.@johnalbertorres/@Florida_Today: July of 1982 predates January of 1984. Always. #FreeGaryBennett

785 F2d 310 Dale Sutton v. Ann C Rowland U S | OpenJurist

In July 1982, Rowland, the Assistant United States Attorney assigned to [Dale] Sutton’s criminal case, conversed with another Assistant United States Attorney concerning Julius Manning’s involvement in the postal robbery for which Sutton was convicted. This attorney, assigned to prosecute two other postal robberies involving Manning, informed Rowland that Manning was interested in a favorable plea bargain and a reduction in bond in exchange for providing information regarding other crimes. As part of the information regarding other postal crimes in exchange for a plea bargain, Manning indicated that Sutton was not involved in the Cranwood robbery.

Source: 785 F2d 310 Dale Sutton v. Ann C Rowland U S | OpenJurist

In the case linked above, Dale Sutton tried unsuccessfully to secure damages for losing two years of his life in a federal lockup over phony dog handler John Preston’s perjuries after Julius Manning’s credible confessions cleared Sutton in July of 1982.

On November 20th, Florida Today reporter John Torres again falsely claimed that Preston wasn’t discredited until after Gary Bennett’s January 1984 Brevard County, Florida false conviction in “Murder on the Space Coast: Thanksgiving gives few reasons to celebrate.” Each time Florida Today warped the very distinct time line of Preston being outed as a fraud, it caused additional harm to individuals that are too numerous to count.

Some of the individuals didn’t survive the unnecessary trauma, including Gary Bennett’s mother, The Marvelous Ms. Maxine.

Gary Bennett, a lovely niece, and The Marvelous Ms Maxine, who can’t possibly rest in peace until Florida Today tells the truth.

God may forgive Florida Today and John Torres for being dishonest about frame-ups, but I don’t have to.

Ms. Maxine deserved the mother and child reunion that Juan Ramos’ mother Ena was granted, that Wilton Dedge’s mother Mary was granted, that William Dillon’s mother Amy was granted.

Juan, Wilton and William were all framed in Brevard County – just like Gary – using coached jailhouse informants and phony dog handler John Preston. There are many others just like them who seldom if ever get their names in print, in Brevard and other Florida counties, and across the nation.

I’m not able to battle the way I used to, with lengthy emails to parties that the public pay to be concerned about corruption. I am, however, still able to raise a small ruckus on Twitter.

But not with Florida Today.

Twitter – which claims to be anti-disinformation – has let Florida Today block me, so that I can’t directly call it out for continuously claiming that January of 1984 predated July of 1982, and/or other misinformation it has shared for purposes of protecting corrupt public servants who are still on the job, or collecting pensions they didn’t earn honestly.

Perhaps Twitter will change its collective mind today, and give me something more to be grateful for this fine Thanksgiving day.








About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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