@CREDOMobile and @FCC won’t help a disabled senior; perhaps @KremlinRussia_E will.


Despite my life-threatening medical conditions, I am not one to wait for rescue when I’m being stressed beyond what my medications can handle by hostile parties, because I know that I can number the people I can count on one hand, and not one of them are people who have a sworn and/or fiduciary responsibility to render assistance.

If the FCC and my mobile carrier, Credo Mobile, won’t take any effort to stop whoever is attempting to harass me to death with phone calls supposedly originating from Russia, perhaps the Russian government will. I had to take the chance, because I have to worry about being stressed into having a fatal seizure – I’ve come very close to dying more than once before.

I’m unfamiliar with how Russia’s government works. I am familiar with how our government is mandated to to work. The Department of Justice is supposed to see to it that the FBI adheres to its mandates to ensure that public servants protect the public from harm. Congress is supposed to oversee both the FBI and DoJ, and make sure they adhere to all their mandates, not just those they find convenient at the moment.

The FCC is allowing a free-for-all of unsolicited calls to those who are on the Do Not Call Registry. It shouldn’t be up to me to stop them, when unsolicited calls can and do result in all manner of scams and rip-offs.

“Intentional infliction of emotion distress” is a real thing. The FCC shouldn’t facilitate it, on our dimes.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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