What the media should have told y’all about @FLGovScott/@ScottforFlorida and #DeadInmates before November 6th


These photos of Darren Rainey’s remains aren’t the only gruesome autopsy photos of Florida’s dead inmates that I’ve looked at. They’re not even all of the gruesome autopsy photos of Darren that I’ve looked at.

I’d like the nightmarish photos I’ve already seen to be the last, but that’s not realistic, given that the mainstream media doesn’t like to tell the public that public servants like Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle don’t care if inmates survive much of their sentences (Darren’s was two years), and given that I value the lives of all inmates (including the still-incarcerated innocents I’ve been advocating for since 2004), and given that I value my own life, which I’ve been advocating for since 2001.

The thing about public corruption is that it truly trickles down, unlike the tax cuts for the wealthy we’re told will trickle down. The trickle down of public corruption isn’t a warm spring shower. It’s acid rain, etching ever deeper into government functionality.

A for-instance – the corrupt medical examiner who said that Darren’s body showed no visible signs of trauma was recently given a promotion.

I see clear signs of trauma from exactly what witnesses claimed happened to Darren – he was scalded to death in a locked shower with externally controlled water temperatures. My opinion is a medical opinion, of sorts; I worked for years as a nurse assistant in hospitals and participated in the care of burn patients, I was trained as an EMT.

I’ve published a call out for Darren’s autopsy photos to be compared to those of Dennis Antiporek, who was scalded to death in a sauna and autopsied in Miami-Dade, because it’s more than a little likely that the photos of each man looked similar, and it’s more than likely that the ME did not claim that Mr. Antiporek showed no signs of trauma. But no one answers my call outs. They’re very inconvenient, and feeble.

Inmate deaths have risen dramactically and continually under Governor Rick Scott. Inmates are being gassed or starved or beaten or medically neglected to death, or tortured into committing suicide. Scott didn’t lift a finger to relieve unnecessary overcrowding, under-staffing and improper staffing … mass incarceration is very profitable for him, and for his corporate crony friends, as is.

Fourteen years in, I deeply resent remaining “media” as a means towards ensuring my own and others survival, publishing stories and press releases upon request on this obscure little blog … stories that the mainstream media should have picked up on, but found too inconvenient to their corporate agenda.

As feeble, freebie fringe media, I offer – below – page one (of four) of a press release I received from inmate/whistleblower Harold Hempstead – a/k/a Caged Crusader and Miami Harold –  announcing the upcoming publication of his book, Department of Corruption: Darren Rainey, the Untold Story.

My scanner refused to scan further, even after I tried to download the drivers again, a trick that’s worked the countless other times my scanner refused to work, just not this time. Hopefully, the remainder of Harold’s press release can be read from this link.

Harold’s been Ghosted out of Florida. It increases the odds of his remaining safe, but does not ensure safety. His sentence for minor crimes, despite his youth and his status as a criminal informant, is longer than Bernie Madoff’s … it’s but another tale of public corruption and betrayal. Like me, Harold is trying to save those who are too frail to fend for themselves – like Darren Rainey – before he tries to unbury himself from the corruption.

If we both remain unsuccessful in this pursuit after Harold’s book is released – if there are only more grisly autopsy photos to haunt us – we both ought try to see if fighting for our own lives and freedoms will be more effective. Truly. Because hundreds and hundreds of rights-violating scofflaws like Rick Scott and Kathy Fernandez Rundle nationwide need to be behind bars for allowing bloody murder by public servant to happen on their watches.

Scan 4









About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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