Russia called. Twice, so far. I didn’t answer. Cc: @AjitPaiFCC; @FCC

7 (728) 768-24-1 was the first Russian number that called me at 1:57 pm Monday; 7 (728) 746-08-8 was the second one Thursday at 4:51 pm. Maybe both butt dialed me. But likely not. I called my mobile carrier about them yesterday. Neither showed up in their records; although they’re clearly showed up on my phone (below). They suggest I call the FCC at 1 888 382 1222 to complain. I may, once this is posted; it’s likely to achieve less than this post title appearing on Twitter, seeing as the FCC is a sold-old hot mess. Hard to believe that just prior to Trump’s inauguration, the Do-Not-Call registry worked swimmingly.

Anywhat, anyone my age who engages in activism has known for decades that our government sets up activists. I always figured I’m too ineffectual for government to mess with, but perhaps no activist is too ineffectual to leave be in these times.


I read career criminal informant Harold Hempstead’s “Used and Abused by the St. Petersburg Police Department” this past weekend, and now I’m convinced that framing people is a common, ongoing practice from feds on down to local police departments, that it could happen to anyone, that having a good reason to do so is rare, and that having a legal standing to do so is even more rare.

Harold’s book fleshed out my knowledge of informants: I’ve been outing jailhouse informants since 2004, when I brought Clarence Zacke’s admittedly coached false testimony against Gerald Stano (executed, 1998) and Wilton Dedge (DNA exonerated, 2004) to then-governor Jeb Bush’s attention in an attempt to have Bush deal with the judicial misconduct of John Dean Moxley, who had participated in the malicious prosecutions of both Gerald and Wilton, including being one of two prosecutors that Zacke claimed had coached him. I soon found out that Moxley was a serial frame-up artist and that most of his frame-ups are still intact, although known not only to Florida governors from Bob Graham forward, but to the FBI and Department of Justice as well.

But back to the phone calls. Russian ties – real or not – have held the public’s attention for years now. As small potatoes as I am in my advocacy (I’m physically limited to social media), someone equally small potatoes in public service may want to discredit me by making it appear that I have Russian ties.

It’s a really bad idea, because it’s very stressful, given that FBI Miami already indicated an interest in me years ago by (ab)using Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles D.A.V.I.D. system to check on me.

I have epilepsy. Stress is a major cause of seizures, and seizures can cause death, especially for those for have a heart condition. I have a heart condition. Plain and simple, causing me deliberate duress is an attempt on my life.

It’s the same, simple truth I’ve previously stated to Moxley himself in court filings, and publicly stated than once to the Florida Department of Corrections on Gary Bennett’s behalf. He, too, has volatile epilepsy. The FDC was withholding Gary’s epilepsy medication, and causing him seizures. (Gary is one of the men who remains framed by John Dean Moxley, after 35 years. Moxley had attempted to use Gary’s epilepsy against him, contending he’d committed a multi-weapon homicide during a fit. That apparently didn’t fly, so Moxley reverted to his standard frame-up of using coached jailhouse informants and bogus scent tracker John Preston, who by then had been federally discredited.)

“Used and Abused” is Harold’s second book. I’d bought and read his first book “Department of Corruption – Darren Rainey: The Untold Story,” too. In that book, Harold wrote that his second book would contain more information. Harold did provide additional information in the new book, but he again wrote that his next book would contain yet more information … in other words, it’s another tell-some, not a tell-all, which makes me uneasy, especially since Harold made mention of some people he’d helped frame at the behest of law enforcement while working on the outside as a criminal informant in the second book.

I very much wanted to read that Harold subsequently labored to help to un-frame the individuals he’d helped to frame, but he either didn’t help them, or didn’t write about helping them. They deserve both, in my humble opinion.

I’m comfortable staying in the corners of criminals like confessed killers Vincent Smothers, Kerry Arthur Jacob and Kelly Michael Brady, as well as convicted-on-Moxley’s-turf and therefore perhaps innocent Richard Mair (may he rest in peace).

Vincent, a self-professed Detroit, Michigan hit man, isn’t about to let innocents serve time for his crimes … he spend years helping to free young Davontae Sanford, and now he’s working on freeing Thelonious Searcy.

Kerry and Kelly had each gotten away with murder, and could have taken their guilt to their graves here in St Lucie County, Florida with no one the wiser – their separate crimes were twenty years behind them. But they stepped up.

Richard tried his best (unsuccessfully) not to let Brevard County, Florida frame Jeff Abramowski and (again unsuccessfully) to get corrections personnel at Dade Correctional Institution to stop starving, sexually abusing and beating inmates. When he couldn’t stand the torture at Dade CI any more, Richard took himself out, leaving a blistering suicide note that should have shook the foundations of Florida corrections, but didn’t.

The other inmate who refused to testify falsely against Jeff Abramowski, Robert Ochala, has spoken publicly about being targeted continually by corrections personnel. It is highly likely that Richard was deliberately transferred to the exact same unit where corrections personnel scalded Darren Rainey to death the year before to push him over the edge. Too bad it worked. It damn well better not work for Robert. More people are paying attention now.

So far as I know, Richard, Robert, Vincent, Kerry and Kelly had never heard of me. But Harold had. I’d helped as best I could to publicly share the information he was providing to the Department of Justice, which he sent me copies of.

The problem is, the information that Harold provided to the Department of Justice was ignored. The agency had a history of taking over Florida corrections, and should have done so again, given the seriousness of Harold’s claims and the wide extent they had been verified. Harold was an eyewitness to Darren Rainey being scalded to death at Dade Correctional Insistution in 2012, and – so far – the only ones held responsible for his death are Florida taxpayers, due to Darren’s family’s successful wrongful death suit.

Harold’s next book should be a tell all, despite any current promises of impending action by the various agencies and/or news outlets he is exclusively confiding in. Because the confiding and cooperating Harold’s so far just hasn’t worked: Miami Gardens Police Department officer Rolande Clarke (the former Dade Correctional Institution officer responsible for Darren Rainey’s scalding death) is unrepentant and still abusing his authority, as described yesterday by Meg O’Connor in The Appeal article, “Inside ‘The Stop-And-Frisk Capital of America’.”

Florida’s new governor, Ron DeSantis, has already taken action to remove some public servants from office, but like his Republican predecessors, he has let corrupt Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle remain on the job, although Rundle literally lets corrections officers and pollice officers get away with murder. (Who knows what she lets prosecutors get away with.)

In a tell all, Harold should attempt to undo any harm done he’s done to others at the request of law enforcement. If he’s already done so, he should reveal whether or not his efforts were successful. Both of his current books are available from Lulu.

It’s my hope that Tweeting this blog post will end the Russia calls, and prompt Governor DeSantis to replace State Attorney Rundle without further delay, making sure that her replacement promptly prosecutes any public employees whom she deviously let off the hook. Miami-Dade deserves corrections and police personnel who take the lives and liberties of Floridians seriously, so Floridians won’t continue to bear the brunt of egregious officer misconduct via successful wrongful death suits, while unsafe not only from criminals, but from law enforcement.


Only Florida taxpayers have been held accountable for Darren Rainey’s 2012 scalding homicide, and they didn’t do it. Miami Gardens officer Roland Clarke did it while employed as a corrections officer at Dade Correctional Institution.









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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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