Question the integrity of Conviction Integrity Units: innocent lives depend on it #TheloniousSearcy

Justice Seeker – Detroit Jewish News

Anyone who steps inside Valerie Newman’s Detroit office at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is greeted by a colorful, framed poster emblazoned with these words from the Torah: “Justice, justice shalt thou pursue.” Newman calls the biblical quote from Deuteronomy her “life model” — it’s a daily reminder of her passion and purpose. She is an attorney and director of the new Conviction Integrity Unit, launched by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office at the start of this year. Her mission is to get innocent people out of prison …

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office Conviction Integrity Unit will only review cases prosecuted in Wayne County. The defendant must claim that he or she is innocent and there must be new evidence in the case [emphasis added] …

Source: Justice Seeker – Detroit Jewish News

Throughout my school years, I was never allowed to grade my own papers. The reason is obvious – it was in my best interests to overlook my errors.

Along those same lines, the very last person who should review a clouded conviction is a prosecutor from the same office where the conviction took place … it is in that prosecutor’s best interests to overlook their coworkers and supervisor’s errors. And their malice. And their lawbreaking.

That the Detroit Jewish News article is sheer sunshine and lollipops is self-evident to those familiar with decades of conviction corruption in Wayne County, Michigan. It is also an affront to Davontae Sanford and Thelonious Searcy and their families.

As soon as convicted Detroit hit man Vincent Smothers freed Davontae Sanford from serving some of his time, he turned his attention to freeing Thelonious Searcy, who is also serving some of his time, like Davontae did.

Conviction Integrity Units have to have integrity. Valerie Newman can prove hers by making media encounters more than just cheap shot photo opportunities.

Newman’s boss, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, belongs in a federal penitentiary for the wrongful convictions she’s worked so hard to keep intact; so do dozens of others who have served in similar positions, nationwide. They would be racing to clean up their acts right now if the FBI and Department of Justice investigated and prosecuted one really, really rotten egg, like Worthy.

Don’t look to respected publications to make the FBI and Department of Justice adhere to their mandates. Look to yourself, instead.

Share commonsense information that runs contrary to mainstream media portrayals of entities like Conviction Integrity Units, like this blog post, and share blog posts that dive deeper into clouded convictions than the mainstream media does, like Voice of Detroit‘s blog post about Thelonious Searcy and Vincent Smothers, here.

Thelonious Searcy

Incarcerated innocent Thelonious Searcy must depend upon hit man Vincent Smothers to secure his freedom, as did Davontae Sanford

No one is immune from police and prosecutorial malice: half-blind, developmentally delayed Davontae Sanford was 14 when framed for a quadruple drug hit. Kym Worthy is still going after him, and I’ll keep going after her until the FBI and Department of Justice step in, because – to date – Valerie Newman and her Conviction Integrity Unit clearly are all Biblical talk, and no Biblical action.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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