From Cornwall, with consternation … [updated]


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Florida inmate Anthony Bellido-Carbonell is in danger of losing a limb, or perhaps even his life.

Frank Lee Smith died screaming from inadequate pain management for cancer on Florida’s death row. Months later, he was posthumously exonerated. Jeffrey Srang received inappropriate care for his cancer within Florida’s prison system. He was released early – under cruel conditions – to die ridiculously young, at age 28. Anthony Bellido-Caronell is 43. He is also too young to die of cancer, and too young to lose a limb to it.

Anthony’s was busted for heroin possession in 2015. His scheduled release date is June 7, 2019.

Florida must release Anthony now. Unconditionally. The world is watching, a world that already knows that Darren Rainey didn’t survive a two-year possession sentence in the Sunshine State’s malevolent prison system. Please read Jeremy Schanche’s letter, below, from the UK.

Open message to:
Julie Jones – Secretary – Florida Department of Corrections
David Richardson – Florida House of
Rick Scott – Governor of Florida
Lester Fernandez – Inspector General – FDC
Ken Sumpter – Deputy Inspector General –
Right Honourable Emily Thornberry –
Shadow Foreign Secretary –
Her Majesty-s Official Opposition
Casey Frank – Editor – Miami Herald
Mathew Teague – The Guardian Newspaper
– London – England
Reprieve and Amnesty International –
International Justice Organs

Dear Julie Jones and Florida officials –
I am writing to you as I am extremely worried about the medical condition of Florida inmate Anthony Bellido-Carbonell (# D31307) – A tumor was found in this man-s leg one year ago – The leg has recently turned black and is losing sensation – these are typical gangrene symptoms – I implore you to ensure that he receives immediate and appropriate medical care for this disease which is threatening his limb and quite possibly his life –
I do not know what crime this man committed but he is entitled to medical care as a fundamental legal right and I ask you sincerely to expedite this urgently before his condition worsens –
With many thanks –
Yours sincerely –
Jeremy Schanche – Cornwall – Britain – 27:11:2018

Please share this post; help stop Florida from killing another inmate. Thank you.

Update 12/1/18: Jeremy Schanche shared the following, via a post on Facebook:

Re: Anthony Bellido-Carbonell (# D31307)

I complained to the Inspector General of FDC about this prisoner who has been denied medical treatment for cancer –
Have just received the following response:

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Intake Unit has reviewed your complaint. It has been determined that the issues pertaining to this complaint can best be addressed at the management level. Therefore, your complaint will be forwarded to Health Services for review and action as deemed appropriate.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Jonathan Hanson

Law Enforcement Inspector

Florida Department of Corrections

Office of the Inspector General

501 South Calhoun Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399

FDC OIG Badge (002)1

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Safety ê Accountabilityê Fairness & Integrityê Innovation

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