA, it notified only prosecutors, not the convicted. With hair and fiber, it pretended that it hadn’t taught the “analysis” to techs nationwide, making it seem that only a small number of federal convictions were affected, not an additional, astronomical number of state convictions.

At no time should the American public been subjected to paying to warehouse innocents while actual robbers, rapists and killers walked free, but we have indeed been subjected to bankrolling merely a false sense of security, decade after decade, with no end in sight. Parole commissions can quietly begin to correct obvious injustices until we the people manage to move the mountain that is the morally bankrupt Department of Justice as well as Senate and House committees, which are also responsible for oversight of the FBI. Please do that. Please free Gary. Now.

Everything I’ve stated as fact has been well-documented on my blog, including some of my correspondence to public servants. Thank you for this opportunity to make this request of the three of you; I pray you will boldly do the right thing … send Gary home.


Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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