A call to (local) keyboards … #InnocenceMatters

I’ll admit that a call to keyboards doesn’t provide the adrenaline rush that a call to arms does, but let’s be honest: here in the U.S., we’ve had enough arms’ adrenaline rushes to last us for the remainder of the century … they didn’t bring about world peace, they just brought our troops home in pieces.

My call to keyboards isn’t a national shout out. Not yet. Right now, it’s a shout out to Mac savvy local geeks who are good at recovering data, and recommending foolproof ways to store it once its recovered. (Geeks, of course, know if they’re in my vicinity.)

What’s at stake in the data recovery is the lives and freedoms of incarcerated innocents I advocate for, as well as the availability and quality of justice where pockets of conviction corruption exist, e.g.; Cook County IL, Wayne County MI, Brevard County FL, because civil servants who frame innocents don’t limit their malicious behaviors to that sole activity.

I met Jamie Abramowski in January of 2009, when I appeared before the Space Coast Progressive Alliance to discuss some of the remaining frame-ups in Brevard County, Florida, including her father’s. Jeff Abramowski was framed with false testimony, with the clincher being false testimony about DNA … two out of 15 loci is never, ever a DNA “hit,” although Florida Today‘s reporter John Torres would like you to believe it’s possible that it is. The newspaper has never been good at sorting fact from prosecutorial fancy, and it’s part of the reason why the 18th Judicial Circuit is so rife with frame-ups … no one knows to vote out public servants that don’t serve the public if the main source of news is more inclined to conceal facts than reveal them.

I had interviewed Jeff before I interviewed equally innocent William Dillon, if memory serves. William was freed before Christmas in 2008, after 27.5 wrongful years behind bars. Those interviews are a small part of the data that I need to recover.

Jamie Abramowski was 21 and single when we met at the SCPA meeting. Now she’s a wife and mother of two handsome young boys. She survived her school years with many people believing that her father brutally murdered a senior citizen. She shouldn’t have to live the rest of her life that way. Nor should her boys.

Jamie wrote today:

I have missed my daddy for going on 17 years .. so much time and so many memories have been lost. It has been agonizing for both of us and I pray it will be over soon. I want him back, my kids want him home. It’s so hard to answer when they ask me “when is papa coming home?” I pray someone helps us, we want justice, not only for us but for the victim whose real murderers got away with what they did. 💔

Image may contain: 4 people, including Jamie LeBlanc, people smiling, people sitting and child

Jeff Abramowski’s daughter and grandsons want him home.

So – again – a call to keyboards: if you’re a geek who is interested in helping to free innocents like Jeff, please contact me via comment with your hourly rate and availability. I won’t publish the comment; I’ll reply via email. Thank you!

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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