.@TheJusticeDept and @FBI: Demand #LoveFL’s 18th Judicial Circuit drop all charges against #CrosleyGreen and other framed innocents.

Crosley ‘Papa’ Green

Crosley Green: After 29 years, convicted murderer wins a new trial

Crosley Green is getting a new trial …

On Friday, the U.S. District Court of the Middle District of Florida ruled that prosecutor Chris White improperly suppressed crucial evidence from Green’s attorneys that might have resulted in a different verdict.

This is known as a Brady violation.

Source: Crosley Green: After 29 years, convicted murderer wins a new trial

You won’t find any clear and convincing evidence of Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit (Brevard and Seminole counties) relentless decades of malicious prosecutions in newspapers, newscast transcripts, American Bar or Florida Bar journals, or on the Innocence Project’s or Innocence Project of Florida’s blogs. You’ll instead find a mishmash of unduly interrupted coverage, misinformation and egregious omissions by choice, not error.

But you can find that clear and convincing evidence in this blog, although I’m a decorator, not a journalist.

I wasn’t silent about what I’ve learned. When I saw something, I said something, and when the FBI ignored requests for investigations, I dogged both the FBI and Department of Justice on social media.

Neither entity ever gave an inch. And you’ve likely already guessed why. They knew that a conspiratorially corrupt mainstream media wasn’t going to throw stones at them for being conspiratorially corrupt … a lot of their investigations and prosecutions were no more legitimate than the 18th’s (and one that resulted in an execution was directly related to the 18th).

But the feds have a relatively new problem: nine months ago, former Philadelphia D.A. R. Seth Williams (a black man) was sentenced to five years in federal prison for taking bribes and committing fraud to maintain a lifestyle prosecutors said he couldn’t afford

If feds don’t act against malicious prosecutions in the very near future, they’ll be perceived as racist, and/or more concerned with financial crimes than with crimes that cage or kill innocents while keeping violent criminals at large, with the public footing the bill for all of it not only in cold, hard cash, but in warm, fresh blood.

The mainstream media isn’t going to call feds out to make sure that they prosecute white/black/brown prosecutors who threw one innocent after another under the bus, public safety be damned. It’s been under no pressure to do so since John Roberts’ US Supreme Court ruled so disgustingly in favor of New Orleans District Attorney Harry Connick Sr., watering down Brady violations to the point where prosecutors don’t have to know or care what they’re doing. (Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s dissent should have been the prevailing opinion.)

We have to call feds out, using the pressure of their looking to be racist and/or solely interested in prosecutorial monetary missteps if they don’t start prosecuting prosecutors that specialize in railroading innocents.

Please share this post. Help get some innocents home for the holidays, including Crosley ‘Papa’ Green. Thank you.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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