Don’t vote for Jeff Ashton. #MaliciousProsecution – updated

Update 8/29/18: Due to the complicit corruption of Bar associations, government agencies and the mainstream media, especially the Orlando Sentinel, Jeff Ashton became a circuit court judge yesterday.

Circuit judge races are set in Central Florida — here’s a look at the candidates – Orlando Sentinel

“I think the biggest thing about me is… voters sort of know what they’re getting. My career has been very public and people kind of know what I stand for, and I think that’s kind of rare in a judicial race,” said [former prosecutor/state attorney Jeff] Ashton, perhaps best known as a prosecutor in the ultra-high-profile 2011 murder trial of Casey Anthony.

Source: Circuit judge races are set in Central Florida — here’s a look at the candidates – Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel continues to let Jeff Ashton lie. And for that reason, voters have no idea that he is corrupt as can be.

Voters shouldn’t have to turn to bloggers for hard news about candidates for public office. But where newspapers like the Orlando Sentinel control the public conversation, they really, really must. So, after you’ve searched Jeff Ashton’s name on my blog, Go ask Alice about him. Ms de Sturler is updating her book about William “Tommy” Zeigler’s frame-up; information about Ashton’s dirty tricks should be fresh on her mind.

Before you leave my blog, please read what David Burgin, former Editor-in-Chief of the Orlando Sentinel has to say about its reporting, here. And please know that letting Ashton and others who framed Tommy pretend to be good guys is just one sick and sorry example of the Orlando Sentinel‘s work product … four of their reporters claimed that John Dobbs murdered a black man in a racially motivated crime at a night club. John Dobbs was the black man involved in the altercation – several non-blacks attacked him and his girlfriend at his vehicle as they were leaving the club. The Orlando Sentinel has written countless times in this century about frame-ups in neighboring Brevard County involving federally discredited (1982) dog handler John Preston, never once writing that Preston had been used on their turf, too, and that it resulted in schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson’s execution in 2002, or mentioning Jeff Ashton’s ugly participation in Gary Bennett’s Preston-tainted case, transferred under incurable taint from Brevard. While prosecuting/persecuting, Ashton accepted correspondence from Gary’s original Brevard prosecutor, John Dean Moxley, who became a Brevard judge because Florida Today‘s reporting is just as dastardly as the Orlando Sentinel‘s. Defying Moxley’s ostensibly intact theory-of-the-crime, Ashton accused Gary of being a homosexual, just as he’d falsely accused Tommy.

One more thing about Ashton and the Orlando Sentinel. I knew that Casey Anthony’s “scent evidence” expert, FIU’s Kenneth Furton, had testified on behalf of another DNA-discredited dog handler, Keith Pikett. Jeff Ashton could have impeached and discredited Furton and secured Casey Anthony’s conviction, if he’d been willing to bring up the subject of discredited dog handlers. Being unwilling wasn’t in Ashton’s job description, but he knows that feds won’t blow his cover. The FBI used both John Preston and Keith Pikett, and a number of other DNA-discredited dog handlers. And the American Bar Association and Florida Bar Association will keep quiet, too. So will the Department of Justice. I find it unbelievable that the Orlando Sentinel knows less about public corruption in our courts than I do. You should, too. 

Eunice and Tommy Zeigler on their wedding day

Tommy Zeigler and his beloved wife, Eunice.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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6 Responses to Don’t vote for Jeff Ashton. #MaliciousProsecution – updated

  1. sandra olson says:

    I contacted that Stanford professor Barry Starr, he is backing away from making any comments about the dna testing requiring 4 exclusions. He is now refusing to comment at all. The dna industry as a whole support each other. And will lie, hide evidence etc to protect any other dna company or test No matter how disreputable their testing. I got his wiffle waffle sort of response on twitter I will try to sent it to you so you can see how he is weaseling out of making the 4 exclusion comment.


    • I am sorry that Professor Starr wouldn’t help you, Sandra. It seems that the only way we can hold DNA experts accountable is by their published works … if they refute their content, they’re calling themselves liars.

      I watched an episode on ABC’s 20/20 Friday night that talked about California law enforcement using a free DNA website to catch perhaps the state’s most prolific rapist/murderer. They entered crime scene DNA into it and got “hits” on his cousins. Perhaps you can do this, too. []


  2. sandra olson says:

    thank you susan,, yes, they are backing away from their published works, anytime anyone asks them for a comment on it. if it counteracts any other dna work,, they disappear. I will check out the web site you refer to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There should be an ongoing war between actual forensics experts and phonies, with professors like Starr leading the charge … our broken justice system allows disreputable judges to put already-discredited forensics “experts” on the stand not only to lie about paternity, but to continue to doom more innocents to serve robbers, rapists and killers’ time, or take a lethal injection.


      • sandra olson says:

        there SHOULD BE an ongoing war with the unethical and fraudulent dna phonies being held to account by their own industry,, What is ACTUALLY happening, is that there are no dna professionals willing to stand up to the unethical ones. The unethical fraudulent ones are running the show, and telling everyone else to shut up.. And then that is what is happening. The entire industry is tainted by this, but as long as they get away with it,, they do not care.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have a hunch that the actual forensic experts fear making foes of corrupt police, prosecutors, DA’s, AG’s, judges, justices, etc. … because the mainstream media isn’t doing its job, few know that their communities are full of corrupt public servants until they need protection and/or justice, and no one would know that better than an actual DNA expert who read that someone in his community was convicted of a violent crime with too few loci matching.

        I’m sorry that we have to work around people who are publicly funded, Sandra. (Stanford was receiving big federal dollars for research years ago and likely hasn’t stopped. [])

        Please let me know how if GED DNA helps you. Thanks.


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