Russia called me a 3rd time, from a 3rd number, @CredoMobile .@AjitPaiFCC @FCC.


The 17.5 years I’ve been with CredoMobile (formerly Working Assets) under my current name does not portray my full patronage. Our relationship is actually years longer, dating back to a Melbourne, Florida residential number under my “married” name Schoof.

I have to put marriage in paraenthesis because it really wasn’t one, despite its length – when someone deliberately and significantly defrauds you into any contractual agreement, it nullifies it, even when courts are too corrupt to acknowledge that fact, which Brevard County, Florida courts most certainly are.

Initially Working Assets services were very low cost; CredoMobile’s are not – they’re higher than any other provider I’m aware of. Their stated, progressive mission hasn’t changed, it’s currently summarized as “You vote. We donate.” I stayed with Credo despite their rising prices because when former “spouse” Terence Schoof was abusing process in our un-“marriage” “proceeding” under the evil eyes of Brevard’s Prosecutorial King of Frame-Ups, Judge John Dean Moxley, Credo let me skate on my phone bill when I could no longer work. They trusted me to catch up later, which I did.

Now nearly every mobile call I receive is from an unrecognized number. The party (or  bot) leaves no message. Three calls have been from three different Russian numbers. The most recent was today. I’ve already aired my ire over the two previous Russian calls in a previous post, stating that perhaps no activist is too small potatoes to be set up as having ties to Putin, and stating that deliberately causing someone with epilepsy and a heart condition deliberate duress over perhaps being set-up is tantamount to attempted homicide … it wouldn’t be SUDEP (sudden, unexpected death of someone with epilepsy), there would be a very ready explanation.

CredoMobile isn’t what it used to be, and either is the FCC: it’s Do Not Called registry worked like a charm. No bots, no solicitation, no calls from Russia.

Both Credo and the FCC are staffed by living, breathing people capable of doing at least as well if not better than they used to, and it’s not too much to ask that of either a non-governmental organization or a governmental organization.






About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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