#CagedCrusader Harold Hempstead releases book on police use of underage informants

Harold Hempstead’s story is that he was recruited by  in his early teens by St Petersburg, Florida police as a criminal informant, and was later sentenced to 165 years (five years longer than Bernie Madoff) for nonviolent, mostly fictionalized property crimes by a judge who is now disbarred … after Harold attempted to have serious police misconduct addressed. Harold’s father was deceased, and his mother – who authorized his involvement with the police – was (and is) mentally ill.

This is not a complex matter requiring deep thought: there are far too many people who look younger than they actually are for police to resort to the use of underage individuals in their crime-fighting pursuits; police cooperation to avoid or mitigate criminal prosecution for offenses committed by teens and adolescents should be limited to providing names, locations and known activities of more hardened criminals. It is no more and no less than what is afforded adult jailhouse snitches.


Official Complaint To SPPD On Endangering Children By Employing Them In Police Espionage

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

Internal Affairs Sworn Complaint:
To:  St Petersburg Police Department
Attn:  Internal Affairs Division
1300 First Avenue North
St Petersburg
Florida, 33705
(1)  Harold Hempstead has authored a book entitled “Used And Abused By The St Petersburg Police Department – My Life As A Juvenile Confidential Informant.”   His book can be located at Crusader books or Lulu Publishing.
(2)  In Hempsead’s book he writes about St Petersburg Police Department having a history of using children under the age of 17 as confidential informants.  His book also explains in detail how the SPPD recruited a 13 year old to do confidential informant work.  The police department assigned that juvenile confidential informant number 882.
(3)  For decades, juveniles across our nation have been being killed as a result of their work as confidential informants.
In 1998 – 17 year old Chad McDonald was killed in California as a result of his confidential informant work.  His…

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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