@statebaroftexas serially ignores wrongdoing. The @FBI lets them. So does the #MainstreamMedia.

The FBI is now on Instagram, but it’s still not on the job: it’s supposed to make sure that public servants do not act under Color of Law to cause us harm. The Department of Justice is supposed to make sure that the FBI adheres to each of its mandates, and Congress is supposed to hold both accountable.

It should be the FBI – not me – that’s calling out Bar associations as self-serving non-profit organizations with no legitimate role in determining whether dirty prosecutors get away with engineering false convictions, convictions that pick our pockets to warehouse innocents in our increasingly deadly prison system while actual rapists, burglars and killers remain free to cause us yet more harm.

In 2011, I repeatedly asked the IRS and the US Treasury Department to retroactively void all Bar association income tax exemptions for their abysmal failure to be of significant value to the public. Bar associations should be no more immune to losing their exemptions than Blue Shield of California was. When they didn’t respond reasonably, I authored a petition to attempt to force their hand.

By and large, the families of incarcerated innocents are too afraid of alienating the mainstream media to call out the FBI, the Department of Justice, Bar associations and Congress, let alone the specific public servants who engineered the false imprisonment of their loved ones. The families are even afraid to call for corrections of mainstream media misstatements about their loved ones … even when the media creates a criminal history that doesn’t exist. Their under-fire foxholes are a hell-on-earth that they deserve immediate extrication from – some have been there for decades.

I don’t want to to go on Instagram to continue to insist that the FBI do something other than self-promotion, just like I didn’t want to go on Twitter. I want to return to designing interiors and exteriors, writing fiction, poetry and songs; i.e. pursuing happiness in fields that match my personality, education and skills.

But the FBI is anti-inherent rights, and the mainstream media isn’t going to hold them accountable on any social media platform, so I guess I’ll soon be fumbling around on Instragram like I do on Twitter.  While I fume over this further imposition on my time and energy, you can help the families of the framed get Bar associations out of the way of holding dirty prosecutors accountable;  you can sign my MoveOn petition. Thank you.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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